Bloomberg Marketing (Diva Marketing Blog) Is A Social Media Boutique Consultancy 

A successful social media strategy is more than a well-written post, a Facebook page or a tweet.

What Separates Bloomberg Marketing (Diva Marketing Blog) From Other Social Media and Blog Consultants?

Our approach to social media strategy is slightly different than other blog consultants.

Yes, we believe that social media can build stronger relationships, humanize your organization, extend brand awareness, lift search engine rankings and more.
Yes, we believe that social media can create community.
Yes, we believe in the Mandate of Social Media: Honesty. Transparency. Authenticity. Passion.

We also believe that to be an effective business initiative social media must integrate into an organization’s marketing plan to support objectives and enhance the brand experience. 

We understand that social media brought into an enterprise situation is different from personal use. And we understand the risks that are associated with adopting social media. We also know the rewards: building and nurturing relationships that result in trust, loyalty and bottom-line results.

When working with clients we prefer to take a holistic approach. While beginning with developing strategic objectives we also take into consideration how social media will impact functional areas, especially those that are customer touch points, corporate culture and resource allocation. We work with you to ensure that communication strategies are in place to ensure that the customer has a seamless digital experience with your brand.  Toby_Blogworks

The Challenge

Social media often changes an organization's business paradigm. The challenge is to ensure the culture of an organization can accept an open communication model between internal staff and external  stakeholders.  

  • That takes trust from management that allows employees an authentic voice in the conversation while being good brand stewards.
  • That takes trust from employees that they understand and buy-in to values and goals of the brand while honestly taking part in social conversations. 
  • That takes trust from customers and stakeholders that their voices will be heard and listened to and responded back to.

Corporate Personal Branding Strategy and Workshops - The convergence of corporate branding and employee personal branding, based on the alignment of common values, supported by content creation and social media, for mutual benefit.  As part of a planned strategy each (enterprise and employee) lends their goodwill and influence to the other. The result is a a halo effect that affords opportunities for common and unique goals to be acheived.

Experience Makes A Difference

With over 15-years of strategic marketing experience, including more than 10-years developing internet-based plans, and in the social media space since 2004, we bring important perspectives to the table. We know traditional and new world marketing. Yes, we've been around the block a few times so we can help you avoid stubbing your toes.

Social Media/Blog Strategy Process

The customized social media strategies that we create with you keep these aspects top-of-mind:

  • Your customers and stakeholders
  • Your marketing/business goals
  • Your business goals
  • Your company culture as it relates to the social media culture
  • Your brand values and promise
  • Your resources: people, time, dollars

Strategic development

  • Develop goals and objectives based on your business challenge/s
  • Identify target audience
  • Determine what constitutes success
  • Integrate into master marketing strategy
  • Identify success and measurement metrics
  • Create tactical programs
  • Support implementation of tactics

Evaluating: results analysis

  • Identify and track success metrics
  • Identify analytic tools
  • Monitoring social media pick-up

Pinterest for businessNew PInterest Offerings!

We'll help you with Strategy, Guidelines, Consumer Insights and even take care of your boards and pins with special BoardCare!

Pin It To Win It Contests include Strategy, Execution and Consumer Insight Analysis. 

Pinterest consulting and analyiss on website integration for visual social communication. 

Social Media/Network Influener Programs

Creating Win-Win-Win: For the Blogger. Her/his Community. The Brand.

Although no one can promise that bloggers will want to write about your product or service (run to the hills if they do!), our model is built on three elements that give us a running start to success:

1. The Right People – identify bloggers who have an interest in the product by understanding what they write about and their relationship to the larger community. Build relationships. Each program is customized. We do not purchase lists.

2. The Right Program - create an offering that is of value to the blogger and his/her community

3. The Right Attitude – respect the blogger and the culture of social media

Our strong point of difference is that we approach bloggers from a peer-to-peer relationship as bloggers not as an agency. We establish credibility by always identifying ourselves with our blog and encouraging the bloggers to “check us out.”

Conversational Coaching 

This was designed for solopreneurs and smaller businesses who need help and a little hand holding to develop social media programs.

  • Content direction
  • Conversational etiquette
  • Digital relationships and community development
  • Social media monitoring
  • Tactical development and execution e.g., blogs, social networks, etc. Toby and chick fil_a cow

Managing The Feedback Loop

We realize that blogs change the culture of an organization and impact business processes. We help clients put systems into place that will support customers’ (and other stakeholders) expectations of an open conversation environment. For example developing communication flow to funnel information from comments and trackbacks into existing (or new) customer or tech support systems.

Additional Offerings

Note: Components can be “unbundled.”

Your Virtual Team

How do we work?

Bloomberg Marketing/Diva Marketing Blog takes advantage of the power and flexibility of the Internet. Working with talented creative designers, public relations pros, video producers, blog copywriters, strategists and developers we build teams of senior-level people who have the right skills and a passion for each assignment. 

We support your social media, digital strategies from concept to launch and beyond.

The win for you is senior marketers, who love what they do, working on your projects at below traditional agency costs.

A nice complement from one of our favorite clients, Ms. Donna Lynes-Miller, Founder and CEO, GourmetStation.

 "Whether you're a large, medium or small business you will benefit from the services of Bloomberg Marketing. I know we have. All marketers must bow to the giant goals of developing fresh strategies, converting more prospects to customers, driving sales and increasing profits. Toby Bloomberg can help you achieve these goals. She can help you hone in on a crystal vision - then develop strategies & tactics to make your vision come to life.  Toby is passionate about our recent blog project. She had developed a strategy that integrates blogging with brand building plus search engine visibility to drive more traffic to our site - that means more prospects and more sales." Donna Lynes-Miller, 

 Toby Bloomberg _Conference AtlantaAnd nice words from a session on social media marketing presented to the Qwinnett Chamber of Commerce - 

Your presentation was engaging, practical and useful. I was impressed with the creativity of your slides which were both informative and educational - a great combination. You were very approachable, knowledgeable and generous with sharing of your wisdom. You gave clear guidance that we could immediately use. Your presentation was more in depth than most I have heard which give very basic and superficial information that is obviously only a bait to entice you to buy their services. I will highly recommend you as a speaker. You model what you teach beautifully! - Jennifer Whittaker, Halogenex

Thank you again for the wonderful presentation on social media to our group of attorneys. The   program was very well received based on the feedback we got from our attorneys, and I very much   enjoyed it too. - Lisa Lemke, Director of Placement Counsel On Call 

For more on presentations and client feedback please check out where I've been On The Road..Workshops..Presentations..Conferences


Toby Bloomberg, President, Bloombeg Marketing ... doing what she loves... talking about social media!

Happy to talk social media with you. Catch you on the road!

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To sum it all up .. Bloomberg Marketing develops integrated marketing programs with a focus on social media marketing strategies. Sometimes we even weave in traditional initiatives when appropriate because ... not all your customers are online all of the time.

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