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Title Tags - All About The Niche


Not only are Robert and Shel showing us the behind the scenes of how to write and publish a book (theirs happens to be about blogs) but their blog, the Red Couch, will now include corporate blogging  tips. In keeping with the Trininty of Blogs [Honesty. Transparency. Passion] their first example is how their new publisher can improve his title tag.

The Red Couch Says: Own a niche (and develop a title tag that reflects that concentration...says Diva Marketing).

Blog_vaniety_tagSidebar: A Title Tag is the name of your blog. For example, my blog's title tag is Diva Marketing Blog.  The words "marketing blog" have earned page 1 and 2 rankings on Google.  Since part of my offerings include marketing blog consulting the search rankings support and extend visibility and reach for me.

Keep in mind how people might search for your product or service when you name your new blog baby. Also, it doesn't hurt to add a tag line such that explains the focus of your blog such as  "an approach to marketing that's fun, bold and savvy...but always strategically aligned with your brand's objectives." Some may say it's too long ... but it works for this diva!

Blog Tagline Examples
Butts in the Seats - Musings on Practical Solutions For Arts Management
The Food Section - All The News That 's Fit To Eat
design*sponge - musings of a design junky
Easy Bake Weblogs - Instant online publishing and internet marketing for entrepreneurs and small business
Max Blumberg Positioning Game - a marketing strategy weblog with views and opinons on corporate business and strategic marketing
Much Ado About Marketing - a blog about blogs about marketing
Medpundint - medical news from a practicing physician

Thanks to Adam Kalsey for the use of his auto tag (license plate)

Televison Sponsorships A La Oscar


Did you know that that Academy Awards changed the course of television award sponsorships?

The Oscar Challenge
 It was 6-weeks to showtime and 4 of the major sponsors had reneged on their agreement to fund the 25th Academy Awards.  Back in 1953, the Oscar Awards were financed by the 8 major film studios.  With the lights about to go out, the Academy had to quickly find $100,000 or the show would not go on.
Question to Diva Marketers
What would you do if your anchor sponsor/s pulled the plug seconds before a major event?

Oscar Award Solution
Television networks had been courting the Academy for broadcast rights to air the Award show for sometime. So it may seem like a no brainer for the Academy to explore that option. But keep in mind in 1953, TV was quickly becoming hot competition for film makers. Did the prestigious Academy want to align with the scalawags of the new media who were stealing their customers?

A crisis can  make for strange bedfellows. The Academy signed an exclusive deal with NBC/RCA for TV and radio rights.

RCA Victor had the honor of being the first TV award show sponsor. For $100,000 (which by the way, just covered production costs) they got 6 commercial breaks and 2 station ID breaks on the 90-minute program.

Rca_tv_ad"The spots were for the RCA television, radios and victrolas. The RCA brand was visible on the side of the stage, as well as on the  marquee outside the Pantages Theater, were the awards were held in Hollywood." Academy librarian Libby Wertin.

The awards scorded a  Neilson Media Research 49.7 rating and the show was seen in 10.9 million homes with a 82 share.

To borrow a line from Casablanca. "Looks like this was the start of a beautiful friendship."  And it was indeed! Jump to Oscar Awards 2005. 25 different sponsors. $1.5 million per 30-second spot.

Marketing Lessons Learned
-Think outside the box.
-Take a few risks.
-Rethink partnership opportunities with your competitors.

Heard it from Media Life

On the Road to Des Moines


Iowa_ama_logo_1If you're going to be in the metro Des Moines area Wednesday March 2nd -  stop by and say hi. I'm talking blogs with the members of the Iowa Chapter of the American Marketing Association.  Thanks to Tamara Kenworthy of Essman Research / Essman Associates for the invite.
Blogs must really be a passion for me if I'm willing and eager to make a 6:30a flight! 

The Oscar Awards Has A Blog


Oscar_statue_2Oscar's got a blog! Gil Cates, a producer of 11 previous Academy Awards shows, is providing a behind -the-scenes glimpse of the preparation of the 77th Academy  Awards. 

Will the blog will an award? It's your vote. Comments are turned off but Mister Cates' posts seem genuine to me and a lot of fun to read.  Did you know that an Oscar was placed on one of the space shuttle flights and when it came time to pan in on the action Oscar was literally floating in space?

While you're at the website, surf around it's loaded with content with the promise of more to come Sunday night.

Where will Divas be Sunday, February 27 at  8p Eastern and 5p Pacific time? Tuning into the 77th Academy Awards of course.

FridayFun - iPod DJ Party


Dahling DIvas pull out those cute pink iPods and let's rock it! The latest fad in the iPod craze (as opposed to the podcast craze) is iPods or MP3 players used as the music source in clubs. No spinning records (who remembers those?) or mixing it up with CDs. Power to the People or citizen music has hit the world of the disc jockey.

Bring your MP3 player to Gate 54, a basement lounge at Cafe Saint-Ex in Northwest Washington DC  and sign-up to be a DJ. iPod JukeBox is held every  second  Wednesday. You can also play your own tunes in Manhattan at APT or in Vinyl_albumChicago at The Tonic Room and even Milwaukee is getting in the act at the Hi Hat Lounge & Garage. Coming soon to your fav club.

We sure have come along way baby from spining those vinyls!

Heard it from: EO - Blogcritics
                                    Washington Post

The Blog Trinity


Honesty. Transparency. Passion.

Be A Star - Podcast!


What diva worth her tiara hasn't dreamed of becoming a media star! Flash bulbs popping! Joan interviews on the red carpet! Dahling now you can be the center of attention with your very own radio shPink_ipodow - complete with RSS feed and downloadable into MP3 players.

What's a podcast? Very simply and in non geek terms, it is an audio file that can be downloaded and played in a MP3 player like the cute pink iPod. The files can be linked from your blog or website.

Tris Hussey, View From the Isle, has a link to a PowerPoint presentation about podcasts from the NorthernVoice, a blogging event in Canada.  Amy Graham, Contentious, provides a great description of podcasting as does TL Pierce, How to Blog for Fun and Profit.

Podcasts as a Marketing Strategy
Marketers, time to take off the tiara and put on your strategy hat. Whatever that is ... a purple hat or a baseball cap. Podcasting offers an interesting tactic to extend reach and to promote your brand. Some savvy marketers have been playing around with adding audio clips to their websites. Podcasts let you take the information off the computer and out the door. You can listen at work, while waiting for a plane. You can listen in the park you can listen on the train. (oops sorry Doctor Seuss!). 

Think value added content that is richer and deeper than a webpage, a brochure or even a blog.  What about interviews with leaders in your industry?  Or a weekly podcast "fire side chat" from the president of your company? How about an internal branding  program that includes interviews with staff from HR to IT to Accounting. Add some of your clients and you've the makings of an innovative strategy.

Church of the Customer Podcast is one of the best I've heard...but then we'd expect nothing less from Ben and Jackie! Nice example of how to use one of the newest interactive strategies to promote your brand.

Other podcasts for your listening pleasure:
Easy Baked Weblogs, G'Day World, Hobson and Holtz Report (link to podcasts on right nav bar and be sure to read this post too), View From the Isles Walkabouts

Your company wants more sophistication and polish? Palegroove Studios can help add some bells and whistles. It is billed as the first podcast production studio.
Heard it from: The Blog Herald

Read More About Podcasting
USAToday - Radio to the MP3 Degree: Podcasting
Daily Herald - Podcasting has roots in  blog subscriptions


The Podcast Network, Penguin Radio, Podcast Alley


Alf Nucifora Joins the Blogosphere


Alf Nucifora, one of the smartest marketing guys I know, has joined the blogosphere with the launch of  Alf's Blog.  Out of the box the blog is a nice mix Alf's take on marketing along with his quirky Mind Candy humor posts. Don't miss the one on Where Marketing is Heading.

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogs Alf!

blogger! magazine


Blogs are growing up. Bloggers have their own professional associations like PBA. Next month brings a new magazine - blogger! magazine. In keeping with its internet roots, the publication will be a PDF download format with a subscription fee of $15/annual. The intro rate of $12/annual.  Free 2-month trial. Offer is open to the 1st 500 that sign up before March 1.

Seems to be all sorts of pricing models. Miss that deal and you can sign up for the first issue for $1.25 and if you like the pub, opt for 11 more issues at a total cost of $7.75.

Ads are being sold; but thus far there is no reader profile/demographic so it's difficult to make a business decision on the buy or to recommend to clients. Couldn't find mention of who the reporters/writers are or if there were freelance opportunities. Guess you'll have to wait until launch.

AMA Blog Workshop Highlights


Catching up on blgos and email and life ... completely forgot to mention Dana VanDen Heuvel live-blogged the Blogs:Marketing Beyond the Website. Once again Dana captured some of the highlights  Well worth your click to read about the questions people asked, screencasting, RSS and Search.

Sidebar: Dana takes live blogging to an art form. Bet his class notes were terriic too!