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May 05, 2010



@debra - Thanks for your comment. I realized I didn't put the Chapter Outline on the blog although it is in the introduction. Will make that a unique page.

To answer your question - yes! There will be a Chapter on community/social networks and one on micro blogs a la Twitter.

Debra Pearlman

Hey Toby!

Been trying to find a concise answer to this question for those who don't understand any aspect of social media, let alone twitter. Expand the topic to include community sites and micro-blogs.


@Steve - Good catch re: the #tag inconsistency. I struggled with that one and finally dropped the 2nd M in favor of less characters .. with only 140 characters allowed in a tweet each character counts.

As for Shel as the "mayor" .. blame me .. it was my way of introduction since to my understanding he termed the phrase "twitterville." Not to be taken too seriously, I'm sure he would be the first to agree. I would call you the 'mayor' or vlogs and Millie the mayor-ess' of senior blogs. Perhaps we need another word. What would you suggest?

Would be honored if you would be a guest interviewee for the video section; it will be included in Chapter 6 Tactics Second scheduled to be tweeted on Thurs 4/9.

steve Garfield

Hi Toby,

Shouldn't the tag be #SMMGPS?

Who elected Shel Israel Mayor of Twitterville?

Look at Shel's blog post on the subject:



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