New Look For Diva Marketing


Welcome to a virtual launch party for Diva Marketing (blog)! Champange_1

After trying on many different styles Diva Marketing finally is ready to unveil the new look! There are still a few backend threads to be snipped but I was so excited that I wanted to wear it right away. Thank you, thank you  Peter Flaschner of the Blog Studio.

To bring you up to date, several weeks ago I met Peter Flaschner, one of the blogosphere's most creative designers, when we were both guest blogging at Pro Blogger. Another example that blog networking works.

Peter liked my approach to strategy but he questioned if the graphic elements of Diva Marketing Blog were doing more to harm rather than support my branding efforts.  He kindly offered to re skin (ouch!) the blog. Thus began the start of a beautiful friendship.... (and I fear far more than Peter bargained for).

We agreed to blog the process in pure blogger form - with honesty and transparency - which meant allowing y'all to see all comps, the rationale of our strategy and with comments opened. Very brave of Peter! Take a look at the evolution of the comps on Peter's post at the Blog Studio.

We listened and learned. In doing so I learned lessons about branding and customer perceptions that went far beyond the redesign. I learned that I had created a Blog Brand. I learned that people cared about the image of Diva Marketing ... some very passionately. I learned that although a brand might be controlled by the customer ... shame on you if you don't provide cues to help guide that perception. (Gulp)

So now Diva Marketing has a new do. Peter and I feel it meets the objects we set: elegant, sassy, sophisticated keeping the fun but with an eye to capturing more business opportunities. And like any Diva with a new do I'm excited to show it off to you!

Your feedback was invaluable. Peter and I both thank you for your generosity in sharing your insights and expressing your creative ideas. This is as much your blog design as it is Peter's and mine.

More New Designs


Continuing the design process for Diva Marketing's new look...Peter has two more comps. In true blogopshere fashion, we've listened to your feedback, done more "brand" analysis and well...take a look.

Emotional Impact of Blogs


As the blog design turns... If you've been following this story you know that Peter Flaschner, The Blog Studio, is creating a new look & feel for Diva Marketing. He is also going bravely into that good night of transparency of the blogopshere and posting the comps - 3 thus far.

We asked for feedback and you didn't hold back. The depth of thought behind your suggestions has been awesome (and very helpful). Several comments on Peter's blog went into great detail about design elements while the marketers talked brand concept. If you haven't checked the comments, here are some snippets for your reading pleasure -

I picture you in a cool outfit, sipping a cosmopolitan or martini, very Carrie Bradshaw. Smoking a Cuban cigar. Tris

I like the second one better with its "palette of sophisticated colors." Jill

To me Diva Marketing is ALL bloggers, and ALL women bloggers ... while being very urban chic, almost Manhattan (accptable so even for those fans who are decidedly NOT those things - like me). Rick

I miss seeing the blogroll which gives a sense of community. And personal opinion, I think the quotes have too much real estate. Susan

The design does not say "Diva" to me . Too much corporate in a fashion designer sort of way..and the shoe element feels thrown in, not part of it. Bruce

From Peter: I've conducted my share of private and public design critiques over the years. This one is a real stand  out. Why? Because of your various investments in the Diva Marketing brand. Which led Peter to ask an interesting question - Who Owns A Brand?

From Toby: It's heat warming and at the same time fascinating to see the passion behind many of the comments and off list emails that Peter and I both received. You really care about this new design. WoW!

A few marketing questions to ponder: I wonder if Diva Marketing were a "website" instead of a "blog" would the emotion still be there? If we were to conduct a "real" Martiniwebfocus group would the "investment" carry over? Big questions (Tughnee def worth 3 olives!) - How much does the blogosphere and the relationships we built play into responses? Are readers of blogs more committed to a brand than those off-blog?

A chocolate martini toast to all who have left comments and sent emails!



Diva Marketing New Look - Design Creation Continues


More fun for the Diva! Peter, The Blog Studio, is designing a more sophisticated look for Diva Marketing Blog but with some sass! He's posted the visual process thus far. Keep in mind it's still a work in progress but would love to get your take. Does it fit with your image of Diva Marketing Blog?

An added benefit to blogging the process is the strategy and visual history of the process is caputured and held in archives. One more reason to consider blogs for development purposes - either internal or external.

Diva's Getting A New Pair of Shoes!


Divas, had the best time at the virtual networking party last week. I met  Peter Faschner, the creative mind behind The Blog Studio.

Altho Peter had kind words to say abouShoe_bookt Diva Marketing, I had to agree with him, The Diva needs a new pair of shoes (a new dress and a new cute purse too)! Actually, to support what has become a developing brand, Diva Marketing Blog really needs a whole new look! Peter the Great offered to design an elegant, sassy, sophisticated skin for The Diva! How great is this networking thing?

There's more. Peter and I want to share the learning with you so we agreed to blog the process on Diva Marketing Blog and on The Blog Studio.

Peter's approach is very strategic. Although I went through a similar process for Bloomberg Marketing, to be quite honest, Diva Marketing is def the cobbler's child in this regard.

The Blog Studio Process
Step 1 - Set Targets
Step 2 - Choose Metrics
Step 3 - Getting Chunky
Step 4 - Conceptual Comps
Step 5 - Polish CompCinderellas
Step 6 - Code Time
Step 7 - Tweak
Step 8 - Pop the Cork

I feel like Cinderella and The Manolo will be happy that The Diva she will have a new pair of shoes!