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Stars Tis the season to be jolly. Even though there might be a few less presents this year, the holidays are still filled with joy for most of us. However, for many others .. not so much. As the days of December move closer to the end of 2010, the nonprofit world reaches out to ask for your help with the wish that a last minute tax deduction will result in a few more donations.  

As a way to give back, Diva Marketing is once again highlighting smaller nonprofits. Through out December lesser known charities will be telling their stories .. in their special way. Perhaps you'll find a new cause that tugs on your heart and inspires you to donate, volunteer or pass along a link to your network. Thanks to Taylor's Tale for the use of the wishing on a star logo.

CarolynButcher_citizen effect The story of Citizen Effect is told by Citizen Philanthropist Carolyn Butcher who shares her personal experiences about how her life has been touched through her volunteer efforts. Special thanks to Andi Narvaez for her help coordinating this post. 

In 2006, Dan Morrison returned from a trip to India and brought together friends and family to raise funds to build a much-needed water well in Dungra Village. In 2008, Dan started Citizen Effect with the idea that everyone can make a real impact in the world.

Its mission is to connect passionate citizens with communities in need and give them the tools and support they need to take charge of their giving and improve thousands of lives, one project at a time.

I’m a life coach and yoga enthusiast in Washington, DC. Over the last two years, I’ve helped raise more than $14,000 from friends, family and the DC yoga community to build a childcare center and well in Dungra Village, India and fund a foster home in Cloetesville, South Africa. 

I have been with Citizen Effect since it was founded. For my first project, I donated $1,000 of my earnings from teaching a six-month life coaching workshop. For my second project, I sponsored birthday and holiday campaigns to raise $2,000 with friends and family. And for my third project, I became a community organizer for a 30-day yoga challenge in Washington, DC that brought together businesses, local contributors, and sponsors to raise $11,500 for a foster home for children in South Africa through the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Program.

Though my job keeps me busy, I’m committed to Citizen Effect because it makes it easy for me to connect with the communities that need my help and to reconnect with my passion to serve others. I never thought of myself as a fundraiser. But founder Dan Morrison once asked me, “What do you love to do?” I thought of my workshops and yoga and realized that all I needed to do was wrap a fundraiser around them.

 Social Media Does Social Good 

Citizen Effect uses social media to…

1. Help Citizen Philanthropists bring friends, co-workers and family together to build local communities that help a global community in need. Citizen Philanthropists don’t just click a “donate” button; they become leaders.

 2. Connect Citizen Philanthropists with the communities they are giving to by sending them project updates and sharing news of their progress. Citizen Philanthropists don’t just get a tax form; they get to see the direct impact their efforts are having on the world’s issues.

3. Share stories from partners and their communities to inspire new Citizen Philanthropists to step up to find solutions for critical problems affecting less fortunate regions in the world. Citizen Philanthropists don’t just give $50 to charity; they support scalable development that helps communities flourish.

4. Citizen Effect’s Holiday Harvest

This season, forget the iTunes gift card and participate in a more meaningful gift experience. Choose a holiday card from the region of the world you want to support, personalize it with a message, and Snapfish will send the card to your friend or loved one so you can tell them you made a gift in their name to solve the hunger crisis.

Social media has helped Citizen Effect achieve its mission and change the face of philanthropy, which looks more like us every day.

Logo_citizen_effect-260x75  Learn More About Citizen Effect

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Toby, thank you for such a great post!

Citizen Philanthropists are the heart of Citizen Effect and it's great to be able to share their stories.

Social media is the perfect vehicle for that. Not only has it changed the way we collaborate and talk with others, but on a much higher level it has helped us become more involved with the finding solutions to some of the world's problems and connect those who want to have take on a piece of that change.

Happy holidays to you and our fellow nonprofits!

Posted by: Andi on Dec 17, 2010 1:15:58 PM

Carolyn embodies everything about Citizen Philanthropy - passion, creativity, and social networker! Thank you for a great post.

Posted by: Dan Morrison on Dec 17, 2010 1:38:23 PM

Dan & Andi - It was my pleasure. thank you for all that you do. Carolyn has a great story to tell and I'm happy to help you share it and pass it along. All the very best for 2011!

Posted by: Toby Bloomberg on Dec 18, 2010 11:28:44 PM


Thanks for sharing how social media can be used for the greater good. It's important to remember that it is a medium - a medium that can be used for good or bad. Or not necessarily even bad, but I'm always hearing about how to use social media to increase your business. Nice to hear a different perspective.

Posted by: Jack on Dec 20, 2010 4:12:27 PM

I support nad volunteer at an as animal shelter I would like to help them with fundraising online but have no idea where to start.

Posted by: Pattaya Girls on Dec 22, 2010 5:55:55 AM

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