Tagless Misunderstanding


Received a spam email today. Here's the subject line: Get Hanes (r) Tagless From MCR! It was a promotion for Hanes t-shirts.

My first thoughts: Happy Days! someone found away around Technorati Tags.

I think I need to get out more!

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Quick Thoughts: So many smart bloggers so little time


Came across another new blog - Fryer's Blog in The Mountains. David is one smart divo! I love this line from a recent post: Because if your market respects you, they will talk to you.

Sidebar: Are you providing sufficient opportunities for your customers to "talk" to you? As David says, be it blogs or trade shows or smoke signals or traditional research ....

Ah...so many smart bloggers. So little time. Any one want to pay me to just read blogs :-)

Quick Thoughts: Permalinks


Just found a great post I was about to send to a friend when I realized there wasn't a permalink. The page was long with posts so I didn't forward; seemed like too much trouble to copy and past the post or even the title and then explain to scroll the page to find the post.

Why oh why are some bloggers turning permalinks off their blog posts? We've been round the block about comments on and off but I just don't get the permalink thing.

-Permalink is a powerful viral marketing tactic.
-Permalink sets each post as a unique page with the opportunity for those creepy search spiders to index. More pages more search options. More visitors. Maybe more business.

Permalinks off seems like a missed opportunity. Am I missing something here?

Snippets From The Blogosphere


Great information and tips on the hows-whys-whats and where fors of blogging that Susan Getgood Marketing Roadmaps, developed for Camp WorldWIT.

Divas if blogging is becoming too time consuming and you're missing out on shoe sales (Memorial Day Sales are days away) and GNOs ... there's always Auto Blogger.  Check out the TV ads. Check out the entire site.  Proof that some people have way too much time on their hands - but are darn creative.

Jotspot - A New Wiki


Jotspot - a new wiki software program is about to make the scene. Seems pretty easy, even for a non geek Diva to get her hands around. Love that there is an email link on each page. 

What's a wiki you may ask? The word wiki is based on a Hawaiian word meaning super-fast. In diva terms, it's a blog for multiple authors where everyone gets to play at the same time. Watch carefully, as the technology becomes user friendly, companies will adopt the software for project management, meetings, call centers, report writing. Great for virtual teams. Great for complex marketing projects that include multiple vendors and departments.

Keep an eye on Jotspot. There are some pretty smart divo's behind the scenes including Ken Norton, formally of Yahoo! and the co-founders of Excite, Joe Kraus and Graham Spencer. 

Heard it from: Jeremy Zawadny

Blog Innovation From Politicians...Again


Sometimes marketers find innovation in the strangest places. For instance, local politics in Boston are like none. (If you grew up in the Boston area you know exactly what I mean.) Here's an example ....

Steve Garfield (Divine Diva Millie's son) is taking City Councilor John Tobin's blog to the next level. The Councilor is video blogging!  Once again those politicians are ahead of the curve when it comes to blog strategies.

Mister Scott when is Eden Prairie going to vlog?

Right Now - AU Free Online RSS Conference


If you're checking in to Diva Marketing Blog right now [2:45p] click over to the American University live Free conference on RSS. Thanks to Diva Kate.

Sidebar: Will not work on Firefox.

Quick Thoughts: Newsweek


Ten Points for Newsweek's new feature column - Blog Watch. Newsweek had RSS feeds too. But wait. There is no RSS feed associated with Blog Watch. Someone missed it. Minus Three Points.

Heard it from: Polli

The Blog Trinity


Honesty. Transparency. Passion.

ClickZ Today Needs A Blog


Been reading ClickZ Today for ages but a multi person blog a la Worthwhile would be pretty cool. Or at least an RSS feed. 

Think someone would take a look at parent company Jupiter's analysts' blogs for an ah ha moment.

Sidebar: Worthwhile is well worth a visit.