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  • Kinda nice but scary and dangerous dealing with the truth. - To SIr With Love

Flowers danilions blowing Customer feedback is built into the DNA of marketing. Although raw opinions in the public world of the Internet can be unnerving, as marketers we're use to customers evaluating the brands we work on and even the service we provide.

Everyone has an opinion and in our online world millions of people are not shy sharing theirs. Even ten year old Perry Chen reviews films on his site Perry Previews. Click a link or two and you're in the midst of a universe of zillions of ways to review and rate products, services, books and even non profit organizations. 

Blogs and social networks also provide avenues to voice personal opinions. These ideas live in an odd, online, glass house world. Social media unleashed another type of evaluation that many never bargained for .. peer-to-peer judgment.

Often when people talk about social media two words are bounced about: transparency and authenticity.  Here are two more words to add to the mix: vulnerable and brave.

When you step into the social media world and express your opinions you are vulnerable to the challenges of your colleagues and foes. However, at the same time the courage to take that risk is too often rarely acknowledged. Toss of a pink boa to those who are creating thoughtful and thought provoking content that encourages us to reach a little further and learn a little more.


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Hi Toby,

If social media is making people be brave and a little more fearless, that's a good thing. Because everyone has a story to tell, and everyone's story (well, at least most of ours) is interesting if we bother to listen.

"Toss of a pink boa" to you for pushing the conversation forward.

Posted by: Daria Steigman on Mar 29, 2010 8:53:20 AM

it's like they say, opinions are like cold sores. sometimes you just wish people would keep them to themselves. ha.

Posted by: f4 network on Mar 29, 2010 9:49:59 AM

Very well stated. In order to be trusted, we need to be vulnerable, and that requires bravery to be so transparent. Done well though and the rewards are worth the risks.

Posted by: Awareness Home Funding on Mar 31, 2010 4:40:10 PM

I think you need to hold a fine line on sharing and sharing to much.

Being transparent and vulnerable is ok, long as it doesn't cross the line you set to being safe, smart and comfortable.

Also having thik skin will help you too,,lol

Amazing how verbal and out spooken people can be with a

Posted by: John Paul Aguiar on Apr 12, 2010 9:19:47 AM

Social Media and blogs provide important information and a place to give your opinion. If you don't agree with a certain view or topic, move on to something you do like.

Posted by: Home Business Blog on Nov 25, 2010 4:39:47 PM

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