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Max_52010 Max barks but he also howls. He sits straight up and tosses his little white head back. Looking quite like a wolf, he gives out a very musical Loud ah hooo! howl. 

Girlfriend, it sounds like someone is hurting the little guy. When human friends first hear Maxie's strange song they think some thing is quite wrong. However, the vet tells me Max is just fine. He might hear something or perhaps he's just singing. Whatever the reason, the result is unexpected and actually quite special.

Ron Williams knows how to howl too .. well in the way that he's turned something mundane into something unique. He's CEO of SnapGoods, a new way to borrow or rent stuff that you only want to use for a while but don't want to own forever. 

Catch the Business On Main's interview that provides the back-story. BOM author Antonio Neves calls it a ".. demand-driven social network for people’s needs." The concept is obviously new however, one positioning might be a channel that companies can leverage to allow customers to do a beyond sample test drive of a product. Interesting.

In the meantime SnapGoods is making the most of social media through blogs and social networks Facebook and Twitter

Another person who knows how to not only howl but to purr is Yvonne DiVita. Yvonne took her love of animals plus social media and morphed both into an innovative community .. BlogPaws.

As we've seen so often, taking relationships that begin in the digital world  .. blogs, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  .. offline can be powerful and fun. And that's just what savvy Yvonne did. BlogPaws is about to launched it's 3rd conference. I'm proud to say that Yvonne is also a Gf author for All The Single Girlfriends too!

 How are you "howling?" Join the convo on BOM.

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