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Stars As 2010, wraps up, so does Diva Marketing's Stories From Smaller Nonprofit Series. This was the second year we had the privilege of providing opportunities for lesser known not for profits to tell their stories .. in their own way. In keeping with Diva Marketing's focus to help people understand how to better use social media, each nonprofit also kindly shared their social media experiences and lessons learned. 

A popular line from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner sets the stage for our last story. Water water everywhere nor any drop to drink. An invention, that is as as simple but as brilliant as the wheel, is about to help people in rural poverty areas bring water to their homes. Not only will the Wello WaterWheel make life easier but it's impact will change culture. Powerful. 

The Story of Wello WaterWheel is told by Seanwood1 Sean Wood. Sean is the founder of Freeworld Media in Atlanta. Freeworld is a social media boutique with an advanced perspective on how consumer marketing connects with science and art for measurable social business results."

You’ve probably seen pictures of women carrying 5 gallon buckets of water on their heads from distant water sources back to their homes.  This image is an everyday reality for people around the world that live in developing areas of Africa, India and other regions where water is hard to find. 

Access to clean water is one of the biggest global issues of the 21st century and moving water from the closest water source can take up much of the day. When women and children carry water buckets on their heads, it often leads to serious neck and spinal injuries

I met Cynthia Koenig, founder of Wello, a couple of years ago after she had worked in rural South Africa on water issues like access, sanitation and transportation.  When she returned to the US, Cynthia created the international non-profit group called the Wello WaterWheel to improve water transportation. (Photo of Cynthia Koenig)Cynthia Koenig

This simple barrel-like device helps people in developing countries transport 20 gallons of water at a time.  Because the Wello shortens the amount of time needed to transport water, it allows more time for education, which has a positive impact on the lives people, their families and their communities. 

After the Wello pilot program launched this summer in the Indian state of Rajasthan, a local 45-year old woman said ..

  • "There's a lot of daily work I have to do and with extra time [that the WaterWheel would provide], I could have more cattle because I'd have time to take care of them. This would increase my income. Also, with more time and increased livestock, young girls can go to school."

 As a social business, Freeworld Media donates 10% of our resources to support global causes as part of our social responsibility.  We created and executed digital marketing initiatives for Wello that raised funds and promoted the project around the world.  Most recently, it was featured at the 2010 Clinton Global Initiative.

Social Media Does Social Good

Wello Wheel
 2010 has been an active year for strategic planning, rebranding, creating manufacturing and distribution networks, and working on a sustainable business model. 

Wello completed a rebranding in September… and thanks to social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, the transition was seamless. We were able to keep the public abreast of the changes taking place with the venture, and as a result, most people have responded to our new look with "great new name" instead of "what's Wello?”


This was a huge advantage, since it enabled our small team to stay focused on day-to-day operations and on laying the groundwork for our 2011 pilot in India.” Cynthia Koenig

 The social media plan for 2011 includes streamlining social media to produce more consistent content through blogs, video networks and encourage conversations on Facebook and Twitter. The Wello WaterWheel can make a tremendous impact in the developing world and to help offset production costs, Wello seeks corporate sponsors and private donors.  

Wello logo


Learn more about the Wello WaterWheel Website Twitter Facebook YouTube


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Thanks to Taylor's Tale for the use of the Magical Stars. 


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