How Do You Build B2B Relationships Using Social Media?


The miracle is this: the more we share the more we have. Leonard  Nimoy

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No one holds all the answers. Especially in social media marketing, or as some people refer to this brave new digital word as, new media. When you think of it how could she?

The tools like Twitter, Facebook, and geo location services such as Foursquare are nano seconds old. "Traditional" social platforms such as blogs, podcasts and video are two nano seconds old. Marketers are still learning how to talk to people without the benefit of their brand veils. 

I thought it would be interesting to crowd source a series of  "How do you do it .. 1 tip question posts." I reached into my social networks for answers.

People, with diverse backgrounds and experiences, generously shared their insights. The result is an invaluable learning for us all. Toss of a pink boa to everyone who is keeping the spirit of social media alive .. sharing knowledge.

How Do You Build B2B Relationships Using Social Media?

Add value through insights and content. That's how a good b2b relationship could start. - Cheers Rajesh Lalwani BlogWorks @rajeshlalwani

Whether for a business or an individual, powerful relationships are formed when social media is used to transform lives, whether by being responsive, connecting people, providing better service, creating better value or just by making someone smile. "What are you doing to make my life better via social media?" - Arun Rajagopal ArunRajagopal @arun4

Stop thinking of it as A "social media relationship" -- it's just a relationship, with a real person, who wants attention and appreciation. - Andy Sernovitz, author Word of Mouth Marketing Blog: Damm I Wish I Thought of That @andysernovitz

Be genuine and understand why you are talking to that particular person understand ones own business before you enrage with others Get a grip on what mediums one is using. - Anon

Consistency and persistence. Too many times, in the digital world, people are so hot and heavy in the beginning, then it all trails off like Summer Camp -- you fall madly in love and promise to keep in touch forever and then time passes. The real digital relationship honors go to the company that can leverage the CRM -- someone who can remember anniversaries and birthdays, if you will. Also, the relationships that are being constantly mined and "exploited" versus the ones that are kept aside like wine: in the cold for years.

In networking, there's a difference between collecting people and building relationships. If I met a mommy blogger and we hit it off, I am not going to say, "I have her in my pocket but I am not going to leverage this until the time is right and I have an important story."

That's true exploitation. That's a parasitic relationship. Intimacy is symbiotic. Intimacy is a muscle that must be exercised.

Intimacy doesn't just mean that if I buy you a steak at Morton's you're going to owe me a story.

Also, one must also remember that most digital relationships don't need to be intimate and can simply be transactional. That in order for people to really be able to connect, you need to connect lightly or hard.

Anyway, the biggest mistake that most people in the digital space make is not to "use" each other shamelessly... 

Generally speaking, this can't be done in-authentically. Either way, you need to find something you love about that person, no matter how small, and try to make the relationship about that real thing -- and it can be just the meta thing of social media.

Oh, and this all comes down to the fact that people love doing favors. It is actually rude not to ask the people around you for help, for love, for attention, and for a favor.

Oddly, people tend to love each other more the more they feel beholden, connected, and in each-other's debt.

I meet too many people who have a bunch of A-list bloggers they have met, they have the card for, but they never connect to them because they're holding off until they need something very badly -- sort of like a safety net. 

Like 11th hour conversions, they never tend to work out the way you would expect them to -- and generally fail. Who would want to fall into a rotten safety net? - Chris Abraham Abraham Harrison

Be the real and authentic you. To nurture and develop trusting relationships, a person has to be authentically themselves, This includes being ethical and honest in everything they say and post on social media, just as an every other aspect of your life and business. - Wayne Hurlbert Business World @waynehurlbert

Give consideration to the differences in HOW one can connect and why different strategies are necessary . This content is copyrighted by  - fjk @vitalingus   

Share what you admire most about their business in general, or their latest news. Use details when possible, not just an overall "like." They'll feel appreciated for their thoughtful strategy and work and they will appreciate you for it. - Melanie Notkin Savvy Auntie @SavvyAuntie

Use what I refer to as the "cord of three strands" principle -- on an individual basis, connect with another person on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. That way, you get to see their business side, personal side and what they're thinking about at a given moment.  – Anon

Use social media to stay top of mind by creating conversation around what your B2B client is interested in - without trying to sell! - Becky Carroll Customers Rock @bcarroll7

Do your research and find out where your interests intersect. - Bonnie Sahin Bonnies On It @Bsashin

Make them laugh. – Jackie Schklar Funny Not Slutty @funnynotslutty

Understand the power of the "Re" --- Retweet, repost, share, blog about others businesses to demonstrate that you follow and care about the other businesses news, events, progress, etc. Be sure to take the time to tailor your "Re" to match your customer/reader's interests as well as your business goals. It demonstrates that you read and thought about it. –

.. and my thoughts. Creating relationships in the digital world is really no different than in the offline world. Good ones take time to build. My 3 of 1 tips: 1. Provide selfless content that speaks to the needs of your comunity and not your brand. 2. Keep in touch with an @ tweet, comment or status up. 3. Give a little of your none business self. - Toby Bloomberg Diva Markering @tobydiva

Let's keep the leanings growing. How do you create B2B relationships using social media? Plese share your insights in the comments. 

 Tip Crowd Sourced Question Series

How do you take the fear factor out of social media?

How do you put soul into your blog posts?

Is social media a strategy or a tactic?

What are your scariest thoughts about social media?


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Don't sound like a constant advertisement. You're social media presence should be informative, but genuine. If I keep seeing updates that are just adverts, I block them out. On the other hand, an interesting update related to the product/service draws me in and builds my trust.

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