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RSS ... Made Really Simple


Shhh...want to know a secret of how do you can become indispensable? Know more than anyone else and become the Go To Diva (or Divo).  RSS. Really, Divas it's just simple syndication. Whatcha say girlfriend? Synda what?? RSS who?

Let me put it to you this way ... what if there were a way where you were the first to know about the hot new trends from lots and lots of experts? What if there were a way to get that scoop the second it was written (or at least published to the internet)? What if there were a way to quickly scan for what you wanted to know?

Emerson_process Jim Cahill, Emerson Process Management (yes ma'am, add another F100 to the blogosphere!)post that only 12% of internet uses know about RSS and of those only 4% are using RSS. But RSS may not be our little secret weapon for long. Emerson Process Management has just released a nifty RSS Starter Kit that they have kindly made available for the world to use.

Deb Franke, e-Marketing Manager at Emerson Process Management and a participate in the first AMA workshop on blogs way back in 2004, wanted to bring blogs and RSS to the company's emarketing efforts. Deb faced a couple of challenges: One RSS adoption rates were low  Two how to increase those numbers so customers and prospects could benefit from EPM's knowledge. Instead of waiting around for browers auto-sensing to be supported by all of the popular web browers EPM created the RSS Starter Kit.

"We hope to help the entire process manufacturing community see the value that we see with RSS and be able to immediately work smarter and faster because we believe RSS can short-cut the learning process. We hope one of the ways they use RSS is to more easily fnd the experts around Emerson who can help address some of the challenges they face on a daily basis."

Deb is jazzed that she can make this little tool available to help folks over the learning hump and encourage them to try using RSS. The RSS Starter Kit is complete with the a how-to subscribe to an RSS reader video along with all the who-what-whys.

Now if y'all want to be really cool about RSS readers hop over to my pals at BuzzHop and they'll help you create a branded reader with the elements of your logo included in the look and feel.

More about how companies are using RSS

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Friday Fun: Social Divas Take The Town


Social_diva It's Friday Fun time to get down girlfriend and partee! Lucky Divas who live in NYC, Hot'lanta or Miami - Social Diva's launched a blog.

Peg and Lex, known as Baby Diva and Paige bring the lastest trends, the hotest finds and the coolest venues. They rant. They rave. It's a very divaish read for cool chick who have to be in the know!

Biz Blog Book - Goes Blog Wild!


Blogwild_cover2 Andy Wibbels' new Blogwild packs a big punch in a small package. Andy sent me a pre pub copy and I think the size - about 7"x5" - is what will go on the shelves. Great for throwing into your briefcase and reading when you travel.

Blogwild is an easy, almost bullet point read, that hits the basics of blogging 101. The book is actually two books for the price of one. In the first section Andy goes from the who-what-where-why of business blogs to how to create and how to promote your work (Yes Divas, although fun in the sun, biz blogging is work..but that's a post for another day!).

The second part is a primer on how to use one of the most popular blogging platforms - TypePad. Sure TypePad has a help page and tech support, but truth be told, it's so much easier to read how to do it in one place. Blogwild helps simplify the process.

Through out the book there are short quick examples to illustrate the concepts and a bonus resource web page that provides great information.

Oh, who is this dude Andy Wibbels you may ask? One of the first guys in the blog space who helped hundereds of small businesses go BLOG WILD! And in the spirit of full disclosure and bloggy friendship and kindness - the first person to ask me to do a podcast on blogs.

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I Love Bloggers


Kisses I love bloggers. Really I do. Even those A-list bloggers who pretend that they are not..don't want to be and are stepping down from their A-list bloggy towers. Even those bloggers who sometimes get on a rant and want to 'save the blogosphere' from itself. Even the geek bloggers and the mommy bloggers. And of course the seniors like Millie and Ronnie.

Why do I love bloggers? Most. Most. Most. Bloggers are ... curious people who are in a continuous learning mode. They like to push the envelope. They're brave about sharing themselves and their ideas. They're friendly, generous and kind. And they love to talk about blogging! (My non bloggy friends will only let me talk blogs for seconds. Except Max of course, who listens most of the time. Tho I think that's because he knows he'll end up with doggy chocolate kisses!).

: Don't tell me about the bloggers who are mean, closed minded and evil. I know all that. Read the first words above Most. Most. Most.

For the students at Bentley College who might ask, "What does this have to do with marketing?" It's part of the networking game babes. It's all about the Corner Grocery Store relationship. It's all about the conversation. If I like you and you like me we're more likely to do business together, pass along referals, serve as a resouce. Call it Web 2.0 Networking or any thing you like ...  Read Scott's, Pothole on the Infobahn, Top Ten Questions on Web 2.0 very funny.

Read Carol's, Driving in Traffic's take on the Atlanta Biz Blog dinner at Grape at the Forum. And the generous post by Josh at hyku (Josh has links to all) and the Diva Potato Chip Girl who brought along a cute non bloggy friend to dinner because she didn't know that bloggers would totally love her - even without samples of Potato Finger Chips! Jory, Lisa and Elisa ... I see an Atlanta BlogHer contingency in our future.

Toss of a pink boa Pink_boa_12to Teresa & Josh thanks for pulling this together!

This is networking the "C-Generation" style. Divas & Divos, it's buzz word time .. taking a drink of the Kool Aid .. throw in some gin or vodka or tequila if you must.

C - Generation: People who create and consume their own content while creating community.

Oh, one more reason to love bloggers...most bloggers...they're just fun!

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Clever Avaya Podcasts


Still think podcasts are just for bebop music downloads? Innovation is the word to use for how Avaya is putting business podcasts to use. Here's the secret .. their strategies were simple but elegant and ones that are easy for Fortune 100s, small businesses or non profits to put into play.

Avaya turned published books - Dummies Audio seriesAvaya_podcast - into podcasts. Clever.

Think: What content do you have that can be spun into a podcast *that would be of value* to your customers and prospects?
Speeches, presentations, roundtable discussions.

Avaya turned customer testimonials/cases studies into podcasts. [This is my favorite.] Very clever. Listening to the people who used the product/service tell their stories brings a dimension that simply reading the cases can not.
Think: You can do that too!

One more clever thing...the page of podcasts links to information about podcasts including how to download the feed. So often with new technology too many people assume that everyone knows as much as their geek pals. Keep in mind the web 1.0 rule: build to the lowest common denominator.

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Atlanta Biz Blogger Meet-Up


Josh Hallett, hyku, is a master at networking. Josh is coming to Hot'lanta next week. What began as a simple dinner among a few bloggy friends...Josh, Teresa Caro and moi is turning into an Atlanta Biz Blogger party! 

Joining the fun (thus far) -
Carol Kirshner
Justin Estes
Dave Coustan
Kevin Howarth

...and maybe -
Jeneane Sussum
Scott Burkett
Joe Reger

...maybe you! 

When: Tuesday, March 28th 7p Grape
Where: The Grape at the Forum on Peachtree Parkway
Sidebar: ISTP (inside the perimeter) people, I promise you won't get hives or a weird rash if you cross over I285!

If you can stop by for a drink or dinner ... drop a comment on Diva Marketing (Blog) or hyku or Caro Consulting so we can give the restaurant a heads up count.

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Friday Fun: Take Back Your Space


TGIF! For me this week has gone on too long. Missed flights. Clients who want stuff yesterday. Unexpected auto expenses. What was happening with the moon and stars?  Hope your week wasn't as overwhelming.

Crowds Sometimes it seemed that people were gulping the all of the oxygen in the room. You know what I mean ... the person at the next table who is loudly talking into his mobile phone. Or the chick next to you on the plane who takes over the arm rest in the middle. You are left with less than your share of space.

My blog buddy calls this ... Voluminst. And he's started a movement complete with a blog - NoweighTing.blogspot.com to take back our space! Actually, his writing is great and the posts are pretty funny. Wonderful way to laugh off the weary week.

Special cheers to my friend Marianne!

World Water Day


WorldwaterdayWater water everywhere nor any drop to drink. March 22nd is  World Water Day.

Diva Yvonne DiVita, of the  wonderful  Lip-Stick blog, asked if I would help pass the word that unsafe drinking water is a global concern. Did you know that unsafe water kills over 14,000 people a day? Me either!

Read more at Water Partners

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What's Behind the CEO Blog Curtain?


Oz_wizard Conversations about CEO/C-level bloggers are in the air. Maybe it's a tipping thing. I've been chatting with a few execs who are considering launching corporate/CEO blogs. Blog buddies Shel Israel over at Naked Conversations is having an interesting run on the topic as is Jane Genova, Jeremy Owyang ,who is helping the execs at Hitachi blog, and more.
Sidebar: Malcom Gladwell is blogging

For many people, Bob Lutz  - the Chair of GM - is one of poster boys of c-level corporate blogging. He talks openly and passionately about his product...cars. He even podcasts.

However, more and more I'm hearing whispers of ... "Do you think Bob** (in the blogpshere we are on first name terms with the "big guys") really writes his own blog? I hear it's his 'blog team' at Hass MS&L." They must be doing something to have won the PR Innovation of the Year 2006 Award for GM FastLane Blog. From a marketing and bloggy perspective, it would be interesting to know what Hass MS&L is doing behind the scenes.
**Insert any CEO/C-level blogger.

Debbie Weil teases us with an expert from her soon to be published book, Corporate Blogging, posting an interview with Bob. It seems he does pen his own posts.

So divas and divos, what is behind the Wizard of Oz curtain with CEO blogs? Is the it the responsibility of the blog team to review comments and pass them along? Is it the blog team who identifies influential bloggers and drops a comment or two in the name of the "boss." Is it the blog team who develops the blogger relationships? Is it the blog team who suggests content topics. Will we soon have a new job title: CEO Blog Team Director?
Sidebar: Yes, Dorothy and Toto you too have a blog.

Curious about what those c-level bloggers write about? NewPR Wiki has a list of CEO / C-level bloggers.

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Monitoring The Blogosphere


Sunday seems to be "tip day" ... first email marketing and now Consumer Generated Media.

If you're company is not monitoring consumer generated media Andy Beal's post Online Reputation Monitoring Beginner's Guide will turn you into a hero or heroine.

This is a must read for anyone (and that means everyone!) who is interested in listening in on what people are saying about your company, your products, your service and your brand. Andy provides tactical tips and links that you can immediately begin using...today!

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