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Making Friends Via Blogs


It's true. It really is true. Blogging cuts away the awkward minutes of first meetings. Speeds up relationship building and lets you start on step two or three or even four.

Sidebar: Spent last week in Boston speaking at the AMA workshop Blogs: Marketing Beyond the Website. This is the 5th city in 7-months. It's been a thrill to be part of a team of marketing bloggers - or marketers who blog - who are as talented as they are generous. Next stop  - Atlanta  on September 30tMillie_and_toby_1h. Congrats again to to Charles and Bill on Pheedo's smart move to hire the blogmeiser himself - Dana VanDen Heuvel.

In less time than it took to order a Sam Adams (well...this was Boston) I was dishin' with some of the blogosphere's best diva's at the marketing wonk! Dina Beach Lynch, Susan Getgood and Jill Fallon. And of course Millie Garfield, who stole the show. and her daughterin-law Carol Garfield. Carol vlogged Millie's presentation - a first for the AMA workshop.
Sidebar: Susan and Jill will be at BlogHer ... me too! More about that on another post. 

And of course there were the divos Dr. Ronald Lasky, Rick Short, John Cass, Stowe Boyd, George Pulikkathara and Robert Leavitt.
Sidebar: Don't mess with Stowe. He recently passed his black belt.

Friday Fun: Wedding Gown Challenge


Happy Summer! It's time to lock the doors. Pull down the shades. Cross fingers and toes that  last year's bathing suits still fit! Ugh!

MeMe Dog_weddingRoth is taking fitness beyond bathing suits. She has issued a Wedding Gown Challenge. Remember the time (and perhaps a few tears) you spent finding the perfect dress? Then the excitement of getting ready for The Day?

Well...does the perfect gown still fit?  If you're in NYC on August 5th join MeMe and thousands of women who will march proudly through Central Park showing the world that they're still fit and svelte. Puppy_paws2

Bulldog Companion Blog


Last week Bulldog Reporter invited me join an audio conference about blogs, RSS, podcasts and ezines. Thanks to Sally Falkow, Expansion Plus, Inc.,who was also on the call, for the whisper to the Bulldog people. Other panelists were my pal Bill Flitter of Pheedo and Pete Blackshaw of Intelliseek.

They tell me over 175 PR and media folks were listening in. If you missed the call and budget is tight this month - after buying those darling summer sandals (sigh) - and can't afford the CD, the companion blog is up and it's Free. Free is good. Panelists were event blogging and there are some excellent resouces.

Sidebar: The right nav bar has links to Part 1 and Part 2 (tomorrow) and the right nav bar includes feeds from the speakers' blogs.
Sidebar: Sorry for the messed up fonts...don't know what happened.

Diva's Getting A New Pair of Shoes!


Divas, had the best time at the virtual networking party last week. I met  Peter Faschner, the creative mind behind The Blog Studio.

Altho Peter had kind words to say abouShoe_bookt Diva Marketing, I had to agree with him, The Diva needs a new pair of shoes (a new dress and a new cute purse too)! Actually, to support what has become a developing brand, Diva Marketing Blog really needs a whole new look! Peter the Great offered to design an elegant, sassy, sophisticated skin for The Diva! How great is this networking thing?

There's more. Peter and I want to share the learning with you so we agreed to blog the process on Diva Marketing Blog and on The Blog Studio.

Peter's approach is very strategic. Although I went through a similar process for Bloomberg Marketing, to be quite honest, Diva Marketing is def the cobbler's child in this regard.

The Blog Studio Process
Step 1 - Set Targets
Step 2 - Choose Metrics
Step 3 - Getting Chunky
Step 4 - Conceptual Comps
Step 5 - Polish CompCinderellas
Step 6 - Code Time
Step 7 - Tweak
Step 8 - Pop the Cork

I feel like Cinderella and The Manolo will be happy that The Diva she will have a new pair of shoes!

The Blogosphere Midway


Come One! Come All! It's Carnival of Capitalist day at the Blog Business World. Carnival_barkerJoin Barker Wayne Hurlbert in a walk down the midway of the blogosphere. If you've never been to a virtual carnival  you're in for a treat. Pace yourself there's a lot to see. You may want to bookmark this one and come back several times and oh, bring a few friends along.

Wayne has even given Diva Marketing Blog a booth!

Cheat Sheet On Blogs


Andy at Easy Bake Weblogs developed a very clever quick Q&A about blogs. 40 Questions About Blogging. Well, actually there are 46!

Blogger Takes A Holiday


What do you do when you to take a holiday but don't want your blog to become musty and dusty? Ask your closet friends to drop by and post a few thoughts. If you're like Darren Rowse, of the highly successful ProBlogger, your pals are some of the divas and divos of the marketing/business corner of the blogosphere. I was honored and delighted to be included.

The diva's contribution to the party was - Blogs Must Earn Their Keep. The post includes a suggested list of blog metrics in four categories:
-Blog Specific

Pay a visit and even tho Darren's not home, I'm sure he won't mind if you look around. The guests have been cleaning up the party leftovers as we go ... special thanks to Wayne!

More Virtual Networking


Adverblog has a nice link list of advertising and marketing blogs. If yours or your fav isn't posted drop Martinia an e.

Not sure how to network online? Wayne Hurlbert at Blog Business World has some great tips on how to network in the virtual world.

I do believe the Virtual Networking event is still happening at Diva Marketing Blog ;-)

Friday Fun: Virtual Networking Event


Happy Friday!

Got to thinking...one of the highlights of the AMA workshops is the marketing wonk happy hour. A wonderful opportunity to meet bloggers from the area, network and talk blogs. I'm looking forward to meeting a Boston Divas Jill Fallon who blogs at Business of Life, Legacy Matters and ELV, corporate blog; and Dina Beach Lynch of Mediation Mensch next week when I'm in b'town. If you're near Quincy Market on the 24th stop by - Boston Marketing Wonk Details

For those who can't make it to Boston, I would really like to meet you! And I'd like you to meet everyone else who pops into Diva Marketing. So Divas and Divos, if it's after 6p where you are, pour a drink of choice find a few nibbles and let's network at a Virtual Happy Hour!

Tell us all something about you...use this to promote yourself, your company and/or your blog! As with any networking event you never know where it might lead!

Wine_glass_cheersCheers and Happy Networking!

Google Spills the Beans


Google filled a U.S. Pattern Application,# 20050071741to be exact, and had to disclose. Now you can find out what really counts in the secret world of search engine optimization. Next time you optimize your site you'll know what it takes to get to that #1 ranking. Great must read article from Buzzle.com.

Heard it from: Franz Maruna of ConcreteCMS