Social Media Redefines The Brand Experience


Brands abc blocks  Random thoughts on a late summer afternoon. How do you define a "brand experience?" 

It seems to me .. the traditional "brand experience" is evolving into what it might be more appropriate to call .. the "human experience." It seems to me .. brand experience goes beyond the customer use of the product/service, ad messaging, PR spins or slick logos that are all wrapped up in a beautiful bow of consistency across all communication channels. 

It seems to me .. that while those elements may be important to build the structure of a brand promise, they become part of the new brand equation. Add to that a not so minor detail of peer-to-peer influence.

Example: What makes Zappos a great brand? It's not so much its offering of a zillion different shoe options or even the free return policy. It's the commitment to customer care which begins with its trust in its own employees. Employees are encouraged to take good care of its customers, as well as, to build people-to-people not brand-to-people, relationships from call center exchanges to tweets.

How odd it seems in 2010, to build a relationship with an inanimate object when people (employees & customers), who are really the heart of a brand, are out from the shadows.

Your thoughts? 

 Sidebar: Zappo CEO Tony Hsieh's, book Delivering Happiness, is worth a read.

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My thoughts: In a world filled with impersonalization, those organizations who are personalizing the customer experience are the ones developing last relationships with those customers. This in turn keeps brand loyalty very high and in an age of educated consumers is worth more than a huge advertising campaign. Great post! Chris Brogans comment about Customer Service is the new PR hits the nail right on the head!

Posted by: JustinEMIG on Sep 3, 2010 5:49:12 PM

Justin - thanks for your comment. I agree with you .. social media's impact is in humanizing, or as you put it personalizing, the exchange. Just people to people without the messaging getting in the way.

Posted by: Toby on Sep 4, 2010 1:44:07 AM

I think user experiences or say human behaviors towards a company/brand will finally comes into consideration. Whether they are in your business area or not you will learn how to adopt things if you show concern towards your customers.

Posted by: Raj | SEO Blogger on Sep 9, 2010 6:21:19 PM

This is a great post. I think there are certain companies (like Zappos) that are standing out above the rest because of the experience they are creating for their customers.

Posted by: Katie @ SM Workshop on Sep 13, 2010 12:04:55 PM

Brands build the relations from people-to-people not brand-to-people. That's true. Brands always present a conception of life. Wearing branded products are also a show of our opinion of life, because we agree the brand's view. Also show our personality. to pursue simple or elegant life, whatever.

Posted by: Hannah on Oct 10, 2010 11:27:08 PM

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