Gourmet Station Blog - Introduction (1)


The blogosphere is a buzz about the logistics of crafting a blog - from how frequently to post to what type of posts to include to how to measure success. All important. All necessary. Once the basics are understood, the next step is incorporating a blog into a strategic marketing plan.

Donna Lynes-Miller, president and CEO of GourmetStation, is bravely going where few have gone. GourmetStation is creating a blog. [Gourmet Station provides innovative upscale food gifting solutions.] It won't be just any blog project. The vision is to create an adverblog using the company's icon - T. Alexander - as the voice of the blog.

Here's where our fun comes in. Donna has agreed to let me blog the experience. Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing the process of creating an innovative B2C blog with you. Since there doesn't appear to be a lot of models for this type of a blog, we'll be testing ideas and concepts. Your feedback and comments are welcomed and sought. We invite you learn with us.

Leading the creative strategy will be GourmentStation's agency Blue Marble Media and the Rocket Science Group will handle the tech stuff. Stay tune for more.

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