Being At The Social Media Party You Could Not Attend


I am still learning. ~ Michaelangelo

GraduationCapToss Tossing our graduation caps into the air doesn't mean our education is over. Instead it signals a different type of learning. It's a learning that we now pursue without the structure of a formal syllabus .. which is constructed by someone whose ideas of what we need to know may not be the same as our own.

Especially in a field that is emerging, like social media marketing, it's important to learn from peers who are willing to share real life experiences. Traditional books, publications and industry associations were always the main stay. Then the world wide web added articles and content we could access 24/7/365.

However, it's the social web that is the game changer. Social media is providing peer-to-peer exchanges, through tweets, blog posts/comments and status ups.

We now have access to, dare I say the word .. industry experts. Frequently, these "pros" (in the truest sense of the word), who we might have seen at a conference or read their books, are giving us more ... free and freely. Via social web content they are providing additional value; often they join in community discussions and answer specific questions. 

One of my favorite ways people are creating nontraditional learning experiences is sharing information from conferences through tweets, blog posts, Facebook updates, etc. Call it being at the party you couldn't attend

Tweet_laurencoppage feeling like there

Recently I had the honor of chairing the AiMA (Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association) social media meeting. For a fun learning, along with a bit of wrap around content, here are some of the tweets that were shared from the event. #aima

Ed Garston, head of electronic media for Chrysler, and Rick Short, marketing communication director at Indium, a global B2B company, not only presented innovative campaigns and uses of social media but shared results. 

Tweet jumboshowjoe prominentplcment case sutdy

Social media is different than traditional or Interactive marketing. It's based on a long-term customer-brand, value proposition, delivered through digitial conversations in public forums. Success comes through understanding how to represent your brand promise within the unique culture of social media.

Tweet julie _ sm respectful not over market

However, getting started, either in a business-to-business or business-to-consumer environment, can present a challenge if management and/or your employees don't understand the benefits. Ed and Rick shared a few practical suggestions:

Tweet kyharrison grow web presence into community

Tweet mastermindings sell internal

Tweet chandrathompson competition

Tweet lynnrfrances _ answer today to questions tomorrow

Twitter toby_ chrysler recap

Tweet rebeccachander _ part of campaign not entire campaign

Tweet rmcferrin jmarie83 _ presence established

As our speakers reminded us, at the end of the day, it's not about playing with new shiny toys but about producing business results based on goals and objectives. 

Tweet cmorocks doncare about sm about $

Tweets also provide an opportunity for community members to contribute their own thoughts to the digital stream, often resulting in virtual sidebar discussions.

Tweet oliviapatrick _ comentary

How are you continuing your learning? 


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Nice, i like your article. It is thought provoking, since it reminds me that its now a case of being able to talk to people about many issues which you couldnt do before.
Though I do wonder. Rather than a step forwards, is this not a step back? Before huge company's, people who produced goods would talk with one another and compare workings would they not? Communities were smaller, but there was a degree of informality which allowed you to talk amongst yourselves. Just thinking outloud of course.

Posted by: SjKato on Oct 4, 2010 5:06:55 AM

Great post Toby! Good reminder about not letting the shine from the toy blind you to the goals and objectives.

Posted by: marianne richmond on Oct 6, 2010 5:41:19 PM

This article is very meaningful to me, this can encourage us to continue learning so that we are not left out information, thank you ..............

Posted by: marketing on Oct 9, 2010 2:59:54 AM

Touched. Tossing our graduation caps into the air ---that's one of the wonderful moments of my life, really unforgetable, even though we came across the rainy day the day we graduated.
There is a old saying that: never too old to learn. Many things we need to learn in our life. Social media is now a very popular tool for people to learn. books and movies and Tv series as well. We could learn from others experiences inderectly.
Be in fashion, come to the

Posted by: Hannah on Oct 10, 2010 11:07:54 PM

Wonderful experience coming to this site! I have bookmarked it..thanks a lot!

Posted by: Marketing consultant Job Description on Oct 12, 2010 1:59:23 AM

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