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At the moviesDo you ever get a line from a film or a song or even a conversation playing over and over in your your mind? Some times for me it's not the exact words but the rhythm of the concept. Today the words were "winds of change" as it is portayed in the award winning film Chocolat (a def must see!) 

These are the opening lines from the Storyteller of Chocolat: Once upon a time, there was a quiet little village ... So through good times and bad, famine and feast, the villagers held fast to their traditions. Until, one winter day, a sly wind blew in from the North... 

I've been doing more work with organizations on what Bernie Borges and I termed "Corporate Personal Branding."  I believe as sites like LinkedIn automatically pull data into a common corporate page; and employees' digital footprints continue to multiple throughout the Internet, organizations will realize this is a critical component of social business. It's an aspect that must be managed. Since it would be near impossible to review every employee's digital presence, most likely it will be managed through training and corporate culture norms and expectations.

Corporate Personal Branding Defined: The convergence of corporate branding and employee personal branding, based on the alignment of common values, supported by content creation and social media, for mutual benefit.  As part of a planned strategy each (enterprise and employee) lends their goodwill and influence to the other. The result is a a halo effect that affords opportunities for common and unique goals to be acheived.

Of course the flip side is unless values are aligned and expectations set you can expect some degree of muddy footprints that might require industrial strengh cleaning.  Mr_Clean

Winds of change .. as we've seen time and again with social media as the catalyst. This time it's the fabric of the enterprise that is impacted .. the culture of the organization. Recently I've notice that more companies are taking the time to understand their corporate culture and how it impacts, not only customers, but employees.

No one understands this concept better than a small business owner. With a smaller employee base each person's impact on the work environment is felt. However, no matter how strong the personalites of your staff, culture is set from the CEO .. or the "boss." On MSN Business on Main Marcus Erp asked seven entrepreneurs for their tips on being a better boss. My favorite is #4 See employees as whole people. 

Corporate Values Alignment Exercise

A successful enterprise is built on a culture that is true to yourself while also being true to the values of your brand/organization. To succeed employees must understand their own values and how they align with their company’s brand promise. To help you begin this exciting journey here are a couple of exercises that I often use with clients and in workshops. 

Question 1: What 3 words would you use to describe your company's corporate culture? Example: Excellent customer serivce 

Question 2: What 3 words would you use to describe your personal business values? Example: Cares about people

Question 3: What do you/can you do you to align you values with your company's brand value and promise. Example: Personal satisfaction from helping people quickly resolve their service challenges

Use the Front PORCH approach to building relationships based on corporate personal brand values.

People: Remember each person is unique and relationships are formed with “people” not a company logo.

Organize: Plan how, why and with whom you want to build professional relations (with).

Respect: Respect diverse opinions even when someone has challenges with your company's service, billing, etc.

Contact: Plan how frequently and through what media (phone, eMail, face-to-face, LinkedIn, etc.) you will keep in touch

Hospitality: Bring the culture of your organization into your relationships

Question 4: How will you build relationships that reinforce the culture of your company? Example: Be an advocate for the company brand online and offline.

Let's Have FUN!

MSN Business On Main/Diva Marketing Small Business Tip Contest ~ Win $100!

Your challenge is to share 1 idea on to use social media to support creating corporate culture

Our special guest judge is Bill Flitter, an entrepreneur from the word go. Bill is the founder of several successful companies including Pheedo and is also a visionary when it comes to Bill_Flitter online and social content distribution .. seeing trends and opportunities before they became mainstream. When it came to incorporating social media to help support a small business I knew that Bill would be the perfect judge for this contest!

Connect with Bill on @bflitter blog Facebook

Rules of MSN The Business on Main/Diva Marketing Social Media Small Business Tips Contest 

1. Post your tip for how to use social media for branding on this Diva Marketing post And on this MSN Business On Mail Post. If you don't post on MSN BOM and indicate Diva Marketing you cannot qualify for the $100 prize. 

2. Identify your post on Business On Main with the words Diva Marketing

3. Winner is at the pleasure of Diva Marketing.

4. Contest ends midnight Saturday February 11, 2011.

Note: Since we know how busy you are, we're extending the deadline until midnight Friday February 17th. 

5. You must be at least 18 years of age

6. A valid eMail address must be included on the "Post a Comment Section" of your Diva Marketing comment. (How will I know where to contact you to send your check?)

That's it .. now it's your turn! Wouldn't $100 be a nice Valentine’s present? 

Thanks to Kaye Kaplan from CB Transportation for the brainstorming!

ResourceTaking Care of the People Who Matter Most: A Guide to Employee Customer Care by Sybil Stershic.

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The PORCH approach is definitely important to establish good relationship with customers. The questions listed above are very much helpful in the strategic implementations of any business!

Posted by: How to Blog on Feb 4, 2012 1:59:16 AM

I do agree that employees need to align their personal values with the main objectives and mission of the company. You cannot fully sell an idea that you do not believe in. It's just sad that a lot of employees, and even employers do not completely realize this. But what about mobile marketing though? How can PORCH be applied here?

Posted by: Magia Malvar on Feb 4, 2012 2:18:45 AM

Today Branding is becoming one of the most important part of survival strategy in business environment and when internet has come all those aspects are boosted up with new challenges.

Posted by: 99designs vs Crowdspring on Feb 6, 2012 4:34:34 AM

Bummed we missed the deadline but just for fun anyway; my tip is to make sure your brand is cohesive (using the same picture on all social platforms) but still has SEO in mind (optimize your headline and "about" section. Google+ doesn't use use your Employment section).

Posted by: Ashley@A10sm on Feb 20, 2012 11:45:19 AM

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