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Lancome Does A Diva Kinda Halloween



Trick or Treat! Girlfriend, I've been waiting all week to post this one. Make-up treats for Halloween from Lancome. Gotta love it!

Lancome dropped a fun, creative Halloween email campaign. It's one of the best I've seen since the Godiva Valentine chocolate and shoe strategy.

In addition to the innovative approach the email included tips, an special purchase incentive "treat" and send to a friend link.

Where the campaign let me down was the lack of integration with the Lancome website. Although the links lead to commerce pages there was no landing page. I really wanted more of the Halloween fun. Lancome got me at "Hello." Or should I say "Boo?" I would have happily spent some time at their site. A micro site with all of the cute Halloween make-up ideas would have given me a richer experience.

Sidebar: Godiva's campaign integrated shoes through out the site.

Lessons Learned: Developing An Integrated Marketing Strategy

  • Identify multiple customer touch points
  • Develop tactics that reinforce the campaign at each touch point
  • Keep the creative consistent across all touch points

Meeting Up Offline


Over due thanks to Clara Nelson at AMA for coordinating a very fun Bloggy/Marketing Wonk last week in San Diego. Dating_2 About 15 people joined the conversation. How I wish we were at a round table instead of a looong one - it would have made it easier to jump into the interesting multiple discussions which ranged from trust and ethics in blogging with Sybil Stershic to Bill Neal talking about CGM and research and Lou Molinair trying to figure out what the blog deal was all about.

Special thanks to CA bloggers author Mary Hunt who drove 80 miles (!), Cynthia Trevino and Tim Jackson who gave up part of their Sunday night to sip California wine and talk blogs.

Once I again I experienced one of the most powerful benefits of blogging and taking the time to participate in a social media community. The relationship building process is simplified and the time factor of establishing a relationship is collapsed. Significantly.

My conversation with Tim Jackson, the MasiGuy - who is as passionate about blogs and Masi bikes offline as he is on his blog - began with not a handshake but a hug. Not only did we talk about blogs (and his new tatoo) but I was able to ask him about his trips to Europe and Australia in more that a superficial way.

Building community online is pretty awesome (just ask Mack or Ann) but nothing beats putting names and faces together in-person. After months of reading a blogger your expectations are established about what that person is all about. Although personas offline may differ from online (the on/off line energies .. someone may be more outgoing online and talk less in person, etc.) Authenticity is difficult to mask.

Meeting-up ofline is one more reason for bloggers to stay true to the Blog Mantra of Honesty, Transparency, Authenticity and of course Passion. Honesty, Transparency, Authenticity are the building blocks of establishing trust. Sure is difficult to do business without it - online or off.

Friday Fun: Talk Blogs In Your PJs


Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. A waiting for the weekend 'playground' time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain silly.

It's a rainy Friday in Georgia and the weather guy says the storm is moving east towards the coast and then on to New England for the weekend. What do you do if you want to stay warm & cozy and Bunny_slippers wear your bunny slippers all day but still be productive?  Have I got a deal for you!

Tomorrow, Saturday 10-28 the WECAI Network™ is sponsoring an all-day Teleconference Event to "Help Women Do Business On and Off the Web."  Heidi Richards, Founder & CEO of WECAI asked me to put together a panel on business blogging: Harnessing the Blogosphere, the Future of Blogs and How to use them to Promote Your Products, Service or Organization.

The alone title called for ultra cool Divas. So I asked some of the smartest women working in social media to hang with me Saturday am and talk about one of our fav subjects - blogs!

The conference runs from 10a - 4p and includes 6 teleconferences/webinars covering: email marketing, affliate marketing, PR. how to create a marketing plan.

Heidi is charging a small fee of $47 to cover expenses. You get access to all sessions, access to the audio recordings so you can listen at your leisure, all Resources including a 40+ page Workbook, eBooks, Worksheets and eGuides. 

If you're around Saturday morning between 11:20a - 12:10p (and not at a Georgia Floria Game tail-gating party!) pour another cup of coffee and hang out with the Marketing Divas!

Astrology_15 business astrology for fun -

from The Astro Divas Paula Dare & Donna Page

Get ready for the fun to commence. Mercury goes Retrograde tomorrow 10/28. If you have any contracts to sign it is advisable to hold off until after Mercury turns Direct 11/17 at 7:25 PM. If you wonder why you’re having computer problems, people are taking everything you say the wrong way, your flight is delayed, your luggage gets lost, your car breaks down, you just maybe feeling the effects of the Retrograde cycle. This is a great time for sales people to reconnect with customers.

On Sunday Neptune turns Direct. Allow the creative juices to flow. Let your imagination take over and write down all of the things you would like see changed in your business, no matter how way out there you think it may be. Then you can go through your list of ideas and get to work.

Facebook Notes From AiMA


Facebook What's it like to be the 'old man' at 40 something? Just ask Facebook's Mike Murphy, Chief Revenue Office, who not only finds himself surrounded by 20 somethings but reports to visionary Mark Zuckerberg, who turned 22 years old this year. Mike loves it! He likes playing mentor and he likes the energy that is propelling Myface into a Web 2.0 success story.

Mike was in town (Atlanta) yesterday to speak at an AiMA event. He shared his views about social media and insights about how the 18-24 demo views communication.

He kicked off his talk with a  great definition of social media - Social Media Is Active Sharing Online. Michael Anders' comment on Diva Marketing post Facebook Comes To AiMA was 110% aligned with Mike's views.

Facebook is definitely a powerful relationship marketing tool. I am a college student/entrepreneur myself. I believe that facebook is so successful because my generation came of age with the internet. We love to use the internet as a facet for relating to our peers. We trust the internet (unlike our parents' generation who always asks "Is that safe to do online.").

This is indeed the "Let it go generation." A phrase coined by P&G Chairman, President, and CEO, Alan G. (A.G.)Lafley. Mike heard Lafley speak at the ANA Conference where Lafley told attendees it was important to let consumers take over the brand's message by providing social media opportunities.

Take Aways From Mike Murphy's Facebook Presentation
18 to 24 year olds are net natural while 25+ are immigrants to social media. FaceBook's success came from understanding that their users are building a brand. It's the brand of me.

Best Practices To Building Social Media Campaigns For 18 to 25 Year Olds

  • Bring users in as part of the experience
  • Give users a reason to share
  • The brand must be a part of the experience
  • Relevancy is key
  • Listen without fear (I love this one!)

Benefits From Social Media  Strategy

  • Important feedback loop
  • Endorsement of brand to friends
  • Short cut to relationships

Measure ROI

  • Extent of sharing - How many times people share within a community.

What's on the Facebook horizon? Direct upload of photos from your mobile phone to your Facebookpage.

Surfing around Facebook and found that the perks at Facebook for the lucky engineers sound like a replay of the pre dot com bust.

    * Medical, dental and vision plans with no premium for employees
    * 401(k) plan
    * 21 vacation days per year, plus 8 company holidays and 2 floating holidays
    * Complimentary catered breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
    * Complimentary beverages and snacks
    * Dry cleaning and laundry service onsite
    * Free downtown parking permit
    * Subsidized gym membership
    * Catered Friday Happy Hours at the office
    * $600/month housing subsidy if you live within one mile of the office
    * Standard-issue 24" LCD monitors and your option of 15" Apple MacBook or IBM ThinkPad
    * Worldwide notoriety by having your face on sample Facebook flyers

Sidebar: Not a mention of perks for the marketeers .. hmm.

Thanks to Cameron from Yahoo! It was a great event.

Facebook Comes To AiMA


Aima_logo_3 What are you doing Wednesday night? If you're in Atlanta or near Atlanta and have any interest in social media the AiMA (Atlanta Interactive Marketing Assoc.) meeting is the place to be and be seen.

Mike Murphy, Chief Revenue Officer, at Facebook is the event speaker.

Facebook launched in February 2004, and the website now has over 9 million registered users across more than 40,000 regional, work, college and high school networks. According to comScore, Facebook is the seventh-most trafficked site on the web and is the number one photo-sharing site.

However, I really want to know the story behind opening the doors to the world and Facebook's strategy for growing the business now that students are packing their virtual packpacks because it's not so cool to hang with your parents.

Wednesday October 25,2006
6:30 PM - Networking
7:30 PM - Keynote Speaker

84 5th ST NW

Pay at the Door

Non-Member - $35.00
Basic Member - $25.00
Advanced Member - $0.00
Corporate Member - $0.00 (for up to 5 ppl)

Advanced Online Registration

Non-Member - $25.00
Basic Member - $15.00
Advanced Member - $0.00
Corporate Member - $0.00 .

Edelman /Wal-Mart - Lessons Learned


Curtain_up270 Curtain Up! Light The Lights! The front row seats that you and I have watching the twists and turns of the Edelman / Wal-Mart debacle/s could only happen in the blogosphere. And not only do we have a great view of this unfolding saga but we can play a role in the theatrics. On the social media stage it's called participating in the community or joining the conversation. Right Mack?

Bloggers are not shy about voicing their opinions (yeah, Girlfriend that was The understatement of the post!) but Edelman CEO Richard Edelman and VIPS Steve Rubel and Rick Murray (on the WOMMA blog that has been established to carry on this conversation) are asking for our feedback.

Edelman might have broken the trust of its client (Wal-Mart) by having employees who did not understand the social media space work on the account. But let's be fair. What does that have to do with you or me that an agency messed up with their client? Nothing.

What is important are bigger issues (how to ensure trust and ethics in a new industry) and the lessons learned. 

Richard tells us Edelman's plan for going forward.
Sidebar: Richard, it sure would be nice if you could make your training available to all. It would be a tangible, good faith gesture that might help other companies.

  • Thorough audit around the world to ensure we apply best practice guidelines to every program in every market and specialty area.
  • Requiring that all employees attend an Edelman University class on ethics in social media, hosted by members of me2revolution team as well as external experts.
  • Establishing a 24/7 hotline so our me2revolution team can review, provide counsel and apply best practice guidelines on social media programs before their implementation.
  • Creating ethics materials that will be distributed to each office and all new hires.

Bloggers' Lessons Learned

  • Blogging is personal. - It's all about the people. The more I read your blog the more I feel I know you. The more I feel I know you the more I am likely to trust you. In a strange twist Edelman's bloggers blogged so well that they achieved the pinnacle of blog success .. "relationships" with their readers,  who in turn, felt betrayed by the people they trusted.
  • Blogosphere is a culture with shared values. Bloggers take the values of honesty, transparency and authenticity seriously and will "fight to the death" to defend them.
  • Social Media is an emerging industry. The hard earned credibility of blogs / social media as a marketing strategy can be blown away by companies who don't take it seriously.
  • Guidelines including ethics need to be established and reinforced by a credible third part e.g., a professional organization. Is WOMMA up for this challenge?
  • Strategy is critical. Without a strategy that supports and integrates into a company's master marketing plan a blog or social media is a "me to play toy." The very process of creating a strategy will help ensure that tactics are on target and identify potential blogoshere land challenges.
  • PR must be transparent and honest. For some firms this may entail a change in company culture and business processes.
  • Blogger relations is increasing in importance and is influencing changes in companies internal processes.

Richard Edelman commenting on Pajamas Media - Of our own volition and because it was the right thing to do, we changed our methodology on identifying our Edelman employees on paidcritics.com. We will continue to support the WOMMA guidelines and are in the process of reviewing every one of our programs involving new media.

Sidebar: Richard and Steve perhaps you might want to enter GourmetStation's Get Out Of The Dog House MySpace Video Promotion? A year's worth of gourmet dinners could help you say you're sorry to a lot of people <wink>

Do You Remember Your First Time?


My first time was in a crowded school room near Beacon Street in Boston. Finally I did it. I felt important and so very grown-up.

Growing up in Boston it was something that everyone talked about all the time. Right Polli? Oh, when I finally did it my folks were excited too. As a little girl I remember watching my mom and dad do it and thinking one day I'll get to go behind the curtain.

VoteDo You Remember Your First Time is an innovative PSA campaign from Women's Voices. Women Vote. to encourage young women to vote. Gotcha!

Did you know that in the last presidential election the largest block of non-voters was 20 MILLION single women? Can you imagine the impact that these women can have on the future of our country .. of the world .. if they cast their votes?

Women's Voices. Womens Votes. has released a series of public service announcements, featuring some of American's best known actresses, encouraging women to vote. The PSA campaign includes Tyne Daly, Rosario Dawson, Lauren Graham, Angie Harmon, Marg Helgenberger, Felicity Huffman and Regina King  telling about their "first time," voting. 

Often women involved with social media / blogging (this one included) rant about women's lack of visibility within mainstream media. Let's put our energies to work to encourage women (and men) to voice their opinions at the voting poll. For the social good .. let's make a Big Difference. I challenge all bloggy divas and divos to dedicate a post to getting out the vote.

Coming down from the for the greater good soap box, and on to a marketing perspective. Take a look at the elements of the campaign: viral buttons, blogger relations, video on YouTube and awesome creative. Great example of how to market to women.

Toss of a pink boa to filmmaker Julie Bergman and to Women's Voices. Womens Votes for showing us that PSA do not have to dull and boring and non profit marketing can be innovative and on the edge.

Heard it from Cooper Monroe. Read Cooper's post on the Huffington Report.

San Diego Blogger-Marketer Wonk


The MasiGuy - Tim Jackson will be there. Sybil Stershic from the Quality Service Marketing blog will be there.  Clara Nelson, AMA, and Debra Semans, Polaris Marketing Research will be there. Bill Neal, SDR Consulting, who added his brand of spice to the CGM discussion promised to drop by. And I'll be there too!

Martini_1 It's a San Diego Blogger-Marketer WONK! What is a wonk? Glad you asked. It was 'invented' by Ben McConnell, Church of the Customer, when we did the around the U.S. tour for the AMA Hot Topic workshop about how to leverage blogs as a marketing strategy.

To quote Ben: There's no agenda, no speakers, no presentations, (and for the sake of everyone's sanity, no selling).. just the chance for marketers to meet other marketers and share their hot marketing opinions.

When: Sunday, October 22, 2006 from 7:30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.
Where: Harbor’s Edge Restaurant
Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina
1380 Harbor Island Drive
San Diego, California 92101-1092
Cost: Free. (Dutch-treat for food/libations)

If you're in the San Diego area stop by and have a drink or two with some cool folks and let's talk blogs!

If you want to brush-up on your marketing check out the schedule for the AMA Marketing Workshop scheduled for 10-22-25/06 in San Diego.

Firday Fun: Virtual Bookmobile


Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. A waiting for the weekend 'playground' time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain silly.

With the weather turning cooler a favorite Readingbookwinterwhite_1 for me is curling up in front of a fire with good book while sipping a brandy or cab or even perhaps hot chocolate or cup of tea. And of course a few sweet nibbles! And yes, Wayne, Max hangs out eating his special doggy chocolates. <wink> 

I can't remember a time when I couldn't read. When I was 5 years old something very special happened to me. I got my very own library card. It was a bright spring afternoon and my dad took me to the library. It seems now like one of the first 'rites of passage.' Perhaps in 2006, it's not a library card but your first computer that is your first rite of passage.

Since we're talking books, have you heard about the LibraryThing? It's social media for book lovers. You can build your personal library and share books, reviews tags, clouds, comments and more. There is even an Author Gallery that pulls pictures of your favorite authors. Pretty cool stuff.

One of the nicest benefits of business blogging is the opportunity to review books. Authors like bloggers. I have a pile of books that I'm anxious to dig into over the next few weeks. By the way it's a fun touch when the author signs her/his book and adds a personal note.

The interview Readingbookwinterwhite_1that I did a few weeks ago with Mary Hunt, In Women We Trust, was such fun and well received that I'm now asking authors to participate in mini interviews that will be posted on Diva Marketing.  The added insights from the author, along with the opportunity for you to add your comments and ask questions, seemed like a much better deal than another boring book report.

On The To Be Read Shelf
Most will turn into Diva Interviews with the authors.

The Corporate Blogging Book by Debbie Weil
What Sticks by Rex Briggs and Greg Stuart
Marketing Champions by Roy A Young, Allen M. Weiss, Phd, David W. Stewart, PhD
Writing White Papers by Michael A. Steizner
Kiss Theory Good Bye by Bob Prosen
Word of Mouth Marketing by Andy Sernovitz

This week I received a small brown box in the mail from a popcorn company. Couldn't image who would be sending me a present of popcorn so I quickly opened the package. I found a bag of Gourmet Popcorn along with Word of Mouth Marketing and a nice letter from Andy Sernovitz. Readingbookwinterwhite_1Here's proof that if you given them something unique and fun to talk about the buzz will begin!

Take a cue from a simple bag of popcorn. What can you add to your offerings that people will want to tell their friends? Think out side the box. Drop a comment and share your ideas.

With a book in hand there's always a friend close by. In search of a good book?
New York Times Book Review
Google Book Search

MySpace Book Reviews

Astrology_15 business astrology for fun -
from The Astro Divas
Paula Dare & Donna Page

Mercury, the winged messenger; ruler of communication and commerce has entered into its shadow. The shadow is the precursor for the retrograde at the end of the month (October 28th). It is a time when problems may arise and not be solved until after the retrograde (November 18th). Pay extra attention to any orders you need to place for the upcoming holiday season.

Wednesday the 18th is a magnet for mishaps in communication. Mercury will be at a very powerful point, known in ancient times as the accursed degree of the accursed sign (19 Scorpio) when repressed resentment and anger comes spewing out.

If you feel manipulated or misunderstood it will serve you well to find a healthy way to express and release your frustrations before you say something that could come back and bite you.

Defending and Defining The Blog Culture


Blogs / social media are the only marketing/business strategies, that I know, that have their roots in a culture.  Therein lies the rub!*

Advertising, PR, marketing research even email and search engine optimization were developed from a need to support the ultimate business goal - the sale. Not so blogs. Blogs began as an innocent way to communicate online for a group of people who wanted to share ideas and information. 

I'll be the first to admit that it is the marketers who are morphing the purpose of blog into something quite different .. a persuasive marketing tool. However, most marketers, who are working in this emerging industry, realize that the value of blogs / social media is their ability to support and encourage open conversations. Most marketers are careful, if not passionate, about respecting the culture of blogs.
Sidebar: I know I'm over simplifying.

What is interesting, awesome, amazing and quite fascinating to me is the culture of blogs remains strong. It is said that the blogosphere self corrects. Sometimes it seems that there areKnight_1 knights in shining armor standing guard to protect the essence of blogs: Honestly. Transparency. Authenticity. Passion.

When you think about it .. in a world where relationships are developed virtually - Honestly. Transparency. Authenticity are critical. Building and maintaining trust is the cornerstone of developing an online community. No wonder bloggers are fast to draw their virtual swords when they find a blog that they consider is dishonest.

This week the trumpets were blown and bloggers rallied to defend the culture of the blogoshere.

From Newsweek: On Sept. 27, 2006, a folksy blog called Wal-Marting Across America was born. It features the journey of Laura and Jim, a couple on their maiden trip in an RV (recreational vehicle), capturing lives and stories as they journey from Las Vegas to Georgia, and park for free at Wal-Mart Stores (WMT ) parking lots. Laura's first blog post features a black-and-white photograph and humbly says: "We are not bloggers, but since our lives have always been more journey than destination we are explorers at heart…. We figured we'd give it a go."

What sounded like a brilliant social media strategy was discovered to be a hoax. The bloggers were hired by Wal-Mart. So what you may ask. The blog nor the bloggers never disclosed that fact. So what you may ask. Therein lies the rub!*

Laura and Jim may have been passionate about this project. The stories that Laura told may have been authentic. However, the lack of honesty and transparency - two important aspects of the culture of blogs were ignored. How can we really trust and believe in these people? In their stories? In Wal-Mart? 

Sidebar: Apparently no one trained Laura in the culture of blogs. Or clued her into the fact that blogs are more than "diaries" but the building blocks of an extended real online social community.

I’ve met too many people — real people, not imaginary Internet people — who’ve told me about all the good Wal-Mart has done.  Final Word post by Laura

However, who was really asleep at the virtual wheel? Was it Jim or Laura? Was it Wal-Mart? Or was it their PR/social media advisors' at Edelman, the PR firm that put the strategy into play?

Looks to me as though this is strike two for Edelman, on the Wart-Mart account, in terms of social media consulting. You may recall in March Edelman got called on to the blogopshere carpet for not being transparent in a bloggers' relations strategy. I don't get it.

I really like Richard Edelman and the work he does on his blog. He even kindly wrote a Blogger Story. And once sent me a thank you email for a comment I posted on his blog. Richard Edelman gets it.

But Richard, there seems to be a disconnect among your staff, who are consulting with clients on social media strategies, and the work you are publishing. How can your company, positioned as a leader in the social media industry, not understand or respect the values of this culture? Perhaps more of your people should be reading your blog and in particular this recent post One Step Into The Blogopshere which addresses the importance of trust.

The smart company will listen first, then speak, and listen again. It will speak from inside out, informing its employees, its consumers and yes, even its critics from non-governmental organizations before it speaks to investors, regulators and elite media. It recognizes the simple truth that in a world lacking trust in established institutions such as business, government and media, the most trusted source for information is a person like you.

The archives from the Wal-Marting Across America blog were pulled. With that went the stories that Laura wrote and the photos that Jim shot. Why would Wal-Mart do that if they believed the content was valuable and their strategy sound? 

In the last post by Laura she takes responsibility for not disclosing her relationship with Wal-Mart. Seems to me that Wal-Mart has made Laura the fall-woman. It was Wal-Mart's responsibility to set guidelines for their bloggers and ensure that full disclosure was posted on the blog.

I think Wal-Mart owes Laura and Jim an apology. I think the blogosphere owes Laura and Jim an apology too. Although Laura may be a talented writer, as I tell clients and people I speak to about blogging, blogs are unlike any other type of communications. The writing style and nuances are different. The Blogosphere is like playing jazz. You have to know the notes before you can create or change the music.

Sidebar: Therein lies the rub!* Interesting that this popular quote is a misquote from Shakespeare's famous "To Be Or Not To Be" speech in Hamlet.

To be, or not to be? that is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind, to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune;

Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep;
To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub:
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come,
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause: there's the respect
That makes calamity of so long life;

However, unlike Hamlet who is searching for complex answers about the existence of life and what death holds, answers to corporations' questions of how to develop a blog strategy begin with a much simpler response. A blog (character, corporate, topic, business or personal) must  revert to the preestablished values of blogging: Honestly. Transparency. Authenticity. Passion

And yes, dear divas and divos - ay, there's the rub!