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VolunteersDecember is Shine A Light on Smaller Nonprofits month on Diva Marketing. I hope you're enjoying the stories and perhaps learning about an organization or two that might not have been on your radar. 

Nonprofits depend on many resources from funding sources to kind donors. However, one of the most important is volunteers

  • Our lives are to be used and thus to be lived as fully as possible, and truly it seems that we are never so alive as when we concern ourselves with other people. – Harry Chapin

MSN Business On Main: News On Main highlights an interesting organization, Catchafire, which pairs volunteers with nonprofits in need of their specific talents. Catchafire charges nonprofits an annual fee and is free to volunteers.

As we've seen in many of our Diva Marketing Shine A Light on Smaller Nonprofits, NPOs are incorporating social media as part of their communication strategy. However, there is another way that social media can be utilize .. as part of a volunteer initative. Who better to help pass the word about an NPO's programs and mission but through the people who are passionate about the cause to the extend that they are giving of their time .. its volunteers. 

One of the best examples I've seen is from Taylor's Tale: Project E-Warenss.  All the ways that volunteers, and people who just want to help speard the word, are consolidated in an eBook. By the way, Taylor's Tale was the inspiration for Diva Marketing's Shine A Light on Smaller Nonprofits holiday series. Here's their story told by its founder, Laura King Edwards.

In this time of giving, let's make this a two way street .. something for you and something that will help nonprofits.

 MSN Business On Main/Diva Marketing Nonprofit Tip Contest ~ Win $100!

Share 1 idea on how a nonprofit can incorporate social media + volunteers to expand awareness of the NPO

When it comes to social good marketing Geoff Livingston gets it from the heart. Award winning author, Geogg Livingston_Give To Max Day strategiest, photographer and proud dad Geoff understands the unique needs of nonprofits and is devoting his talents to helping "mindful companies and nonprofits."

Geoff has graciously agreed to be our Guest Judge for this special contest.  Connect with Geoff on his blog, Twitter -@GeofflivingFacebookFlickr,  LinkedIn, Google+.

Rules of MSN The Business on Main/Diva Marketing Social Media Small Business Tips Contest 

1. Post your tip for how to use social media for branding on this Diva Marketing post And on this MSN Business On Main Post. If you don't post on MSN BOM and indicate Diva Marketing you cannot qualify for the $100 prize. 

2. Identify your post on Business On Main with the words Diva Marketing

3. Winner is at the pleasure of Diva Marketing.

4. Contest ends midnight Saturday January 7, 2011.

5. You must be at least 18 years of age

6. A valid eMail address must be included on the "Post a Comment Section" of your Diva Marketing comment. (How will I know where to contact you to send your check?)

That's it .. now it's your turn! Wouldn't $100 extra be nice to help with those holiday bills?

Drum beat please .. winner is .. Greer. Congrats!

" Give thanks! Thank your volunteers, donors, staff members, other organizations, etc. Non-profits can't do it alone and thanking people in a public way, such as through social media, is a huge compliment to those who have donated their time, money and energy to your cause."

Here's what are uber cool guest judge, Geoff Livingston had to say about why he chose Greer's tip.

OK, so here it is, I am going with Greer's comment. Here's why: 

  • "Thanking volunteers is a critical act of recognition that fosters long term health in a nonprofit. Peer recognition is pretty much the only thing these people get for thanks in exchange for providing time and expertise.  Social media is the ideal way to do this in a very public way.  Consider that these people are a 501(c)3's lifeblood, providing critical human resources for cash strapped organizations.  
  • But it goes further. Volunteers do more than provide bandwidth, they also serve as word of mouth ambassadors and their households donate twice as much as the average  Americans. Social recognition allows them to wear their honors publicly (similar to a badge) by retweeting, Likes, +1s and reshares creating more word of mouth, more good will and more donation."  

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Networking, networking, networking... Social media is a great way to connect with other people in the industry, organizations and businesses for FREE!

Posted by: MarketingDiva on Dec 27, 2011 6:46:27 PM

Give thanks! Thank your volunteers, donors, staff members, other organizations, etc. Non-profits can't do it alone and thanking people in a public way, such as through social media, is a huge compliment to those who have donated their time, money and energy to your cause.

Posted by: Greer on Jan 6, 2012 9:49:07 AM

We love to use Social Media to highlight partnerships and collaborations. Posting on or tagging partners has been a great way to acknowledge, say thanks and strengthen relationships and connections.

Posted by: Rachel on Jan 6, 2012 4:26:24 PM

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