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Martha Stewart's Twitter Recipes


This weekend I was writing a post about how people are using Twitter as a marketing tactic (coming soon). As often happens I got lost in the research. This time the sidetrack was on @marthastewart. Girlfriend, did you know she's posting 140 character recipes? Before I knew it I had copied most if not all of them.

For your cooking and dining pleasure a tweet merged blog cooking post!

Sidebar: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Marketing VP feel free to "steal this idea" and post on marthastewart.com. If I were the social media diva at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia a cute twitter recipe book would be in the works complete with tweet recipes from our followers. Perhaps I'd turn it into a video cook-off contest. What a great idea Toby ;-)

Martha stewart twitter avatar

 Martha Stewart's 140 Character Tweet Recipes

Soups. Appetizers. Others

Soup appetizers other  












For Susan


Sus - Thank you for the gifts you gave and continue to give.

Cup cake m&m

Cupcake from Life in a peanut shell.

Opening The Door To Social Media Impacts The Entire Organization


Door  Are the people within your organization aligned with your social media strategy and do they understand how social media will impact the enterprise?

When most enterprises develop their social media plans the work usually begins with defining goals/objectives which leads to how to measure success and of course defining the tactical execution. 

Few companies begin their internal social media foundation with HOW social media will impact the organization, the brand and the people. By people I mean those who actively participate in social media whether through interfacing directly in blogs or social networks AND those whose job now includes analyzing how to (or how not to) integrate the information from consumer generate conversations into product development, customer service, PR, etc. etc. etc.

I also mean your customers and stake holders. Is there a disconnect between your Twitter response time and your telephone customer support hold time? Social media adds dimensions to our business relationships that go beyond negative comments.

Opening the enterprise door to social media impacts the entire organization from the way communication is handled to customer service to hiring decisions.  impacts the entire organization from the way communication is handled to customer service to hiring decisions.

Update Note: It seems to me that a new model is in the making .. let's call it The Social Enterprise.

Last week I had a wonderful opportunity to join marketers and friends at the first social media conference held in Birmingham, AL - Social South or as it was fondly called .. #SoSo. My presentation played off a Southern theme .. I called it Social Media Southern Hospitality Style.

I used the lessons from the culture of Southern Hospitality as the foundation to discuss this critical aspect of a social media strategy that is too often overlooked .. organizational alignment.

  • How can you be your authentic "self" while staying true to your company's value and culture?

Through a series on interactive questioning we worked (we really did this together!) through four pillars: Relationships. Values. Culture. Change Jasonfall twitter You can find the deck which includes all the feedback, along with many other presentations from the conference on Social South Slideshare.

In keeping with Southern Hospitality we begin with discussing how "Front Porch Conversations" develop relationships and build community. When you visit on the front porch, or on a city stoop, you extend your world from inside your house to outside into your neighborhood. Sometimes it's neighbors you know who drop by but sometimes it's a stranger new to your community. Southern Hospitality teaches us to wave Hey to everyone.

Question: How do you bring that type of interaction and relationship to the digital world?

Responses: Sharing – always make relationships beneficial for both parties. Invite them to connect. Make it safe for both. Minimize fear. Must be a part of where the people are online: leaving comments, posts, etc. Have a plan. Use personal relationships to refer counterparts, friends and family to your digital world/networks. Build a community: blog, email, Twitter, Facebook.

We spent significant time discussing culture and values. Fried green tomatoes or Bubba's jokes may not appeal to everyone. Each of us has a unique personality and our own approach to social media. The challenge is how to be true to yourself, project your authentic personality while still coloring inside the lines of your company's culture.

Questions: Is it okay to “vanilla down” your personality to fit the culture of your company? How do you remain true to yourself?

Responses: Believe in what you share. Values begets values. What’s in it for them? What’s in it for me? Values, ethics, morals, honesty, transparency, listening. Keep part of yourself to yourself. Remember you’re always on the stage. You have to take your company’s culture to represent them in the social world. Be an advocate at all times for your company. React positively to good and bad feedback. Don’t work for dicks. Exhibit your personality as long as it stays in the guidelines of your brand.

7 Tips For Preparing An Organization for Social Media

1. Create cross functional teams

2. Identify impact on specific areas

3. Are the right communication processes in place?

4. Do employees have the right skills and experience?

5. New job descriptions -> new evaluation criteria may be needed.

6. Where does social media reside? Can it have mulitple “homes?”

7. Who “owns” the customer relation? The answer may hold some surprises.

  • Social media will disrupt the way you do business .. but if you're prepared it can be a very good thing that helps not hinders the growth of your organization.

Thanks to the great people at Social South who played along with me. @seankelley, @southernplate, @jasonfalls, @ikepigott, @treypennington, @takinpitchas,@bethharte, @mackcollier, @kdrewien, @resultsrev, @kellyecrane, @navistarlpga, @barbersindy, @billpowell, audreypannell, @charityhisle,@annehearnhuff, @sailingbo, @betsyfgray, @sweetsheets, @anwith1n, @thomascook, @dennispillion @ScottSchablow. There were lots more but unfortunately I don’t have their @s. Social South 2009

2009 Pulse of the Social Media Industry - Blogger Relations


Socialmedia Recently I was at a StartupChicks networking event chatting with a young woman I had never met nor did we have an "online relationship." Our conversation began with ground zero questions. She told me she was a social media consultant and began to explain what social media was all about. She talked about "conversations" and "listening" and "authenticity."

I smiled and nodded. It tickled me to think how far the social media industry has come in 5 years when I first started teaching marketers about a new way to reach and interact with customers. Concepts that were considered odd are now considered buzz words.

About this time last year about this time I asked bloggers/content providers, brand and agency marketers for their insights about one aspect of social media .. Blogger Relations. As is typical in our industry people generously offered their insights and we learned together how to create win-win-win strategies. 2008 Pulse of the Industry Blogger Relations

As the social media industry continues to mature I continue to wonder how and where does "Blogger or Twitter Relations" fit into the puzzle. What have we learned within the past 12-months?

I would appreciate your insights and have created a quick Survey Monkey survey for 2009 Pulse of the Industry Blogger Relations. As a thank you to you and our industry 'll post results on Diva Marketing and acknowledge your participation.

Note: Love the graphic. Have no idea who designed it.

Atlanta Women In Social Media Marketing_5


One of the joys in writing Diva Marketing is introducing you to smart, savvy people - both Divas and Divos- who generously share their knowledge and learnings with us. [Inteviews. #smgps. Diva Talks podcasts] This series, Atlanta Women in Social Media Marketing, is a little different. Not only is it my tribute to the women in Hotlanta who are actively including social media to build their companies (or their clients' businesses) but it's personal.

My adventures in this industry gave me the opportunity to meet wonderful people all over the world but some how not so much in my own back yard. I wondered .. where are the Atlanta Women in Social Media? One by one I am slowly I am discovering them! 

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to one of my new BBF Nancy Chorpenning.

Nancy chorpenning Nancy Chorpenning - CSuite Advisors Small Business Central Blog @csuiteadvisors @peacecorpsmeri1

1. What does social media marketing mean to you? -  As a business advisor, my first priority is helping clients develop thoughtful strategic and operating plans, including (as a former dotcom executive and professional marketer) Marketing Plans. Social Media are Marketing Tactics, first and foremost. Trying to use Social Media for marketing your business without having a clear marketing plan and success metrics established beforehand turns SM into a fun but dangerous black hole where you can waste LOTS of time and money just like any other misfire (as in “Ready...Fire...Aim!”).

2. My favorite social media tactic: Finding ways to redeploy content automatically by connecting various social media outlets, e.g., Blog publishing that goes to instantly to Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Twitter, and Ning pages, and all back again. Efficiency is such a kick! And content is king (said the former publisher…).

3. In 140 characters - What is Atlanta's greatest challenge in becoming a social media hub? - Dispersion. Our geographical challenges & industry diversity can be both weakness & strength. We don’t have a Silicon Alley or advertising district, just ITP/OTP.

4. 2 sentences about your company. - Leveraging an unusual constellation of experience and abilities as catalysts and connectors, C-Suite Advisors engage Entrepreneurs and fast-thinking business owners with stimulating and pragmatic processes to catapult their firm upward. C-Suite Advisors’ specialty is leading growing organizations to their next level of success, including helping them plan and implement the requisite structure, practices, systems and processes.

5. I began offering social media marketing - My first foray into Social Media was back in 2004, still part of the WebMD StartUp management team, when I came upon LinkedIn. Trying to persuade my former associates around the country of its potential was an uphill battle, but my Healtheon-WebMD colleagues were right there. There were some great benefits to that dotcom culture! We saw the power of connecting with our various disease communities, the real power behind the success of WebMD.

So it wasn't a surprise that (some) people are inclined towards communicating with others of similar interests. It wasn't until last year, when Facebook and Twitter came into better focus that i saw the power of connecting all the various SM outlets with single posts. Of course, I haven't figured out how to get that content created while growing a business! (My business partner isn't interested in participating - NOW he tells me!)

Atlanta Women In Social Media Marketing

Donna Lynes-Miller GourmetStation
Grayson Daughters WaySouth Media
Lya Sorano Lya Sorano.com
Melissa Galt Today By Design
Jeaneane Sessum allied
Melissa Libby MelissaLibbyPR
Amber Rhea Being Amber Rhea
Jacki Schklar Funny Not Slutty
Laura Nolte Green Theory Interactive
Barbara Giamanco Talent Builders
Sue Rodman Field Trips With Sue
Sherry Heyl oncept Hub, Inc
Nadia Bilchik Nadia Speaks
Jen Gordon A Clever Twist
MIchelle Batten iMediaWorksConnects
Peggy Duncan PeggyDuncan.com
Diane DeSeta White Knight
Carol Flammer mRELEVANCE
JoAnn Hines Packaging Launch
Linda Lindsay Insol
Jamie Lackey Pizzeria Venti (Atlanta)
Stephanie Beckham BrainJocks
Lindsay Blankenship Lindsay Blankenship Razorfish
Sandi Karchmer Solow I Send Your Email
Nancy Chorpenning CSuite Advisors
and me! Toby Bloomberg Diva Marketing

Please let me know if you're in the metro Atlanta area and are using social media as a marketing strategy for your company/brand or helping clients use social media as a marketing strategy. Check out the other Atlanta Women in Social Media Marketing mini interviews.

Digital Networking Turns Pink Slips to Pay Checks


Computer woman Cultivating relationships has always played a critical role in business success. This post is dedicated to my dear friends and yours and perhaps you .. people who have unexpectedly found a pink slip instead of a pay check.

The first advice to folks on a job search seems to be to activate or reactive your network. Let's take what we've learned from social media marketing and make it work for a job search.

There are two aspects involved in creating a winning support system:

1. meeting people who are willing to offer their help and friendship 

2. maintaining those associations.

As our lives grow more complex attending networking or professional organization events becomes a challenge to schedule. Even meeting colleagues across town for a coffee chat is often difficult. Then comes the time investment to nurture fledgling friendships.

As the world spins smaller what happens when your network extends not just to the next city or state but across an ocean? To put it simply, how do you meet people and then stay in touch?

The answers can be found in what might be perceived at first glance to be cold and impersonal … the World Wide Web. The Internet has morphed into an important catalyst for developing and sustaining digital relationships. Through social media tools such as blogs, social networking, online boards people are changing how they interact with each other.

Interestingly, women use social networks differently than men. A recent study by Rapleaf, a San Francisco consulting firm, indicates women appear to spend more time on social networks building and nurturing relationship while men spend their time acquiring relationships. According to Rapleaf the net result is the about the same number of people in both circles.

Developing digital relationships are not much different from the relationships you might make at a Chamber of Commerce event. At the core they are comprised of similar values: mutual need, support, trust and respect. Digital relationships hold a few extra benefits that may not be immediately obvious:

1. If you are shy meeting people at offline events the “fourth wall” of the Internet might make it easier for you to participate in conversations. People appreciate comments on their blogs, profile walls and Twitter @responses that add value. Your thoughts can be 140 characters a la Twitter, a few paragraphs on your own blog post or short video posted on your Facebook page and YouTube.

2. Dropping into a social network site like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook can be done at your convenience whether at 5a or 5p or midnight. You can engage at your computer or on your mobile phone extending the flexibility even further. You determine how long you stay - a few minutes or a few hours.

3. Similar to building your offline network, social media provides opportunities to “meet” friends of friends.
A few ideas to help you jump start building your digital relationship network:

1. Explore the a few social networks. When you build your profile, to prevent spam consider using a different email address from your business or personal email. The following Big Three have become the core platforms for many business professionals.

LinkedIn’s focus is business networking making it an ideal first step into social media. I think of LinkedIn as your digital Rolodex combined with your online resume. Resource: from EZine Articles - How and Why to Network on LinkedIn.

Twitter allows only 140 characters per message or "tweet.” A Twitter strategy can be used not only to grow your professional network but to reinforce your position as a expert in your field. Resource from TwiTip - 8 Twittering Network Tips.

Facebook offers the option to create personal pages, business pages and group pages for brand “fans.” Resource: from About.com Using Facebook for Professional Networking.

2.Don’t feel obligated to follow/friend everyone who knocks on your virtual door. Sometimes less is more. Take time to read profiles to help you determine who you want to be a part of your community.

3.Participate in discussions in the same way as you would in the offline world. Be yourself. Let your personality come through in your words, on videos or in a podcast interview.

4.Adding value to the conversation will reward you faster and better than a continuous stream of promotion about how great you are .. it's a two way conversation online and offline.

The results are you’ll develop a global network that you can tap into for resources, information, support, advice where you can control where and when you meet-up. Don’t be surprised if the connections you make turn into real friendships that lead to offline meetings! While digital networks are fast becoming a critical aspect of business relationships nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting over a cup of coffee or sharing a meal.

Note: The post is based on an article I wrote for the Sun Journal.

Will Social Media Help Marketing Find It's Way Back Home?


Gps iphone Don Schultz's articles in the AMA Marketing Management are always thought provoking. This month was no exception.

Product. Price. Place. Promotion. The Marketing Four Ps: The nursery rhyme of most marketing 101 courses. The foundation of so many strategic plans.

  • The only problem is that the four Ps totally ignores customers. The concept assumes the marketer controls the system. Customers and consumers are simply pawns in the gigantic marketing system that the "marketing masters of the universe" have devised and now control. - Professor Schultz

On the other side of the equation is Peter Drucker's view of marketing and business.

  • We need to get back to what marketing was suppose to do in the beginning: Determine customer needs and wants, and fulfill them efficiently for Both sides.We need to revisit what Peter Drucker was saying in the 1950s: The only purpose of a company is to create and maintain customers. - Professor Schultz (Note: caps on the word Both are mine)

Could it be that social media will lead us back to our roots? To remembering that the customer experience is the heart of what marketing is all about? To dropping the facade of control? Who really believed that one? To understanding that strategy and customer relationships are not mutally exclusive? To creating  Corner Grocery Store Relationships?