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How R U Using facebook?


Could be as a birthday reminder.

Today is Jeremy's Wright's birthday. I know because my facebook page told me so. What did I do? Did I email Jeremy? Nope. Did I Twitter Jeremy? Nope. Did I Skype Jeremy? Nope. Did IM Jeremy? Nope. Nor did I call or send an eCard or a paper card. Did I wish him happy birthday to you on Diva Marketing? Nope.

I zipped over to his myface page and left a happy birthday wish on his wall. Last I looked 45 other friends had too.

Sidebar: The wall is where people hang out on your page. It's an on-going comment section. If you add a widget you can even post photos and videos. Some widgets let you draw pretty pictures.  Wonder if one of the developers is an Emerson College alumni because the wall was were we hung out. Yup, the corner of Beacon and Arlington Streets.

Could be to sell your Peachtree_road_race_ticket_2Peachtree Road Race Number.

How are you seeing people use facebook?

Friday Fun: New Blogger Story Chapters


Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. A waiting for the weekend 'playground' time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain silly.

Stories_3 Blogger Stories is a special blog that I launched to tell the stories of how people have been touched by blogs, podcasts, vlogs and other online interactions. The virtual library has almost 90 "chapters" written by bloggers from all over the world.

The new chapters of Blogger Stories remind us that we are indeed living in a global world that spins smaller with each click of the mouse.

Sunny Cervantes wanted to  share her marketing expertise with her fellow marketers in the Philippines. Malaysian-born legal thriller novelist Yang-May Ooi, based in the UK, wanted to promote her works. Blogs offered them the opportunity to do both .. but these women, from the same side of the world, found social media gave them more ..

Sunny Cervantes - Confessions Of A Marketing Addict

Yang-May Ooi - Fusion View


Next time you're attending a dull Second Life conference multi-task  .. read a blogger story or two!

Paris Hilton: Marketing Prof


Move over Philip Kotler, Al Ries and even Seth Godin. There's a Paris_hilton new marketing guru in town .. Paris Hilton.

The Learning Annex has offered Paris Hilton a cool million bucks to teach a one-hour "How to Build Your Brand" seminar. In a New York Post interview, TLA's President Bill Zaner called Paris Hilton a  " ... brilliant entrepreneur." 

We have a lot of people in small business, and where they need the most help is getting branded. Who is better at branding than Paris Hilton?"

Blooper! Either Bill Zanker was so excited about his newest prof or the New York Post's editor missed this one but it 's a great mid week giggle - "She's a businessman who has made this persona."
Sidebar: If someone has the article send it to Jay Leno for his Highlight segment.

I'm betting it's the first time that Paris Hilton has been called a guy. But what the heck .. with an extra million she can buy some cute blink and a new pair of Jimmy Choos that will reinforce the brand that is a Paris Hilton .. marketing and branding prof. Female that is. 

JetBlue Is So Ready To Fly Into Social Media


JetBlue raised the hopes of social media enthusiasts when David Neeleman, founder and chief executive, drop his apology for the airline's Valentine Day Fiasco on YouTube. The blogosphere was a buzz that JetBlue had sipped the Kool Aid and was joining the conversation along with its colleagues at Southwest Airlines.

Didn't happen. In fact, Mister Neeleman recently was asked by his board to step down. Reinforcing that, no matter how sincere, a social media tactic can not fix a company's internal challenges.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal (subscription may be needed) new CEO Dave Barger passed along some lessons learned. "Yes, but apologize and then get on with it. What I heard from so many customers was, 'Thank you for the apology, stop apologizing, go fix it.' "

However, perhaps there is a social media strategy in JetBlue's future after all. This sidebar from the WSJ's article reflects why any company should consider engaging in a continuous conversation with customers, employees and constituents.   

Love this snippet from the interview; although taken out of context it should be on the quote wall of every marketer, CEO and business leader. " ... don't be afraid to experiment. They're not all going to be successful, but if you don't experiment, you can become stagnant." Dave Barger

Perhaps Dave Barger's 3 Tips should be added to Drew McLellan's Blogger's Toolbox post. Check it out there are some great links and information. Toss of a pink boa Pink_boa to Lewis Green for including Diva  Marketing in his list of blogger's tools and for his off the top too kind words! Toby may be the best blogger I know. She mixes styles, covers lots of good material and reaches out to feature as many bloggers as she can.

By the way, Technorati ranks Diva Marketing (this week) at 1516 out of 86.6 million blogs tracked. Oh and also at 4786 .. seems they're pulling in 2 feeds. Curious to know what ranking would be if both feeds were combined.

Lessons Learned: In keeping with the toolbox suggestions - one question that frequently comes up is, "How do you get readers? And how do you get readers to return?"  One suggestion, from back to basic  marketing 101, own a positioning. For many bloggers that develops organically over time. For example, for Divo Lewis Green that is becoming ethics and service. In this virtual world more than one blogger can claim a space. Wayne Hurlbert has built his reputation on ethics as well.   

For Marianne Richmond it's all about the analysis, for Sybil Stershic it's internal employee care, TDavid's world is techy all the way, CK is the diva of creating online relationships. You get the picture. What positioning does your blog own? Or what would you like to be know for and how can you make it happen?

For JetBlue it might be about how to hug your customers while not loosing sight of the service aspects.

Mister Barger, will you take your own advise and experiment with a strategy that can support your communication vision? Remember: They're not all going to be successful, but if you don't experiment, you can become stagnant."

Friday Fun: New Blogger Story Chapters


Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. A waiting for the weekend 'playground' time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain silly.

Story_beach Blogger Stories is a special blog that I launched to tell the stories of how people have been touched by blogs, podcasts, vlogs and other online interactions. The virtual library has almost 90 "chapters" written by bloggers from all over the world.

Toby's Blogger Stories project demonstrates once again the strongest reason for continuing to blog for years on end - the extraordinary people you meet by joining the community. BL Ochman

The new chapters of Blogger Stories are told by an author of five books (working on number 6) who owned a publishing company,  a talented new writer who is working on his first novel and a woman who is blogging from what many would call paradise .. the island of Providenciales in Turks & Caicos.

Lynda Lippin - Pilates & Reiki In Paradise Blog
Lewis Green - Bizsolutionsplus
Alex Geana One Gay Date at a Time, Alex Geana

Instead of a chick book this weekend, treat yourself to a few stories from the blogosphere.

Sidebar:  Happy Birthday to you Alex!

Thinking On A Hot Summer Day


There's a new tag meme in town. Well actually it's been going 'round since February 2007 when the thinking blog came up with a new award: Thinking Blogger Award. At first glance it seems like an easy one to play along with .. no hard questions to mull over.
Sidebar: Thanks to C.B. Whittemore for the research on the story behind the awards.

Participation rules for the Thinking Blogger Award

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme
3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn't fit your blog).

Thinkingbloggerpf8 So when Bob Glaza, one reader at a time, honored me with the Thinking Blogger Award I thought .. hmm .. something I can do while sipping a John Daly (which I think will become my newest fav summer drink) with little thinking. Which was just fine with me girlfriend, especially on a Hot'Lanta day.

But who to tag became a major thought process. There are too many wonderful, talented bloggers with more coming on every day. Actually, I'm thinking we should close the gates to the blogosphere for awhile and just get caught up before we allow more blogs in. But that's a post for another day. As C.B. Whittemore said in her Biz Blog Profile interview, " I wish I could read faster."

I'm giving my 5 Thinking Blogger Awards to 5 blogger with less than a 5 Google ranking today .. but will sooner than later have rankings to the virtual sky! In the words of Bob Glaza - "They change the focus of my lens. They challenge me with their points of view. In short, they make me think. They make me laugh, cry and alter my thought process - all good and worthy."

Please enjoy some great reads.

Jane Genova

Merrill Dubrow

Rajesh Lalwani

Carol Kirshner

Geoff Livingston

Oh Bob, thanks for making me think on a hot summer's afternoon!

Bloggers Wanted FOR SNCR Survey


Why. Because. Sally Falkow asked if I would pass the word so I am.

Ellington_surveysThe Society For New Communication Research and Marketwire launched a survey to determine how bloggers prefer to source and use news content. We want to find out if influential bloggers like yourself are incorporating, or are planning to incorporate news on your blog and also get your views on news sources.

There is a call out to all bloggers from all areas of the blogosphere to take the survey please and thank you. It's fairly painless and should take about 5 minutes or less.

The findings will be presented at a 2007 SNCR Symposium. What I don't know is how long it will be fielded nor do I know if participants will get a copy of the report .. or even a copy of the Executive Summary. Seems that SNCR would make that public but I don't know.

Here's where the marketer in me comes out .. SNCR and Marketwire do not have links to the survey on their sites. In fact, I couldn't find anything about the study on the SNCR site not even a media release. Guess it's the cobbler's child syndrome.

Update: Sally is going to ask SNCR to include the release on their site. She is also going to find out if Marketwire will share the Executive Summary with people who participate in the research. Thanks Sally!

Sidebar: The retro graphic was created, I guess in the 80's, for my dad's research company - Ellington Surveys. Click to see the "Girls" in their bell bottoms and smokes of choice. Yup, we've come a long way bebe! The cute lady in the yellow pantsuit tagged "Ann" (spelled wrong .. should be Anne) is my mom and of course Louis, or Mr. B he was fondly called is my dad.

Biz Blog Profile Series: Flooring The Consumer, Wear-Dated


Biz Blog Profiles! is a behind the scene look at how corporations, non profits, higher education institutions and the arts are using blogs to support their marketing goals.

Christine B. (CB) Whittemore, Director, In-Store Innovation Wear-Dated Carpet Fiber Solutia Inc., is passionate about ensuring the brand experience exceeds her customers' expectations. Understanding that social media could support traditional marketing efforts she launched Flooring The Consumer. CB's vision and creativity clearly demonstrates there are many ways to bring social media into an organization.

Weardated_logo Biz Blog Profile: Flooring The Consumer and Wear-Dated

About Wear-Dated

Wear-Dated is Solutia’s brand and warranty to the consumer for carpet made with our nylon 6,6 carpet fiber.  It was created approximately 45 years ago in what seems like a very different place and time.

In 1962, the Arnold Constable Department Store in New York City was going out of business. The store had a long and proud history - Eleanor Roosevelt had been one of the many rich and famous who bought her clothes there.  The store sold men's shirts with an interesting label in the collar area: if the shirt wore out before the date stamped on the label, a customer could return it and receive a full refund.

The store referred to the label as its "wear-dated" guarantee. Bob Born, from Chemstrand [Monsanto's/Solutia's first wholly owned subsidiary], liked the label idea and bought the rights to it. I love this creation story.

Cb_whittemore About Christine B. (CB) Whittemore

I started out with Monsanto in the Acrilan acrylic apparel division of Wear-Dated in 1993.  In those days, we had a New York City office and worked closely with the garment trade.  The office walls were covered with posters showcasing events that Wear-Dated had done in the sixties and seventies with the likes of Barbara Streisand.  I remember hearing that at one point the whole mezzanine level of Macy’s Times Square sold only Wear-Dated [polyester] apparel.  Heady times!

From apparel, I went into the Wear-Dated upholstery business.  Four years ago, I moved into the nylon 6,6 Wear-Dated carpet fiber business as director, in-store innovation.

Why Wear-Dated Is Blogging

Flooring The Consumer is my personal business blog.  I started it because I wanted to be more involved in the evolution of marketing away from traditional mass approaches. At the same time, I felt a sense of urgency around getting the message out about marketing to women and improving the flooring retail experience.  Getting articles published in our trade press took too long, and self-publishing via a blog – which  I felt strongly was NOT – seemed like a wonderful solution.  I want to elevate the existing lousy flooring experience and I hope someday to be able to direct [women] consumers to innumerable outstanding retailers for a memorable consumer experience!

Flooring The Consumer allows me to experiment with projecting a voice for Wear-Dated; it allows me to draw others from my team [sometimes kicking and screaming, other times enthusiastically] – e.g., Ann Hurley, Ben Jones, Marianne Cone and several of our Wear-Dated representatives.  It also means connecting directly with those who share our passion for the consumer!

From a very practical perspective, Wear-Dated gets to be a thought leader where no one else in our industry does much outside of traditional approaches.  Flooring The Consumer provides our field force with ammunition to get retailers thinking outside of their comfort zone; it supplements the training presentations that I’ve developed, and documents all of the nuggets of valuable insight and information that I run across. 

How Blogging Fits Into Wear-Dated's Marketing Strategy

Oh, the plans I have!  Seriously, blogging is here to stay.  I’ve had fascinating discussions with associates in our corporate communications department about blogging, podcasting and generally incorporating the principles of Web 2.0 into the social media pressrooms we want to create.  Being able to bring the example of Flooring The Consumer – and other business blogs – to the discussion really makes the opportunities and possibilities come alive.

Selling-In to Management

I remember bringing up the concept early on [1.5 or 2 years ago] and being looked at with skepticism.  After all, blogs were a fad not worth wasting an iota of time on, right?  Well, I decided to learn as much as possible on my own time.  In early June 2006, I attended a Marketing Innovation Conference sponsored by Columbia Business School and Corante that fired me up, not only about blogging, but about web 2.0, the power of community and of conversation. 

Just about everyone in the room blogged, and was accomplished [e.g., Brand Autopsy’ John Moore, John Winsor, Johnnie Moore, Lois Kelly, Constant Observer’s Tish Geier….].  A few weeks later I published my first post.  I sent an email to everyone I knew internally and externally to announce my big event, and invite contributions. 

After a few weeks, I created a press release on the blog.  A few weeks later, I presented the blog to my associates, explaining how it worked and what it did and was surprised when they embraced it.  But, actually walking them through it was critical.  I internalized how foreign the concept of ‘blog’ is to the majority of the population [more so in some industries], making it important to hold people’s hands to get them acquainted with the richness of the medium.

Challenges Facing Developing Flooring The Consumer Blog

The biggest challenge is overcoming the initial technical pushback and the lack of understanding of blogs.  Every so often I’ll send out a particularly relevant post via email to let people know [or remind them] about Flooring The Consumer

I’ll circulate a press release, as appropriate.  I encourage our Wear-Dated Reps to showcase positive flooring retail experiences on the blog and to let me know of particularly noteworthy retailers.  I want to celebrate those who really get the customer experience! Whenever I conduct presentations, I make sure to talk about the blog and how to subscribe.

How Wear-Dated Promotes Flooring The Consumer Blog

Let’s see.  I bring it up in conversation quite a bit as it captures what I am passionate about, and responsible for!  After a training presentation on marketing to women, I refer attendees to the blog for reference information, and relevant articles.  Same goes for Trading Up or the retail experience.  I encourage our WDRs to do the same, to print out specific postings and use them as leave-behinds with retail accounts.  I supplement our marketing materials with postings that connect a voice or an additional perspective.

Since we are talking a new medium, I use traditional tools like press releases to extend the awareness and generate more discussion.  I’ll also include links to specific posts in press releases about other programs or activities.  Ironically, the trade press hasn’t yet included a single specific mention to the blog, although I seem to be getting published more frequently!

I’ve created categories [not quite as elegant as a ‘toss of the pink boa’!] to celebrate the achievements of specific carpet retailers.  The highest achievement is the “Store That Floors” award.  “Flooring It Differently” lets me showcase a specific exceptional element of a flooring retailer’s experience. 

I’m looking forward to the upcoming Bathroom Blogfest ’07 and highlighting some of the beautiful bathrooms I’ve photographed in the past year, too!

Lessons Learned
It’s a slow process!  So, it’s critical to stay focused, yet be open to new ideas and possibilities. 

It’s a serious commitment.  I liken Flooring The Consumer to having another child.  A blog must be nurtured consistently over time.  It requires strong passion, vision, creativity, flexibility and lots of love.

Absolutely be authentic, honest and courteous. 

Learn html, tagging, linking….. 

Be sure to listen to fellow bloggers.  The marketing realm includes so many passionate and talented individuals whom I constantly learn from.  Be sure to include them to amplify your ideas and generate more discussion.

Develop your own, unique voice.   

Wear-Dated’s Future Blogging Direction

Flooring The Consumer is here to stay.  I see additional blogs in Wear-Dated’s future, but am still working on the execution details.  First step is identifying additional bloggers!   

Christine B. (CB)Whittemore On Blogging

“It flows through my veins!” It’s electrifying.  I see everything with new eyes because some aspect might be relevant for a post.  I love sharing those wonders.  Now, I wish I could read faster, assimilate ideas more quickly, write more efficiently and catch up on all of the ideas I have for future posts!

GlaxoSmithKine and Johnson & Johnson Launch Blogs


Two pharmaceutical companies joined the healthcare blogosphere conversation this month: GlaxoSmithKine - alliConnect and JNJBTW - Johnson and Johnson. The launch of these blogs, that differ vastly in tonality and focus, is a significant step in acknowledging the importance of social media in healthcare marketing. Or is it? Are they really in the game?

What first had me questioning was the lack of attention to branding on JNJBTW. Disappointing. J&J is famous for strategic marketing. However, the "skin" of JNJBTW lacks sophistication giving me the feeling that this blog might be a tentative step or perhaps an experiment. Examples - the link "About the authors" profiles one author not multiple authors. Nor is there a link to the parent company. These may seem like minor details but in social media success is in the details.

Sidebar: J&J has reached out to healthcare bloggers hosting dinners in NYC and at the Healthcare Blogging Summit in Las Vegas in March. Bloggy transparency, I attended the speaker's dinner in Vegas and enjoyed in-depth conversations with a couple of folks from J&J.

Although alliConnect is a stronger branded site (the logo is the masthead), I wondered about GSK's commitment to this initiative as well. Neither blog is linked from the parent company website. At least I couldn't find the page.  alliConnect isn't even linked from the brand website. So I ask GlaxoSmithKine and Johnson and Johnson what are your intentions? Is this a feel good let's be cool at the next stock holder's meeting or are you in the game?


Launch date: June 2, 2007
Focus: Weight loss product alliconnect and issues regarding weigh loss.
alliConnect is the official alli blog. It's a place for you to have a conversation with us about weight loss issues. Because we work for a drug company we do have to abide by a few rules

Tonality - Conversational
Transparency: Blogger Steve Burton shares an oops experience he had with alli.
Smart Moves: Invitation to alliFirst Team to post comments

Just the facts ..

Blogger/s: VP of weight control, brand manager, marketing director, attorney, consultant (Debbie Weil); photos of bloggers "conversational bios"
Blog Skin: alli logo used as header is the only branding element
Graphic elements: Posts include photos
Social media bookmarking: None
Comments: Open 
Trackbacks: Open
Blogroll: Yes, GlaxoSmithKine links only
Blog Search: Yes
Comments Policy is a good reflection of the overall tonality of the blog.

We will do our best to review and publish your comment within 24 hours.

We reserve the right to reject comments that contain profanity, are inflammatory or are otherwise inappropriate.  We will not publish opinions that are so far outside of mainstream science as to be misleading or confusing.  We will not permit comments to be disguised as sales pitches for other products or services.

Please share your stories and experiences with weight loss, as well as your opinions - even if they are critical of alli. However, please do not include your mailing address or phone number. The purpose of this blog is to stimulate discussion.

Legal Stuff
This blog is written by employees of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare who are authorized to speak on behalf of the company.

Our posts and answers to your comments reflect our company's point of view. They are based on the latest in science and what we've learned from talking to consumers.

When we offer personal points of views, or talk about our experience with alli, we'll make sure that's clear.

Johnsonjohnson_logo JNJBTW

Launch date: June 4, 2007
Focus: Corporate/company issues
JNJ BTW, there will be talk about Johnson & Johnson - what we are doing, how we are doing it and why.This is a big step for us as a company. Anyone working for a large corporation will appreciate that there are many internal limitations on what we say and how we say it.

Tonality - Formal
Smart Moves: RSS feed for comments

Just the facts ..

Blogger: Corporate communication media relations; no photo; "business bio"
Blog Skin: Johnson & Johnson logo used in subtitle is the only branding element
Graphic elements: Posts do include photos
Social media bookmarking: None
Comments: Open 
Trackbacks: Not indicated

Blogroll: Yes, Johnson & Johnson links only
Blog Search: Yes
Comment Policy is a good reflection of the overall tonality of the blog.

All comments will be reviewed before posting. Since this blog is about Johnson & Johnson, comments that don't directly relate to the Company or to topics covered on this blog won't be posted. That said, some comments may be forwarded to other people within the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies for follow-up as appropriate.

We generally won't post comments about products that are sold by the Johnson & Johnson operating companies. Product questions should directed to the companies that sell them. A list of the products sold by our operating companies is available on the Johnson & Johnson website.

Please keep in mind that Johnson & Johnson and its operating companies work within highly regulated industries. Therefore, comments that pertain to ongoing legal matters or regulatory issues are unlikely to be posted. Further information about our policies concerning content ownership and privacy as well as our responsibility for the accuracy of comments posted to this site can be found in our Privacy and Legal Notice.

Sidebar: Sometimes the world spins strange synergies. Seems Marc Monseau, blogger for Johnson & Johnson wants to lose a few pounds. "After all, if I could lose a few pounds and reduce my cholesterol, I'm pretty sure that I would not only feel better but I would also reduce my risk of developing heart disease - a condition that plagues my family." Hmmm ... wonder if GSK's blogger relations strategy includes out reach to another pharma company (smile). How about a blogroll link exchange?

Read more from two prominent healthcare bloggers:

John Bell on alliConnect - This step forward into social media will be a huge leap for pharma. It is particularly valuable for this category but others will follow.

Fard Johnmar on JNJBTW - Based on Monseau’s opening post, I get the sense that he is going to be talking about some meaty and relevant issues. 

Where Are The Marketing Bloggers?


This is a long over due thank you. It's also a pretty good list of where to find some great marketing blogs and a few cool, bloggy resources.

To Philippe Deltenre for the opportunity to be part of your Trilogy Interviews with BBFs from all over the world. Mark Goren has links to all the interviews.

A walk in the Viral Garden, with Mack Collier
The free (conversation) agent, with Valeria Maltoni
CK – Psyche, with Christina Kerley (C.K.)
Dial S for Servant of Chaos, with Gavin Heaton
Viva la Diva, with Toby Bloomberg
Last transmission, Mark Goren

To Mack Collier for the Viral Garden's Top 25 Marketing Blogs.Top25 Diva Marketing has had the honor to be included since day one. Today Diva ranks #11.
Sidebar: Mack recently changed how he ranks the Garden's Top 25 (from Alexis to Technorati). Jim Symcox has an interesting matrix showing how the Top 25 juggled in ranking.

To Todd And for The Power 150 Marketing Blogs Power_150 for developing an extensive list of marketing and pr blogs. Diva Marketing has had the honor to be included since day one here too. Today Diva ranks #20.

To Lee Oden for the Top Rank Blog's List of Search Engine Bloggers (and a little more)

To Steve Woodruff for the Marketing Blog Portal

To Leigh for a new twist on the old Z List thing Controversy At It's Finest

.. and a few Bloggy Resouces just for fun!

101 Essential Blogging Resources

33 Places to Hangout in the Social Networking Era
Heard It From BL Ochman