ABCs for the 21st Century


It's not your father's or mother's ABCs. Abc_book Internet kids have a new way to learn the alphabet - it's the Google Alphabet. Artist of the Blogosphere how about an ebook?

Divas, let's put a marketing spin on it. How about an ABC picture book developled by Google or a SEO/M company to use as a give away? Something to take back to the kiddies from the trade show. Bet this one would stick around...unless it found it's way to "E" is for ebay! 360i and Prominent Placement how about it?

Heard it from ResearchBuzz

How Bloggers Are Learning Blogging


Quick thoughts before I close shop for the night ('tis the life of a consultant to blog into the wee hours). Have been having an interesting email volley with Bill Flitter, Pheedo, about corporate blogs.

An ah ha moment! The first generation of bloggers (maybe 2nd and 3rd) are learning how to use blogs (as a business/markeitng tool) through global, peer-to-peer interaction via blogs! Quite amazing when you think of it. The learning process is as powerful as blogs themselves! Reinforces the concept of blogs as a media.

Next step - those bloggers are taking the information and turned it into traditional learning....books, workshops, papers, articles, etc.

Quick Thoughts: Blogs Coming of Age


Blogs...blogs...and more blogs. To continue the week's theme about blogs here are links to two more important ideas that are helping tip blogs as legit marketing strategies.

"The real promise of blogs, however, lies in their tremendous marketing power." article The Marketing Power of Blogs. Apple Martinis or Poms for all...a c-level pub gets its it! Heard it from NevOn

Recently found Shel Israel's blog - ItSeemsToMe. Loved his concept about blogs and conversational marketing. It seems to me one of blogging’s many greatest promises is in “conversational marketing,” and its use will make advertising and public relations more effective. More important it will make us all happier prospects and customers.

Happy prospects and happy customers...isn't that what marketing is all about?

Designer Vote Ts


Diva Dahlings this is one is just for you - designer "vote" Ts by Issac Mizarhai, Richard Tyler and Todd Oldham. Slip on a pair of Jimmy Choos and you've a fashion statement to wear to the polls.

Thanks to Halley's Comment for the fashion tip.

What does this have to do with a marketing blog? Brand extension clothes? New category for designers? Target marketing strategy to Gen XYZ????

NYT Markets Manhattan


nyt_82904Special section in today's Sunday New York Times all about the Isle of Manhattan. Worth saving for your next trip to the Big Apple includes lots of tips, maps and articles written New York Style. Jimmy Breslin suggests looking for the real people by sitting on an stoop and walking through neighborhoods under the el train. You won't find that in most tour guides.

Visit the homes of your TV friends
-The Ricardos (623 E 68 St)
-Friends (90 Bedford Street in the Village),
-Seinfeld (129 W 81 St)
-The Bunkers (Cooper Ave in Glendale, Queens)
-The Cosbys (10 St. Luke's Place - yeah they were suppose to live in Brooklyn but the exterior was shot in the Village.)

Getting hungry? Stop at the favorite bakery of the ladies from Sex and the City - Magnolia Bakery 401 Bleecker St. - and eat a cupcake for me too!

And if you really want to know what New York is all about glance thru Gawker.

Quick Thoughts


Summer Fun Read For Divas. The Sunday NY Times, July 11th Business Best Seller List includes 10 hard cover non fiction books, 5 soft cover non fiction books and 1 soft cover novel. The novel, The Devil Wears Prada, happens to be the #1 this month and last month.

Local politicans still don't get it. It’s local election time. Why are local politicians not developing websites? Why are they not blogging? Why are they spending oodles of dollars on glossy, 4-color brochures? No matter if you agreed with the governor from Vermont or not, you had to admit Howard Dean's blog was cutting edge when it came to leveraging the Internet in his grass roots campaign. How can I trust you to look out for my best interests when you’re still in the mindset of the last millennium? Why am I surprised? Certainly some savvy marketer is offering Interactive marketing workshops for local/state politicians.

Some bizes do get it. If you haven’t found John Cass’s blog, PR Communication, go visit. John’s been interviewing people who have corporate blogs. Also his blog is developing into a great resource with lots of information about corporate blogging.

Think there’s nothing new in the blogsphere? re:invention launched a blog soap opera series: Chicago's Entrepreneurs: As The World Turns, The Sand, The Hourglass, Our Lives...." How cool is that? Tune in on Fridays for updates. While you're clicking, tap into Lip-Sticking. Yvonne DiVita is interviewing smart women and smart men. Yes, Virginia there are a few smart guys and if you find them send them my way (only kidding...maybe!) The Global PR Blog is running an online event about blogging and communications. The event is scheduled for July 12 - 16, 2004.

C2. Outdoor ads for Coca Cola’s new Cs …. ½ the Politics All The Party. The boards are running in Atlanta. I can’t quite figure out if the ads are a test for what will run during the elections or just a play on the “politics” of the non carb revolution.