First W List Profile Blog:Do It Myself Blog


Yesterday Sunny_cervantes Sunny Cervantes, Confessions of a Marketing Addict, and I were "Facebook emailing" about the Facebook W List Group (registration required). We wanted to find a way to add value to the growing  community.
Sidebar: The W List back-story.

Sunny came up with a brilliant idea that  dovetails nicely with Valeria_maltoni_2 Valeria Maltoni's concept to support and promote women bloggers. Each week on Facebook we'll feature a W List blogger and discuss the blog. Sunny calls this "Sort of like Oprah's Book Club except it's our blogs." The person who is profiled then chooses the following week's blog. However, if you are inspired to write about a W List blogger and you have not been profiled .. go for it girlfriend. This is social media where most anything goes and the rule is that the rules can be broken!

Why Facebook and not in blogosphere? We do hope the discussion and links will post beyond the WLFb group; however, the WLFb group is an opportunity to build community in one virtual place. I'll make an effort to post the profile reviews on Diva Marketing.

Sunny's idea .. so Sunny has the honor of writing the first profile. She tapped the inspirational Glenda Glenda_watson_hyatt_3 Watson Hyatt who authors the Do It Myself Blog.

"So, I'm choosing The Left Thumb Blogger - Glenda Watson's blog. I chose it because...well, I got curious how one can blog only with her left thumb. And Glenda's blog is amazing! We take our health and freedom for granted most of the time that we can never seem to appreciate it until someone else points it out to us.

Glenda posted about Accessible Transportation and I feel truly humbled by her experience. Here I am whining and griping about having to walk one block to my corner store. Somewhere, on the other side of the world, someone else is grateful for her ability to move around.

And it's so amazing how Glenda doesn't let her cerebral palsy prevent her from enjoying the quality of life she wants. She rides horses. She can sit-ski. She's more sporty and active than me. I'm such a couch potato. :(

I especially like what she said, "in total control of where I am going, with a contagious smile across my faceā€¦.until I run out of accessible sidewalk!"  In the meantime, I often don't know where I'm going and I end up hitting doors or walls. Sigh. I could learn so much more from Glenda."

InColleen_kulikowski her terrific recap post about BlogOrlando, W Lister Colleen Kulikowski included a quote from Shel Israel, author of Naked Conversations,Shel_israel_3 that underscores why a W List? Why profile bloggers? Why take the time to build virtual relationships?

Social media is building a generosity cult -- You get the most influence, by giving the most. Shel Israel

Sidebar: Congrats!to Shel on his quotes in today's New York Times. Shel made the front page of not the Business section but the Style section .. which is where the real power of the NYT's is housed .. pretty nice for a "recovering PR guy."

From Sunny in the Phillippines to Valeria in Philly to Glenda in Canada to Colleen in Florida to Shel in California to me Toby_2_smaller_2 in Atlanta the world grows not only smaller .. but perhaps a little kinder.  Why? Because social media is all about people .. one-by-one-by-one. AsYvonne_divita_2 Yvonne DiVita says, "What's not to like about that?"

Sidebar: Glenda and her husband Darrell are going to BlogWorld. I so hope I get the chance to meet them!