MySpace You Tube "Smash-Up" Promotion


Cruise__2 I've been MIA the last few days from Diva Marketing. Sorry but I've been in another country with Diva blogger  Marianne Richmond .. or so it seemed to me. No girlfriend, it wasn't a (well deserved) holiday on the beach with drinks that have cute little umbrellas. We were playing and working in MySpace and YouTube. Which believe me .. is a whole new world.

Every once in awhile you work with people who are willing to step off the mundane path and blaze a new trail. Donna Lyons-Miller, founder and CEO of GourmetStation, is one such amazing women.

Yesterday we took a deep breath and launched an innovative promotion -  Get Out Of The Dog House Video Campaign. It's lots of social media / Web 2.0 interwoven with traditional strategies and with a touch of heart - donations to the Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) Rescue Foundation.  

At Donna's suggestion Marianne and I will be blogging the progress on Diva Marketing Blog and on Resonance Partnership. We hope to share some of the lessons we've learned and will learn along the way. We also invite and encourage your suggestions, feedback and of course participation. It's been a bit of a rocky road .. MySpace makes Typepad look like Web 10.0 in terms of page development so we will be tweaking as the campaign progresses.

So how's it coming along? In under 24-hours, with no promotion -  2 orders Zip videos.

Part 1 The BackStory - Get Out Of The Dog House Campaign

A few months ago  Donna & I caught up for brunch at Food 101, a great restaurant in Atlanta's Morningside neighborhood. Donna was looking for a Big Idea, on a limited budget of course (!), that would help lift awareness of the GourmetStation.

Light bulb moment! A viral video contest would be cool. Off I went to develop a fun little project that was to morph into motion art (kinetic) with mountains of moving pieces. Lucky me to have Marianne to partner with on this project.
Sidebar: What is one ROI from blogging? Relationships that lead to friendships and even business partnerships.

We're fondly calling this a Smash-Up Promotional Strategy because it is built on a smash-up of a number of social media tactics: MySpace, YouTube, viral, word of mouth; as well as, traditional marketing tactics: PR, couponing and partner relations. Why include traditional? Because not all your customers are online all the time.


  • Motivate consumer interest in GourmetStation
  • To reinforce GourmetStation’s positioning as a “gifting solution" to current customers
  • Introduce GourmetStation’s positioning as a “gifting solution” to a new target audience


  • Create a viral video contest that engages the target audience in a fun, interact manner
  • Capitalizes on key consumer trends: user generated content, video, reality entertainment, and online social networks
  • To increase brand awareness and interest about GourmetStation within the existing target demographics
  • To evaluate the potential of a younger target group to generate incremental sales.

From the heart - We are proud to partner with the Borzoi Rescue Foundation. Borzoi's are very special to Donna who is involved with the rescue of these sweet dogs. GourmetStation will donate $10 to the Foundation for every Get Out Of The Dog House coupon that is redeemed through 12-31-06.

    Promotional Elements

  • MySpace
  • YouTube (to house contest videos)
  • Relationship strategies
  • Websites and video directories
  • Traditional and online public relations
  • eMail campaign
  • GourmetStation website
  • GourmetStation extend product line
  • GourmetStation couponsof various levels

Viral Marketing - There are cute little buttons

And More Viral Tactics - Tell A Friend eMail, down loadable music, and the sweetest photo slideshows of Borzoi rescue dogs, dogs that need a home and a special Favorite Pooch slideshow. Send me a jpeg of your dog and I'll add it to the show [email protected]. Yes, of course little Maxie is included!

MySpace Friends - Another unique twist in this kinetic strategy - building relationships with comedians on and off MySpace. It's not unusual for companies to tap into the music community on MySpace. However, the comedy community has been overlooked .. until now. It seemed like a natural extension of our MySpace strategy. The Get Out Of The Dog House teaser videos were made by comedian Jed Fearson and TruGritz's  Jen Gordon. They're also going to introduce us to their MySpace "Friends." Very cool cha cha cha!

Looking forward to seeing Your video of How You Got Into The Dog House and How You Got Out Of The Dog House! Good luck .. hope you win the Grand Prize - 12-months of GourmetStation Dinner of The Month valued at over $1000.

Next Challenge: Find and install the code for a MySpace metrics tracker and fix broken links!

Robert Scoble..Movin On Up?


Scoble_1 What do you do when you are an uber-blogger and the blogosphere scoops your big news? That's the challenge that seemed to face Robert Scoble late Saturday night - 11:15p west coast according to a post on Scobalizer.

This is a rapidly-evolving part of my life. I just made this decision and it got out before I was completely ready to talk about it. - Robert

But You Don't Tell..You Tease.

What do you do when you are an uber-blogger and your reputation has been built on transparency? Sidebar: Never once in his post did Robert come out and say he was leaving Microsoft and movin' on up.

I invite you to meet with me at the VLoggerCon tomorrow evening at 3 to 6 p.m. in SanFrancisco where we'll talk about it further (and I'll post again tomorrow about what's going on in my life and why I made this decision) - Robert

But You Don't Tell..You Let The Bloggers Tell.

What do you do when the world thinks that you've hire an uber-blogger whoses reputation has been built on transparency and the blogosphere scoops your big news? You add a blub front and center (well above the "fold") on the home page of your website.
Sidebar: Girlfriend, wouldn't you have liked to have been a fly on the wall when that conversation took place? The bloggers bloged. Word is out. Post. Update.

The word is out that PodTech is hiring Robert Scoble.  Some interesting speculation around.

Robert will post his comments on the news.  We will be at vloggercon tomorrow to answer questions on the news to the future news organization (videobloggers).  Robert will have a full story to tell there.  Alot to talk about tomorrow.  PodTech will be putting out a formal press release on Monday morning.  In the meantime if your in SF Sunday stop by vloggercon for the in person update with Robert Scoble and John Furrier.

PodTech has always been about great people and as we evolve and expand we’ll be accelerating the team. More news tomorrow at 3pm in SF at vloggercon. - PodTech

Seems Millie's, My Mom's Blog, son uber-vlogger Steve Garfield may have company in the space.

But You Don't Tell..You Let the Buzz Build.

Once again the rules of old media public relations are changing. No, that's not true. Stories get scooped. Happens all the time. The players are not ready to provide the details. Happens all the time. They tease that an annoucement will be made at a trade show. Happens all the time.

What doesn't happen or didn't happen until the proliferation of social media/blogs, is the speed of light of the word-of-net buzz. One more element to add to your PR plan: Leverage word-of-net buzz.

What doesn't usually happen is the extent of the passion behind the bloggers who are buzzing the story. Here we must bring it back to The Man. Robert Scoble has impacted so many people's lives, on and off the Scobalizer, that it's not a scoop about a guy from Microsoft who may have an opportunity for a new gig, but a friend who is changing jobs. Read the comments on Robert's post.

Robert thanks yet one more case study in the impact of social media. If you are movin' on up .. all the very best to you .. and hope that this gig gives you a bigger piece of the pie .. to buy Maryam more presents!

Mo-vin on up
(Mo-vin on up.)
To the east side.
(Mo-vin on up.)
We finally got a piece of the pie-. The Jeffersons

Updated: For the foks dropping by from The Scobalizer .. see The WSJ's take on the deal.

Thanks Marianne for the early am email.

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Cuteness Creates Buzz For Old Navy


Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. A waiting for the weekend 'playground' time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain silly.

Maxie Max_may_06 is very cute but cuteness doesn't always pay for the doggy treats. Sometimes I think little Max should be helping out with the expenses of his doggy chocolate kisses and cookies. I might have found the perfect gig where cuteness does pay. Old Navy is on a search for a new spokesdog mascot to star in ad campaigns and commercials.

All kidding aside, Gap, Inc. has created an innovtive and fun strategy that is attracting the attention of dog lovers online and off. You can nominate your pooch for the honor by submitting a photo on a special website. The site is loaded with games and pet information. Don't have a picture? Take Spot to a casting call where photgraphers will snap your pup.

Of course you want to see your dog in the cast of thousands so you click back to website. The technology falls flat at this point. It's almost impossible to find your dog's picture and the photos are not showing up. Very frustrating.

There's one more surprise and this is totally awesome.Old_navy_max Coming back into the site <after submitting your photo> you are greeted with a splash page film about your very own pooch's adventure becomeing a star. How cool is that?

Diva's just for a giggle let's spin this and show The Gap how they could have included a little Web 2.0 magic and extended the buzz even further.

  • Make it easy to download the film. I'm betting we'd see a lot on YouTube, blogs and websites.
  • RSS feeds for updates of specific breeds
  • RSS feeds for contest updates
  • Podcasts and vlogs of the casting calls
  • Ability to add your dog's photo to the send a friend an e-card
  • Blogs written by the judges: Katherine Heigl (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Alfre Woodard (“Desperate Housewives”), Malcolm David Kelley (“Lost”), Kristin Chenoweth (“RV” and “The West Wing”), Betty White (“Golden Girls”) and celebrity dog trainer Andrea Arden.
  • Blogs written by the dogs' peoples
  • Dare I say a character blog?
  • A customer video element - perhaps a contest within the contest

You have until May 29th to enter the contest. Vote_for_max



Biz Astro Tips
business astrology for fun
By Diva Astrology Bloggers Paula Dare & Donna Page

Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce is moving into its own kingdom of Gemini today. This position is excellent for getting your message out. What do you need to communicate about your business in order to connect with your customers?

The sun enters Gemini on Sunday giving a one two punch to communication, connecting, and sales. However because Mercury is traveling with the Sun, essentially hiding in the suns shadow, it is best to keep your marketing plans under wrap until you are ready to launch.

Monday is a daydreamer’s paradise, let your creative thoughts flow, and just remember to click the save button so your brilliance doesn’t disappear into never never land.

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All the world's a ...


First there was all the world's a publisher .. blogs.
Then it was all the world's a radio station ... podcasts.
Now YouTube proves it's all the world's a film or TV studio .. vlogs.

Checkout the in-depth post on Resonance Partnerships for all you ever wanted to know about YouTube. Marianne has written one of the best analysis pieces on the newest video .. dare we call it a channel?

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Radio Disney Please Set The Podcast Ad Bar High


Disney_radio I want! I want! I wants! Sprinkled with a few I need! I need! I needs! Any parent will tell you that is the mantra chant of children.

Marketing messages from broadcast media entice, persuade and encourage peer pressure for the newest, greatest most expensive Game-boy, Barbie or whatever. Parents beware. New media, Web 2.0 ... call is whatever you'd like, presents unexplored opportunities for advertisers. From ads in games to ads in podcasts to ads in online videos. Great for the marketers. Harder for the parents to monitor.

Please don't get me wrong. This is not an anti-marketing post. Rather a shout out to those in our industry who will innovate in this new space advertising to kids.

One of the first out of the box to put ads in children's podcasts is Radio Disney. Starting June 2006,  Radio Disney will begin inserting ads into its weekly podcasts. THQ, video-game maker, is among the first to sign on.

In an Ad Age article about Disney's latest strategy, Jeff Minsky, OMD Digital, was quoted: "Kids are more likely to download podcasts from well-known brands. And we know it probably won't be the kids who are doing the downloading. Parents are going to be gravitating toward safe brands,and ...advertisers will, too." Hello Mister Minsky! What planet are you living on?

First, most kids run circles around their parents when it comes to this stuff. Give a kid an iPod or any old MP3 player and watch what happens. I'm betting you an appletini Mister Minsky it won't be "Mommy dearest please download this awesome podcast for me."

Second, it's not so much "well-known" brands but cool brands where kids hang out.

Third, although I love our industry, there are a few shall we say, shysters. So while parents may well indeed "gravitate towards safe brands" this diva is not so sure about the other companies and advertisers who want to tap into 2.0 marketing.

Radio Disney please set the podcast-to-kids ad bar high! If we don't create our own standards I can promise you there will be some action group and government agency that will do it for us.

Pheedo and BlogAds were ahead of the curve tapping into RSS feeds and ads on blogs. Who will be the firm - or shall I say firms plural - to jump into the ad network podcast and vlog ad games?

Robert Scoble's Blog Predictions


Just about this time last year, at an AMA speakers' dinner for Blogs: Marketing Beyond the Website at Elliot's Oyster House in Seattle, Robert Scoble talked about why he thought vlogging would take flight. Seems Apple was about to launch a video iPod.  With Ben McConnell - Church of the Customer, Bill Flitter - Pheedo, Dana VanDen Heuvel -then Blog Savant - now Pheedo, Clare Nelson, AMA and moi, Diva Marketing around the table, it was not a "geek dinner" but very much a "bloggers' dinner."

Apple's new iPodIpod_video plays up to to 150 hours of video. Curious about how the images look? Check out the DeFunk's vlog of a video iPod. DeFunk has a bunch of videos for your browsing pleasure including how to subscribe to video podcasts in iTune. Cool!

Now go and check out Millie Garfield's son, Steve Garfield's Vlog Soup. Steve, the Divo of Vlogs, has put together a vlog demonstrating different styles of vlogs. Cool!

Over local brews, Robert made another prediction. His thoughts were that during 2005 blogs would continue to grow in popularity and visibility as a marketing strategy. Crystal_ballBut it would not be until  2006 that blogs would really take off. With all of the blog books that were released this year and more about to drop next year, Robert just might just be right. Cool!

Business Blogging Books
-We Blog, Paul Bausch, Matthew Haughey, Meg Hourihan
-The Weblog Handbook, Rebecca Blood
-Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies, Susannah Garden
-Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS, Rok Hrastnik
-Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World, Hugh Hewett
-Blog, David Kline & Dan Burstein
-Blog On Building Online Communities With Web Logs, Todd Stauffer
-Blogging: Genius Strategies For Instant Web Content, Biz Stone
-Blog Marketing, Jeremy Wright

Coming Attractions Business Blogging Books
-Naked Conversations, Robert Scobel & Shel Israel
-The Everything Blogging Book, Aliza Sherman Risdahl
-The Corporate Blogging Book, Debbie Weil
-The Rough Guide to Blogging, Jonathan Yang

Find more books about blogging at Blog Revolt
Heard it from: Debbie Weil, The Corporate Blogging Book

If you come across any new business blog books drop a comment. Let's keep track of the new releases. Please and thank you!

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This is not your father's tv or your mother's either. is a free web site where you can share videos. Videos are syndicated, yes with RSS feeds.Tv_1950_1 You can link them to your blog or in an email. You  even get your own video blog. Pretty cool stuff.

I heard - or rather saw - this on the Diva Millie's blog, MyMomsBlog. The ultimate divo of vlogs, Steve Garfield, is making sure that his mom stays ahead of the curve. Pretty cool stuff!

Keep thinking...vlog added dimension to you communication plan.

Friday Fun: Vlogging


MovieslaterealSometimes Friday Fun is discovering people who are out on the edge, leading the charge, taking a risk. Two blogging buddies are doing just that. Elana Centor, Funny Business, and Rick Short, Indium Corporation, are experimenting with business vlogs.

I love the concept of vlogging. If done right, it can bring a dash of the theatrical, to what is often mundane, show another side of people that goes further than blogs or podcasts and is fun on both sides of the camera. Not to mention adding a diva element to your marketing strategy!

Elana is taking a series approach to vlogging. With My American Office, she presents a playful and often intimate look at where we spend a significant part of our days (and too often nights!). Do not come to visit with your camcorder Elana! The Story of the Mardi Gras Rosary is a lovely piece that is about a Hurricane Katrina fund raising effort.

Rick's recent vlog was an interview with Stowe Boyd, president of Corante and editor of Get Real. Stowe talks about the counter-intuitive fear of blogging that many marketers struggle with.  Rick's vlog at the DemoFall is a demo with the guys from VideoEgg about ... what else videos on the net. Was I surprised to find a colleague vlogged - Tim Matanovich, the pricing guru.

All right Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close up.
So as we say in the movies ...
Lights! Camera! Action!