Creative Courage


Ideas float around in my head. I write a few words. Zap them off the virtual page. Oh for the satisfation of crumbling pages of paper and seeing piles of frustration build before my eye! Where is the inspiration?

A couple of weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of working with a real author - Peggy Payne - on a blog strategy project. I so admire my blog buddies who have/are in the process of writing business books about blogs. However, even more amazing to me are the fiction writers who create entire worlds from their imaginations. Like Peggy Payne - whose novels have won critical acclaim. "From the novel's very first sentence, her ravaged voice grips the reader." The New York Times 

I try again. The words still don't seem to work. Deadlines loom like gray rain clouds on a cold November afternoon. Damn! who said business reports were suppose to be creative?

Peggy Payne's Boldness Blog is about creative courage, motivation, creatvity, inspiration. She talks about how to keep going, inner travels and the spirtual quest of creative works.  Peggy is blogging a series of tips and strategies for planning a career in writing or any of the arts. Big Dreams Small Steps Write It Down

A different way to look at the data suddenly comes to mind. What would happen if C came before A and cow didn't jump over the moon?

If you were in an elevator and in stepped your dream customer what would you do? You and her for three floors only. Peggy tells how to develop an elevator pitch. List 3 nouns and 3 verbs that describe your concept. Very precise. Very concrete. No buzz words. No jargon. Write a sentence. Tell it straight. Here's the secret...project your excitement and enthusiasm. Sound advice for artists or business people.

Light bulb moment! Creativity is how you look at the world. A project. A report. A customer.Sister_india Who says you have to do it the same way everytime? The secret is to bravely walk throught the door with creative courage!

Sidebar: Sister India by Peggy Payne