Age of Conversation 3: Time To Get Busy!


AOC3books  Social media is all about the stories. This tale could never have happened without the technology of the Internet, the culture of social media and the generosity of over 100 people from all over the globe. 

It is also a case study that reinforces that social media does create real and sustaining relationships. It begins with two guys from opposite ends of the world. One was from the middle of America and the other from down under in Australia. 

Dew and gavin_3  Gavin Heaton and Drew McLellan had a wild idea to crowd source a book about the new conversations that were changing the fabric of marketing. No one would make a penny .. all of the profits would be donated to charity. In 2007, they asked people active in social media to write 1 page. Hence was born the Age of Conversation 1. 2008 brought Age of Conversation 2 with over 200 contributing authors. 

Age of Conversation 3 launched this week. It's available in Kindle, hard copy and soft copy at and other digital book stores. Subtitled, It’s time to get busy!,it focuses on action versus theory. This social media book is divided into 10 sections:

1. Conversational Branding

2. Influence

3. Getting To Work

4. Corporate Conversations

5. Measurements

6. In The Boardroom

7. Pitching Social Media

8. Identities, Friends and Trusted Friends

9. Conversations At The Coalface

10. Innovation and Execution

I'm proud to have participated in all 3 Age of Conversation books. Thanks to Channel V Books for their help in publishing and distribution. Toss of a pink boa Pink boato the awesome authors, and of course, Drew and Gavin. Would love to know your thoughts about any part of the book, the concept, where you see new media heading. 

Part of the author agreement is not to publish our pages until 6-months after publication .. but sshhh .. here's a sneak peek of my page for you! Of course it's told in story format (smile). 

  • Once upon a time there was a CEO who worked diligently for many years building a successful company. One day she (or perhaps it was a he) realized the business model she had carefully crafted was no longer valid. She found her customers and prospects were not waiting for her website to be updated, new ads to launch, sales calls returned, or direct mail pieces received in order to make purchase decisions. She discovered customers were not in company service queues waiting for answers to their questions. [Continued in Age of Conversation 3 - Chapter Corporate Conversations: Building The Social Enterprise]


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