B2B & Social Media - A Match Made In Virtual Heaven


Office pool 1950s  For the 999,798th time a VIP Marketing Person said to me, "Toby I sort of get how social media can fit into a B2C company but I don't think it's really right for my B2B company." I told him this story -

A long time ago, before tweets or status updates on social networks, a smart man said to me, " You don't do business with a company, you do business with the people who work for the company." 

Frequently B2B sales cycles include interaction with a number of different people from gate keepers to influencers to the end decision maker and sometimes the end user. 

A company's strengths and fragilities may be reflected on a balance sheet but it is the employees, not the logo of the brand, who make the decisions and use your product. When it's a relationship sell it's always about the people. People like to do business with people they like. If you spend your time wisely building relationships you'll never regret it. 

So .. if that's the case, and social media is about building and nurturing relationships, seems to me that B2B and social media are a match made in virtual heaven.

Interestingly, according in a study conducted by Business.com the relationship aspect of social media, engagement with prospects, engagement with customers, that are being measured, are more successfully for B2B than B2C. 

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One of the best examples of social media B2B success is being led by Rick Short, director marketing communication of the global manufacturing company Indium. Social media initiatives range from blogs written by Indium's scientists (and Rick), videos to Facebook and Twitter. 

If you're in Atlanta on 9-29 drop by AiMA's social media event - Social Media Driving Results For Business where Rick Short will tell his fascinating story. Diva Talks podcast with Rick about using video for B2B 

AiMA has a special guest for the B2C marketers. Ed Garston, head of Chrysler's electronic media and editor of the controversial media only blog will share the social media strategy behind one of the major automobile companies. Diva Marketing interviews Ed Garston

Question for you. How are you using social media in a B2B environment? 

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Networking is more about farming and cultivating relationships rather than hunting.Engaging in ‘premature solicitation’won't work.You’ll be a better networker if you remember that.”

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