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Friday Fun: Book Tag


Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. A waiting for the weekend 'playground' time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain silly.

This Friday Fun - let's play tag! Children_playing_tagRemember when "tag" was a fun innocent game that children played at recess. Do you remember recess?

Divas and wonderful bloggers Nettie Hartstock and Tammy Lenski "tagged" me in a virtual game/meme .. book tag. Rather goes along with what has been the theme this week books for holiday gifts on Wednesday and an interview with new author Geoff Livingston.

Here goes...

How many books do you own?
I have not a clue. Hundreds. Thousands. I started to count and gave up at 500. Books are friends. I love to collect them and to share them too.

What was the last book you read?
The Artist Way by Julie Cameron It's a book that you can only read when the time is right for it in your life.

What was the last book you purchased?
Age of Conversation. I bought 6 copies today. Last day before the price doubles. Read about the Bum Rush set for 12-14.

What five books are most meaningful to you?
-Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austin. I just know Elizabeth Bennett would be blogging.
-Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. So many good lessons and a wonderful love story too.
-The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. Okay, so it's not really 1 "book" but it's one book on my book shelf so I'm counting it as 1!
-Moments of Truth by Jan Carlzon. Guess I should throw in one biz book and this is simple, practical and powerful.
-Oh The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss. How can you not love Dr. Seuss? Great "present book."

What is your most obscure favorite book?
Julie Harris Talks To Young Actors by Julie Harris and Barry Tarshis. I recently found this book in a box  far back in a closet. It's special because my dad sent it to me when my dream was the theatre. Tugged inside was a small white card with this note - I hope this book will be a little help in realizing your goals. Dad

The rules says I have to tag five people. The following five have dropped recent comments on Diva. So in the spirit of getting to know you better .. Tag You're It! 

Martha Retallick
Susan Reid
Lewis Green
Glenda Watson Hyatt
Ben Casnocha

How many books do you own?
What was the last book you read?
What was the last book you purchased?
What five books are most meaningful to you?
What is your most obscure favorite book?

An Interview With Geoff Livingston - Now Is Gone


Now_is_gone A political election changed Geoff Livingston's business model and his life. No it wasn't the ideology of the candidate it was the way he was elected .. through the influence of social media. In his book Now Is Gone Geoff provides a framework for how an organization can participate in conversational marketing.

The book has a few extras like the excellent introduction by Brian Solis. Brian explains the evolution of PR and how the principles of social media are changing that industry for the better.

In addition, Kami Watson Huyse kicks off the book with an interesting overview of the Seven Categories of Social Media: Publishing Platforms, Social Networking Sites, Democratized Content Networks, Virtual Networking Platforms, Information Aggregators, Edited Social News Platforms and Content Distribution sites.

Bloggy transparency - I am honored that Geoff included an interview he conducted with me. For your reading pleasure Geoff lets us in on some of the back-story and his thoughts about social media marketing.

Diva Marketing: Love the title of your new book – Now Is Gone. Where did the inspiration come from and what is the significance for you?

Geoff Livingston: I wish it was really cool, but it came while watching Casino Royale on DVD.  It seemed like a great title for one of the Bond movies, but afterwards the name kept rolling around in my head. 

Within days of that night the need for a book became apparent. The title fit the current need to engage in social media. Now Is Gone was born, and the Broccoli family was opted out. 

Now Is Gone really conveys a sense of urgency.  I think the business marketplace senses that urgency, and smart players understand competitive advantage can still be gained… But it has to be done in the next 12-18 months.

Diva Marketing: Your “moment of clarity” about the influence social media can play on a political election led to a change in the business model of your public relations company. What was the ah ha moment when you realized that social media marketing could impact consumer behavior?

Geoff Livingston:  When George Allen lost the election and, as a result the Democrats took control of Congress. I couldn’t believe it. My wife wanted to kill me. I was all full of energy at 2 a.m., the numbers were in and Allen had a clearly lost (though he had not conceded). All because of a YouTube video. 

While the Dems haven’t done much better, to see a power shift of that magnitude just stunned me.  The light bulb went on.

Diva Marketing: Now Is Gone contains a wealth of examples and case studies ranging from large corporate B2C companies like Jet Blue to smaller B2B organizations such as Reston Limousine and even Not for Profit where you highlight the Red Cross. In your research did you discover any common lessons learned that you can pass along to Diva’s community?

Geoff Livingston: It’s all about them… Meaning the readers.  This is a theme Meerman Scott picks up on, too, in his excellent book The New Rules.

Look we’re in a fractured media environment with millions of options out there, particularly for those that like to partake in social media. Corporate social media is fighting for time with every single one of them, from the New York Times and NBC to the brand new blog on Blogger and someone’s first Seesmic post.

So the only way to get and keep eyeballs is to understand you must publish something interesting.  Interesting in their minds, not yours. Having an editorial mission to serve those community members goes a long way towards achieving that goal.

Diva Marketing/Toby: My neighbor in the Hot’lanta hood as our pal Shel Israel might say, Coca Cola, has dabbled in social media including Second Life. In fact, there is a case in Now Is Gone about that initiative. Coke is about to launch their first corporate blog What advice would you you give to them – and to any Fortune 1000 company that is considering entering the blogging space?

Geoff Livingston:  Fortune 1000s are used to command and control communications where they can dictate messages to the marketplace.  This is a two way form.  The best thing any of these folks can do is really get out there and participate before engaging.  See what’s happening on other corporate blogs.

Geoff_livingston_3Then, instead of getting stuck in technology tools, they should focus on principles of social media communications.  This is really the heart of forging a better relationship with the community.  Ultimately, social media isn’t about tools, it’s about people.  We created a Seven Principles of Social Media wrap up in the final chapter.  You can find them here:

Diva Marketing: How much back-end structure should an organization include with a social media initiative that helps mitigate risk but leaves the door wide open to encourage consumer generated content?

Geoff Livingston: It’s hard to say.  Really, it depends on the company, the community and the tools.  It’s just not something I can answer without knowing the specifics.

Diva Marketing: Chapter Three – Building A New Media Effort – includes a subtitle that I really liked. “Inspire Your Community To Believe.” Would you please explain what you meant and give a few ideas on how to that happen?

Geoff Livingston: It’s so easy to commit to a two way media form. That’s a decision.

Decisions must be backed with actions if they are to be effective.  That means companies really need to dedicate themselves to the long haul and give great content and information to their communities over and over again.  Here’s where companies must act and perform well.  This is where social media really matters. In the streets, everyday!

Remember, this is a pessimistic media form with really lukewarm community members.  They have been disappointed by numerous ethical transgressions by companies so they are naturally wary of the latest corporate social media effort. And quite frankly boring content. 

Inspiration comes in the form of consistently great execution. Similarly,true interest in the community is also demonstrated by continued participation. It’s the tortoise that wins this race, not the hair.

Diva Marketing: Diva Marketing is all about the marketing. From your perspective, what do you see will be social media marketing’s impact on PR, as well as, on “traditional” marketing?

Geoff Livingston: The good news is that it should bring all marketing disciplines closer to their stakeholders. Now we have to get into the street with our buyers, investors, employees and partners.  Dictating messages won’t work because we may find they don’t resonate… or worse they antagonize.  But that feedback will be invaluable and good companies will garner great advantages from a participatory approach with their communities.

Holiday Shopping In Your Bunny Slippers


With Black Friday the doors to the official holiday shopping frenzy begins. Don't want to leave the comfort of your computer screen? This Monday the virtual world joined the party with Black Monday.

Christmas and Kwanzaa may be a month away but Hanukkah is only 2 weeks off. Eeeek! The first candle is lit on December 3th.  Read more: History of Holidays

Bunny_slippers Holiday shopping in your bunny slippers suggestions ..

Marianne Richmond's Holiday Gifts for Media Snackers: A Top Ten List of Online Subscriptions has suggests from Food - Zagat: Access to ratings and reviews of 30,000 restaurants, hotels, and attractions worldwide all for $24.95. Access on your Blackberry, Treo and many others is $29.95. To Photos - Flickr Pro for $24.95 per YEAR for unlimited storage, uploads, and just about everything you need to be connected through photos 24/7. And More!

Books and more books written by bloggy friends in 2007.
If you've written a book in 2007 that would make a cool holiday gift please add it to the comments.

Take Care of the People who Matter Most - A guide to Employee-Customer Care by Sybil F. Stershic
This is a must read for anyone who is interested in the heart of your brand/social media .. your employees.

Age of Conversation,the book written by 103 bloggers from around the world, goes from a limited reach on LuLu to Amazon.com on December 1. However, with the expansion of the distribution channel comes an increase in the price. From $16.95 to $30. It's not a Scrooge act but a to ensure that the Variety, the Children's Charity, maintains a significant donation (all profits). Also note the hard cover will be discontinued.

Now Is Gone by Geoff Livingston A good balanced overview of social media marketing that includes lots of case studies from B2C, B2B and not for profit organizations.

Lead With Your Heart by Lewis Green I have not read Lewis' new book but if it is anything like his blog and our conversations it will be a book that combines head and heart .. and that is business at its best.

Career Development/College Students
Brazen Careerist: The New Rules For Success by Penelope Trunk Not only is Penelope's book a great read for people entering the work force but should be mandated reading for anyone who works with the millenium generation.

I'll Do It Myself by Glenda Watson Hyatt This book will tug on your heart strings but leave you feeling that anything is possible if you have a dream. Dream BIG!

Young Adults
Undercover by Beth Kephart I fell in love with this book from the first page. Beth's talent for painting with words is pure delight to the reader. Although the book was written for teens it's a hidden gem with lessons for adults as well.

Sharing a meal is one of my most favorite ways to spend time with friends. However, sometimes time and distance make that challenging. Food gifts can be a lovely way to send that comfort with a touch of elegance. It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that GourmetStation's gifts are among my favorites.  By the way Delicious Destinations Blog includes wonderful guest bloggers from England, Tuscany, Paris and the States who talk about food, wine, travel and culture.

Unique gifts

Design Sponge - Design sponge is still my fav blog for unique, creative ultra cool. Be sure to check out the 2007 gift guide: $50 and under.

American Feast - Gifts from American kitchens and farms. Everything American and food in one virtual world.

Theraplex skin lotion -  Developed by a Swiss doctor for dry skin conditions this one surprised me. It's a silky feel lotion that is lovely for any skin type especially sensitive skin and great for winter dry skin.

Retail Design Diva - Some shopping links but for the marketer lots of information about the retail world!

Bloggy disclaimer: Relationships lead to friendships lead to work lead to even a blog post. I know or have done business with all of people that are highlighted.

Pepperidge Farms The Cookie Trail Doesn't Lead To Social


"Do you have to play games to make a relationship work?" - Cary, Sex In The City

Cookie_monster_game And if you do play games shouldn't you at least know the rules? Social media marketing is turning into the hottest, sexiest marketing game in town. Slap the "social media" label on your web or internet strategy and you're in the groove. Or not.   

The rules of social media include: honesty, transparency, authenticity and yes indeed girlfriend, add a big dose of passion about the topic. The center of social media, or the heart, is providing the opportunity to create dialog/conversations and share ideas online.  Without this type of functionality, at least in my book, no matter how clever the strategy, it is not social.   

Pepperidge Farms is the newest company that according to according to the mainstream media outlets and online pubs like C/Net, New York Times, Marketing Vox, Media Buyer and iMedia Connection has launched a social media strategy called Art of the cookie. But Pepperidge Farms - I can't find the social.

The articles quote Michael Simon, vice president and general manager at the Pepperidge Farm snacks division, "The goal is understanding your consumer, understanding what's important to them and how to connect to them in a relevant way." Mr. Simon seems to have great intentions - "We started with this notion of wanting to move our communication with our consumers from telling them about us to having a dialogue with them." But Pepperidge Farms - I can't find the social.

The Art of the cookie campaign is all about how women can can connect and reconnect with friends. The micro site includes videos and photos of the campaign spoke-person's trip cross country. There are lots of tips on how to renew friendships and some ideas that even include using Web 2.0 tools like web videos, photo-sharing, blogs, texting. But Pepperidge Farms - I can't find the social.

Jeff Jarvis has an excellent take on the absurdity of the campaign. While I agree with him for the most part, I think that if Pepperidge Farms had followed the Dove model and opened it up to the people who they spent so much time and money researching in the first place .. the women who told them that life hasFriends_hugging_fundraiser_blog become so hectic that spending time with friends over tea and cookies .. or appletinis and tapas (tho I do like tea and cookies and I bake awesome brownies too!) .. gets lost in day-to-day life .. it could have been a great way to build community and give back to their community too.

Instead of static pages of ideas from Pepperidge Farms about how to connect with friends Let's Get Social! Michael Simon if you're listening in on the conversation here's an early holiday gift of how to turn Pepperidge Farm's Art of the cookie .. Social!

  • Hear (podcast) the stories told by the women themselves not a company or a spokesperson.
  • Learn how mothers and daughters stay in touch during the teen years.
  • Find college roommates and celebrate those friendships at cookie parties. Perhaps a blog or vlog reality show of how several women try to find their friends from college, or high school or even kindergarten.
  • Create videos of the special traditions that help us stay connect.
  • Develop a Flickr or photo sharing page complete with tags.
  • Develop a widget that downloads songs that bring back memories of the way we were.
  • Launch a blog about GNO (girls night out) ideas.  
  • Create a wiki where any women can add her ideas.
  • Tap into women from the Wild Women Blogger W List.

Perhaps Pepperidge Farms develops a community voted a la Digg contest where the best ideas win GNO spa weekends or trips to a Tuscan cooking school to learn how to bake yummy cookies or a trip to London to have high tea and cookies. Add a vlog or even a text photo blog element and what a fun viral social time we'd have with you.  

Giving back to the community - Perhaps Pepperidge Farms adopts a women's shelter or inner city Girl Scout Troop. Perhaps a GNO is helping raise funds for the cause. Perhaps it turns into bigger way to stay connected. Perhaps the social in this social media marketing strategy goes further than tea and cookies to changing lives.  

What was your fun-est GNO? Mine was a weekend in New Orleans with Mary, Lori and Laurie complete with vampires, benoits and well .. what happens at a GNO stays in a GNO ;-) What was your best from the heart GNO? Mine was when Mary, Lori, Beth, Laurie and I adopted a family for XMAS and collected so many gifts they filled my entire car.

Thanksgiving Traditions


Thanksgiving traditions ..
Sleighinwoods Over the river and through the woods,
To grandmother's house we go;

In 2007, getting to Grandma's house is less likely to be by sleigh and horse and more like arriving by a jet plane or in an SUV. It really doesn't matter how we find our way "home" or to be with the people who matter to us. Girlfriend, it seems to me that traditions become even more important when as Carole King sang so hauntingly - So far away
Doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore
It would be so fine to see your face at my door

When I moved from Boston to Atlanta I found that the lines blurred between family and friends. I also found that I had a need to create my own traditions. For Thanksgiving I always roast a turkey and make chestnut stuffing. This year my 17-year old nephew Scott has come to visit making the holiday extra special.

What are your Thanksgiving traditions? I asked on Facebook -  "What's traditional to have at your Thanksgiving dinner?"  Here are the responses ..

  • B.L. Ochman: My family does a very traditional meal, with fish for me because I'm a vegetarian. My favorite thing is the cranberry sauce my sister makes with oranges in it. It's not about the meal though, it's about being together.
  • Christine B. Whittemore: We blend French [my mom] with American for Thanksgiving. Turkey -bien sure- but the stuffing is where the French influence comes in: no bread, lots of fruit, nuts, sausage, garlic, etc. Thanksgiving is the day when America eats better than France. Sidebar: C.B.'s adorable daughter Emma wishes Momma's Blogger's A Happy Thanksgiving. Too cute!
  • Sandi Karchmer Solow: Besides my parents, we've started to have smoked turkey (made using a Big Green Egg) as the main entree.
  • David Reich: What's traditional for me is that I always overeat -- majorly. There's turkey, veggies, chicken soup (often with matzoh balls) and my two major food weaknesses -- stuffing and mashed potatoes. I can - and often do - eat embarrasing amounts of both.
  • Carolyn Townes: Since I crash at some other family on Thanksgiving, I can't be too choosy! The basics, turkey and the trimmings, there is also salmon for the vegetarians.
  • Celeste Lindell: My blog post yesterday pretty much covered our Thanksgiving dinner, including the recipes!
  • Cynthia De Lorenzi: We enjoy a mix of southern and northern traditions at our Thanksgiving feast. Our menu includes Sausage and Apple Stuffing, Giblet gravy, homemade Cranberry Sauce, Asparagus Casserole, Sweet Potato Soufflé, Fruit Ambrosia, Texas Potatoes & Pecan Pie.
  • Drew McLellan: We do a very traditional Thanksgiving dinner with the addition of an old family favorite -- a lime jello mold that has pineapple chucks and vanilla ice cream in it. It's excellent!
  • Gavin Heaton: Now, you know we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia. And, being a vegetarian, I am soooo unlikely to go for Turkey. But for a special event where I surround myself with family and friends, I almost always go for fresh, king or tiger prawns.

In the spirit of giving thanks .. I'm forever grateful for your kindnesses and friendships. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from me and Max!

Blogger Stories: New Chapters


Blogger Stories Stories_3is a special blog that I launched to tell the stories of how people have been touched by blogs, podcasts, vlogs and other online interactions. The virtual library "chapters" were written by bloggers from all over the world.

One fascinating viewpoint into how blogging has changed people is the site Blogger Stories. Clear Blogging

Creativity and writing are a common theme that that run through the three most recent chapters of Blogger Stories. Behind these pages you'll find a woman who wrote a cook book that included touching family stories; a blogger whose magazine articles tell about her life in Kentucky and the author of  a  book that was awarded the Best Books of the Year by School Library Journal. You will not want to miss these new entries.

 Ruth Daniels: Once Upon a Feast, Recipes From 4 Every Kitchen, AskRuth

Beth Kephart: Beth Kephart Books

Lisa Nichols: Northern Kentucky News, Kentucky Vintage, Suite 101 Home Page

Drop a comment if you'd like to tell your blogger story!

Pebbles For Lori


Yesterday I dropped by Cary Miller's blog and read that Lori, his amazingly wonderful wife had died after a brave battle fighting cancer. Loriandcaryinlahainasmall_2 I met Cary and Lori a few years ago in my blog travels and was instantly touched by their courage to chronicle their story and to let us in on the love they shared for each other. My heart aches for Cary and for me too. I lost a friend and my friend is hurting. That's what happens with real relationships .. sometimes your heart breaks when tears flow. 

On Diva Marketing and in my talks about social media I tell marketers that yes, social media can be leveraged to support many marketing strategies from customer service to SEO lifts to product development. However, the power and importance of social media is in its ‘roots’ .. the ability to develop real relationships with people from all over the world. Where those relationships lead is up to you.

For those who are wondering about the blog title Pebbles "Pebbles For Lori" - in the Jewish tradition when you visit a loved one's grave a pebble is placed on the grave as a sign that your loved one is remembered and a reminder that  " .. her/his life continues to have an impact on others" -
Rabbi Andrew Strauss

 I was talking with my friend CK who shared this with me. - “Why do people die? To make life important." I know that Too Sexy For My Hair, Lori's blog, will continue to be an inspiration and a source of comfort and that many pebbles will be left for her.

What Happens In Vegas .. Should Not Stay In Vegas - Part 2


Notebook_coffee As promised here are my random notes from Blog World. Or at least those note I could read. I apologize for the quotes that I have not a clue who said what.

Web 2.0 does not equal community. Paul Dunay

"It's an old media concept that your audience should come to you."

Internal wikis are a great way to: share opinions, create spontaneous work groups, develop a knowledge management system.

Maggie Fox generously shared lessons learned from a MySpace campaign for Harlequin (books) that quite didn't make it. Don't treat MySpace like an ad. Authors should have actively participated in the community.

Social media networking communities don't work if you control the content. Credibility can't build from only content you put up. Think about how to create trust  online. Relevancy is key.

The Dell Story was told at least 5 million times.
How much longer can Apple afford not to get social?

How do you get marketers to get it?
1. Point to success examples.
2. Show examples that their brand / industry is in the conversation .. with or with them.
3. Try it internally first. Create an internal blog, wiki, podcast, etc.
4. Coach them through the process.

Responding to negative comments on a blog can create greater credibility.

Notes from Mil blog session. Military bloggers were amazing.
Christian Lowe Bill Riggio Uncle Jimbo Eric England Steve Schippert

  • No one can dictate the message of what is happening in the field anymore.
  • No one owns the flow of information any more.
  • Gives the troops a voice; the great equalizer.
  • Military blogs often more accurate than main stream media. Lines between MSM and bloggers are blurring.
  • How does one determine the truth? By reading multiple blogs. Trust = facts. Mil bloggers frequently check each other's facts. Posts are passed along to confirm the details. Or the community self corrects in comments.
  • Military bloggers are morphing into hobby bloggers or new media correspondences.
  • As with any community conversation and relationships are also built off-blog.
  • Mil bloggers are creating change within the military from the outside.
  • Mil blogs are read by senior staffers, generals and policy makers. Many use blogs as a source for their research.
  • When it comes down to brass tacks, the community of mil bloggers is much the same as the community of business bloggers. We both struggle with similar issues from comments to posting frequency to content direction. A defense contractor raised his hand and asked, "How do I get in front of your readers?" The response was, "Build relationship with  us." Sound familiar? That's what the biz bloggers call Blogger Relations.
  • "The power of blogs is found from their communication at near real time." Christian Lowe.

Notes From Sports Blogging Session: How To Build Traffic
Will Leitch, Larry Borowsky, Matt Cerrone, Adam Morris, Tyler Bleszinski

  • Post regularly.
  • Be predictable. Post at the same time every day/day of the week.
  • Friend other bloggers. In other words develop relationships and participate in the community conversations.
  • Post a series of Q&A on a specific topic.
  • Be the Go To person for a specific topic.
  • Develop your blog like a TV series with posts on specific topics at specific times.
  • Write well. It reinforces your credibility.
  • What emotionally connects with your readers?
  • Be honest.
  • Be yourself. Your blog is an extension of your personality.
  • Credit bloggers when you post an idea from another blog.
  • There is a difference between traffic and readers.

Sidebar: I was one of 4 women in a session of about 35 guys.

What Happens In Vegas .. Should Not Stay In Vegas - Part 1


Part 1 -- Last week was over the top bloggy Las Vegas style. I spoke at Blog World and then presenting at an AMA Hot Topic Workshop on social media .. nice complement. Big Take Away from Blog World .. there is no doubt social media is an industry! Perhaps a bebe one but still an industry.

Blogworld_2007 I have lots to share with you about the first social media convention. First, toss of a pink boa to Dave Taylor and Chris Rick Calvert (oops. thanks for the catch Jim) for their vision and dedication in bring this first show off so well.  The Blog World staff was amazing .. thank you Patti for the 'luggage help.'

I had the pleasure of sharing the spot light day one with Marc Danziger. We tag teamed the session - The Importance of Blogging and New Media In Your Organization's Strategic Marketing. For your viewing pleasure - Download blogworld_2007v7.pdf the deck. On Wednesday Amy Grahan invited me to be part of an important panel discussion on ethics. Jeremy Pepper live blogged the session. Amy's notes are extensive and include the links mentioned.

My favorite part of Blog World .. catching up with friends in the same room!Jim Turner, Patti and Denise from the Blog Squad, Wendy Piersell, Rich Brooks, Des Walsh, Maggie Fox, Rich Brooks, Marshall Kirpatrick, Debbie Weil, Cynthia Trevino, Eric Olsen, Blog Critics who was so kind to a wannabe blogger and Jeremy Wright who is still  sweet and humble even with the fast success of b2media. And more! 

It was a treat to spend time with Tris Hussey, who has been my IT savior from afar; and Liz Strauss, who after talking with her for 2.5 seconds I so got why she is the Diva of Comments. I finally met Andy Wibble who once upon a time invited me to do my very first podcast with him. Andy's posted a few recaps of the event. Larry Benet .. thanks for the chocolate surprise.  Shel video interviewed Liz and me. Note to self: change eye make when video taping. Stephan Spencer, H.L. DeVore and I played find the best blog url not taken at the fabulous party at the fabulous Wynn. Giving Glenda Watson Hyatt a hug was a special moment .. she lights up a room! I read her biography, I'll Do It Myself, on the flight back to Hot'lanta. Hint: The story of Glenda's life travels and inspirational accomplishments would make a wonderful holiday present.

One of my favorite lines came from Jory Des Jardins
"Social media is like a puppy .. it can't take care of itself."

Update: oops! going thru my note I found that it was not Diva Jory but Diva Maggie Fox who came up with this creative line.

Part 2 -- notes, random thoughts and learnings.   

Atlanta Social Media Mixer


BeerDon't you love it when out-of-towners put on a party for you? NYC David Berkowitz is playing host at Gorden Biersh in Midtown to Hot'Lanta bloggers and social media buffs.

When: Tuesday 11-13
Time: 6pish - 9pish
Where: 848 Peachtree Street
Check out the Facebook Group for who you might be toasting a micro brew with Tuesday night. 28 confirms thus far.