Firsts In Healthcare Blogging From The Medical Blog Network


The Medical Blog Network is conducting one of the first comprehensive surveys of healthcare bloggers. If healthcare is a componenet to your content please take a few seconds .. remember .. your opinon counts! Healthcare Blogging Survey.

Dmitriy Kruglyak, the visionary behind the Medical Blog Network has been a busy guy! Another first from Medical Blog Network - The Healthcare Blogging Summit - the First-Ever Conference on Healthcare Blogging!

Date: December 11, 2006
Place: Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC, co-located at Consumer Health World
Why: Social media/blogging in healthcare is undergoing explosive growth

I am thrilled to be part of this innovative program. I'll be moderating a panel discussion -  Mapping Out Your Game Plan: The Nuts-and-Bolts of Getting Started. The panelists are some of the most talented in this space.

Elisa Camahort: Co-founder and President of Events & Marketing, BlogHer LLC; Professional Blogger, with 9 Blogs Currently Active
Enoch Choi, MD: Urgent Care Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation; Online Content & Community Expert, Consultant to Google Health and Healthline
Craig Lefebvre, PhD: President, Lefebvre Consulting Group; Social Media, Social Marketing & Community-based Health Promotion Expert
Shahid Shah: CEO, Netspective Communications LLC; Healthcare Enterprise / Product Architect & Blog Consultant

In addition the keynote speaker is Steve Rubel, VP Edelman. Other speakers include a few bloggy pals Fard Johnmar, Envision 2.0, Nick Jacobs, Windber Medical Center, (Nick was one of the .. if not THE first hospital President/CEO to blog), Patricia Goldman, March of Dimes, Carol Kirshner, Promedica Research Center (and my partner in crime in co writing the Medical Marketing (blog) column at the Medical Blog Network.)

FPRA Honors Josh Hallett


Although the 68th Annual Meeting of the Florida Public Relations Association has called it a wrap, the site is rich with insights and learnings posted by a team of bloggers.
Congrats!to blog pal Josh Hallett, Hyku, who was recognized as Member of The Year.

Robert Scoble..Movin On Up?


Scoble_1 What do you do when you are an uber-blogger and the blogosphere scoops your big news? That's the challenge that seemed to face Robert Scoble late Saturday night - 11:15p west coast according to a post on Scobalizer.

This is a rapidly-evolving part of my life. I just made this decision and it got out before I was completely ready to talk about it. - Robert

But You Don't Tell..You Tease.

What do you do when you are an uber-blogger and your reputation has been built on transparency? Sidebar: Never once in his post did Robert come out and say he was leaving Microsoft and movin' on up.

I invite you to meet with me at the VLoggerCon tomorrow evening at 3 to 6 p.m. in SanFrancisco where we'll talk about it further (and I'll post again tomorrow about what's going on in my life and why I made this decision) - Robert

But You Don't Tell..You Let The Bloggers Tell.

What do you do when the world thinks that you've hire an uber-blogger whoses reputation has been built on transparency and the blogosphere scoops your big news? You add a blub front and center (well above the "fold") on the home page of your website.
Sidebar: Girlfriend, wouldn't you have liked to have been a fly on the wall when that conversation took place? The bloggers bloged. Word is out. Post. Update.

The word is out that PodTech is hiring Robert Scoble.  Some interesting speculation around.

Robert will post his comments on the news.  We will be at vloggercon tomorrow to answer questions on the news to the future news organization (videobloggers).  Robert will have a full story to tell there.  Alot to talk about tomorrow.  PodTech will be putting out a formal press release on Monday morning.  In the meantime if your in SF Sunday stop by vloggercon for the in person update with Robert Scoble and John Furrier.

PodTech has always been about great people and as we evolve and expand we’ll be accelerating the team. More news tomorrow at 3pm in SF at vloggercon. - PodTech

Seems Millie's, My Mom's Blog, son uber-vlogger Steve Garfield may have company in the space.

But You Don't Tell..You Let the Buzz Build.

Once again the rules of old media public relations are changing. No, that's not true. Stories get scooped. Happens all the time. The players are not ready to provide the details. Happens all the time. They tease that an annoucement will be made at a trade show. Happens all the time.

What doesn't happen or didn't happen until the proliferation of social media/blogs, is the speed of light of the word-of-net buzz. One more element to add to your PR plan: Leverage word-of-net buzz.

What doesn't usually happen is the extent of the passion behind the bloggers who are buzzing the story. Here we must bring it back to The Man. Robert Scoble has impacted so many people's lives, on and off the Scobalizer, that it's not a scoop about a guy from Microsoft who may have an opportunity for a new gig, but a friend who is changing jobs. Read the comments on Robert's post.

Robert thanks yet one more case study in the impact of social media. If you are movin' on up .. all the very best to you .. and hope that this gig gives you a bigger piece of the pie .. to buy Maryam more presents!

Mo-vin on up
(Mo-vin on up.)
To the east side.
(Mo-vin on up.)
We finally got a piece of the pie-. The Jeffersons

Updated: For the foks dropping by from The Scobalizer .. see The WSJ's take on the deal.

Thanks Marianne for the early am email.

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A New Way to Feed The Press


Is RSS the next killer app? And if so how will marketers utilize the technology? Sally Falkow  has introduced an interesting new service/product call PRESSFeed,

It allows marketing and PR people to upload the content they generate to their website without having to learn any technical skills or wait for the IT department to do it for them - and then syndicate their news content in an RSS feed.

More On RSS
Your Online Paperboy - from Newsweek

Jotspot - A New Wiki


Jotspot - a new wiki software program is about to make the scene. Seems pretty easy, even for a non geek Diva to get her hands around. Love that there is an email link on each page. 

What's a wiki you may ask? The word wiki is based on a Hawaiian word meaning super-fast. In diva terms, it's a blog for multiple authors where everyone gets to play at the same time. Watch carefully, as the technology becomes user friendly, companies will adopt the software for project management, meetings, call centers, report writing. Great for virtual teams. Great for complex marketing projects that include multiple vendors and departments.

Keep an eye on Jotspot. There are some pretty smart divo's behind the scenes including Ken Norton, formally of Yahoo! and the co-founders of Excite, Joe Kraus and Graham Spencer. 

Heard it from: Jeremy Zawadny

Branded Blogging Community


Blog News - created a new category to capture the new stuff that is hitting the blogosphere.

This should not be a huge surprise. The first "branded blogging community" will go into beta Feb 15, 05. (gotta love the name!). SYS-CON Media is offering free blogs or you can mirror your existing blog on 16, what amounts, to channels like Linux Business Week, Java Developers Journal, Web Services Journal. They anticipate over 1,000,000 bloggers will sign up.

Yeah, it's a techie deal but wonder when we'll see other verticals picking up on this concept. Can't be far down the road. 

Sidebar: I think I messed up the font on this post. Sorry. Remember I'm the non geek diva blogger!