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BlogHer First Impressions


BlogHer: Laughter. Hugs. Smiles. High energy. Non stop talk. What else would you expect when you get together with friends?  Girlfriend, my notes to self: It's like a pj party!

We talk about how blogging is relationship building on steriods. Last night's dinner was proof positive. People began conversations in middle of paragraphs not at sentence One.

Don't fret too much if San Jose wasn't in your travel plans for this weekend. You can catch the sessions via live blogging and chat on the BlogHer site.

Millie - met Ronni and gave her a hug from you!

Kuddos to Elisa and Lisa and the entire BlogHer team.

Friday Fun: CEO Spoof


Friday Fun spoofs the CEO. Gary Cogg (like a cog in a wheel get it?) is "a tireless downtrodden unsung every-CEO who truly cares about the lives of the people above and below him, which is why he is balding, single and on his third heart attack."

The video series created by BNET and Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie is a hoot. Would love to know the backstory of that name! And the best is there is no silly registration...hurray!

Sidebar: Off to BlogHer this weekend. Elisa has asked me to participate on a panel. But more so, I'm looking forward to meeting many of the Divas and Divos who I've been reading and emailing and skyping. Oh yes! There will be Divos at BlogHer.

Pew Reports On RSS & Podcasting


According to a recent report from the Pew Institute 87% of respondents weren't really sure or hadn't heard of podcasting and even more (91%) were unaware of  RSS.

What does it mean when the average American internet user doesn't know what the heck a podcast is all about and doesn't have a clue about RSS?

To those in the industry ... an off blogosphere educational strategy may be in order. Oh no Mister Bill!traditional marketing. Gasp! maybe even a ... press release that reaches media that connect with people who are not blog savvy. Heresy!

Hot'Lanta Interactive Jobs


Looking for a job in interactive marketing and want to live in Hot'lanta? AiMA's (Atlanta Interactive Marketing) job board has a ton of listings from media planner to copy writer to national sales manager and more. Sure hope this is a sign that the economy is on the up swing.

Sidebar: Board is free with no registration required

Robert Scoble Meetsup in Atlanta


ooops...sorry  I missed Friday Fun...was having a 'day of beauty' with my visiting niece Jessica. Sometimes - a girl's just gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Some Saturday Fun instead - Robert Scoble is hosting a meet-up tonight in Atlanta at the 5 Seasons Brewing Company -  7p to ? Check the comments for rsvps. By the way, reger.com is behind the new 5 Seasons Brewing Company blog.

Trying to convenience Jess that it's might be cool to hang with a bunch of geeks. Would be great fun to see Robert and to meet some Atlanta bloggers.

Dusty Off Your Classics


Dahling, don't know about you but every once in awhile, when I go hunting in my closet, I come across something pushed waaay far back that I once loved but is now forgotten. Usually it's something that gets a few complements...which IBlack_dress_classic suppose is the reason it has not been given to Goodwill. Sometimes it's a classic that just doesn't go out of style.

Recently digitalabs posted kind words about an article, Internet Marketing Overview, I wrote waaay back in 2001. Seems it's become a sort of classic.

The two best overviews on internet marketing everybody can find around are - not surprisingly - free.

The first one is an article by Toby Bloomberg dated 2001. It is still interesting despite it's age ...

By the way, the second is a study by Morgan Stanley *which is referenced in the article. Hmm...not bad company to be in!

Among other information, Internet Marketing Overview includes 52 ways to increase traffic to your website.  Anyone who's been around the internet marketing block a time or 2 probably knows most, if not all, but it's a pretty good review.  And like that classic , little back dress ... it's nice to know that it's in back of  your closet ...just in case the need arises.

Sidebar: What articles or white papers can be dusted off and perhaps with a slight modification reintroduced (or introduced) to new clients and prospects?

Update: Which of your blog posts get the most mentions/links/comments? Treat those as classics and add them to your navigation bar as "Classic" or "Hot" Posts.

TBS Uses Podcasts To Promote Pauley Shore


Our friends at TBS are walking on theVote_carrie_blog wild side again. Last year Carrie Bradshaw the main character in the ever popular show, Sex in the City, ran for office on the Cosmopolitan ticket - complete with blog and blog ads! Richard Turner tells the back-story to Diva Marketing.

Now TBS is playing around with podcasting (along with bPauly_shore_marquee_240x260_061020051443log ads) as part of an online strategy for the new reality show Minding the Store. Pauley Shore is podcasting with his sidekick Marlon. By the way, Pauley thinks podcasting is really cool. And although the podcast is a promo for the show it sure comes off as real as any podcast I've ever heard. If you like Pauley Shore you'll enjoy this.

Great example of how marketers can creatively leverage podcasts.

...and the winner is King Ping!


Fred has chosen King Ping for the name of his new free ping service. Thanks to all for helping name the  bebe. Never satisfied, it seems Fred is working on a new version that should be released within a few weeks.

Happy Pinging.

Post Titles Really Do Count


Reviewing Diva Marketing Blog's stats tonight I noticed a link from Google that led to a post I had written about Bob Lutz, Chairman of GM, who by the way, has helped set the bar for c-level blogging. My post was a continuation of the conversation from  Debbie Weil's informative interview with Gary Gray, GM's VP Communication for North America, about Bob Lutz.

The key word search was - bob lutz blog. Diva Marketing's page rank - #2. The GM blog -  #1. Naked Conversations came in #3 ... and Shel posted an entire interview with Mister Lutz.

Go figure! The search people would be able to tell you why. All I know is Post Titles Really Do Count. Of course by tomorrow the rankings might have changed...

P.s. I hate Typepad's new format for archive pages. Why do they insist we scoll down to read the post?


Basic Blog Tip


Catching up on blog reading and came across some basic blog tips.

- Susan Gardner has developed a great chart comparing some of the more popular blog platforms. (It's about time some one did this!) The same post includes a quick glossary of basic blog terms.

- Blog Herald - some tips about search and blogs

- DigitalGrit - free webinar on search and blogs July 27th

-Wayne Hurlbert - all you wanted to know about pings but were afraid to ask