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Making Money From Blogs


Monopolymoney_2Washington Post is running an article on how to make money off of blogs. You've probably seen most before but here's the list:

-Google AdSense ads on your blog
-Include blog ads such as Blogads or Pheedo. Watch this space as it becomes more competitive. The New Jane targets blogs targeted to women.
-Affilate programs such as selling amazon.com books.
-Pass the hat. Some bloggers are asking for donations send money via  PlayPal
-Sell your wares. Or create some new ones like Blogcritic 's stuff.

Sidebar - if you consider your blog to be a marketing or business related blog, review how a model that includes ads of any type supports  your strategic goals, objects and of course brand. A few shekels might hurt your credibility and errode the positioning you've worked so hard to acheive.  On the other hand, if the items that you promote add value for your target audience it might be a way to pay your hosting fees.

Search - Silver Bullet of Blogs


If blogs have a silver bullet it has to be the lift in search engine rankings ... at least until the algorithms change.  Alex Brown, highlights some very interesting google rankings from the Wharton MBA Admissions Blog. Here are a couple -

-Yale blogs alumn
rank 1 of 12,000

-HBS application first round release
rank 1 of 3,690

Lesson Learned - if you're not blogging and your competitors are watch out! No telling how many leads you are loosing.

Lesson Learned - blog stats (and web stats) can help you identify competition

Wonder how many students never made it to the Yale or Harvard sites or developed an interest in Wharton due to the link from their search.

Blogs Presented to Parliament


Scott Neal, my favorite bureaucrat, The Blog From CIty Hall, is going to jolly ol England to talk blogs. Scott and Griff Wigley, Wigley & Assoc. are part of a group of civic leaders invited to lead presentations about blogging to local governement leaders in the UK. And as if that wasn't exciting enough they've been ask to present to Parliament.  Scott promises he'll try to live blog or at least post. Have a cup of tea or better yet a pint for me!

Wonder when Congress will invite bloggers in for a presentation.....

By the way, the City of  Eden Prarie  list of bloggers continues to  grow. In addition to the chief of police, the fire chief is blogging.

gmail for trade


Tris, View from the Isle has gmail accounts he's willing to trade for comments. And while you're there check out his post on passionate blogging!


Friday Fun - Mac History


Macintosh"Never trust a computer you can't lift." So says the first Mac - from the lost 1984 Mac introduction. Neat video to take a peek at if you love the Apple or just want to see a bit of computer history. Seems it's been around for awhile but I just stumbled across it.

Heard it from: The Other Other blog

Mac History

Lancome - Beyond Lip Gloss


Lancome_email_1_05Wonder where the art director was when Lancome let this email marketing campaign. loose. Looks like it belongs in gentleman's magazine rather than in a  gentle diva's in box. Lancome needs some lessons in how to market to women. Perhaps they should ring up Yvonne or Andrea or Kirsten or Michele .

Branded Blogging Community


Blog News - created a new category to capture the new stuff that is hitting the blogosphere.

This should not be a huge surprise. The first "branded blogging community" will go into beta Feb 15, 05. www.blog-n-play (gotta love the name!). SYS-CON Media is offering free blogs or you can mirror your existing blog on 16, what amounts, to channels like Linux Business Week, Java Developers Journal, Web Services Journal. They anticipate over 1,000,000 bloggers will sign up.

Yeah, it's a techie deal but wonder when we'll see other verticals picking up on this concept. Can't be far down the road. 

Sidebar: I think I messed up the font on this post. Sorry. Remember I'm the non geek diva blogger!

Weblogs R 4 Ever


Diva dahlings weblogs are not like changing your hair style or switching from pink passion nail polish to devlish red. Once you click publish your blog lives forever in cyberspace. Even if one or two search engines zap it, you can bet your last pair of Dolce & Gabbanas that somewhere someone has a copy of your post.

ClickZ Search Engine Watch article Google Employee Pulls Critical Blog Posts is a must read for all bloggers. Interesting ...  Bloglines reproduceds all the posts that were on the original site. Apparently, the blog sent out the full-text of posts in its feed, causing this to happen.

Godiva Gets eMail Marketing To Women


Vd_godiva_1 Chance to win 52 pairs of Manalo Blahnik shoes at Godiva.com

Much of the eMail marketing I've seen lately has been oh so dull. We're talking the black laced shoes from the 40's kinda boring. Not a bling or a bubble to even want to click. Forget about the buy.   

Godvia's Valentine Day campaign is a breath of fresh air. Not only does Godiva understand internet marketing but it gets target marketing. And of course those savvy marketers have created a branded landing page. Take a look at the subject line and offers.

Subject lineChance to win 52 pairs of Manalo Blahnik shoes at Godiva.com
Offer: Grand  Prize 52 pairs of Manolo Blahnik shoes *and* 52 boxes of Govida chocolate  *and* a trip to NYC for two.
Offer: 100 First Prizes 4 pairs of Manola Blahnik shoes *and * 8 boxes of Govida chocolate
Tagline: Win a Year of Passion

What more can a diva want on VD except perhaps a divo and some bubbly!

Easy Bake Weblogs Podcast


Toby's first podcast! Andy at Easy Bake Weblogs posted our chat. Thanks Andy! it was great fun talking blogs with some very cool bloggers -  Sweettea, Sage Wisdom, Be A Success Enterprises and not sure which Cheryl joined in. Hey Cheryl if you're visiting Diva Marketing add your blog to the comments!

Bronze_baby_shoesWonder how one can bronze one's first podcast a la baby shoes .....