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Passion. Wild and Crazed Passion. That's what blogs are all about and that's what today's Friday Fun celebrates.  In one corner of the blogoshere people are chatting up fast food.  Don't giggle too hard girlfriend. This is consumer generated media and customer evangelism in one very influential package tied up with a big bow.

It shouldn't be a big surprise that McD's has captured a part of the blog fast food community. One of the most innovative blogs in this space isMcchronicles_polo_shirt_0002 McChronicles.  McChronicles is a pretty sophisticated includes links to Flickr photos, a video blog and the opportunity to purchase a McChronicle logo polo shirt! Must have a nice fan base of its own.

Sidebar: about a Diva Marketing t-shirt? A baby tee with Peter's martini glass..perhaps in pink or maybe black.. Food for thought - ouch! sorry.

McChronicles tells me that folks from McDonalds pop in for visits every now and again. And well they should! Not only is McChronicles the ultimate customer evangelist, but the posts are an incredible resource and free research.

Want to read more fast food blogs? Knock yourself out!
- Fast Food Weblog - Netherlands
- A Hamburger Today - USA
- Fast Food Fever - USA
- Fast Food Freunde - Deutschland
- McDonald's of The World - USA
- Fast Food News - USA

By the way, did you know that in Japan Ronald McDonald has been replaced by a sexy young woman?  Don't look for her to enter the U.S. market anytime too soon.Japanese_mcdonalds_fashion_models_ The Times has a recount of McDonald new icon.

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McChronicles could be proof that McDonalds puts something it its hamburgers.

Not sure how one could verify that McChronicles isn't a "covert" effort by McD. Not that anyone really cares

Posted by: shoelover on Oct 27, 2005 11:10:00 AM

Shoelover - I have it from a trusted source, the McChronicles, that the McChronicles blog is not in anyway, shape or form associates with a McDonalds franchisee or the corporate offices.

Posted by: Toby on Oct 27, 2005 6:41:56 PM

On Google, search for "fast food blog" (with quotes) and you get 9100 results. Even if 1% were real fast food blogs that would be 90!

Posted by: Steven on Sep 29, 2006 8:12:44 PM

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