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Toss of a pink boa to Nancy Chorpenning, who inspired the title of my presentation on social media marketing for NAWBO Atlanta (National Association of Women Business Owners), and was an always awesome support as we developed this session. We felt "Follow The Dots" would be good way to frame the flow from strategy to tactics ... however .. as is sometimes the case one dot led to something slightly different.

Candy button  As I began building the deck (I often like to mix slides with conversation. People learn differently and PowerPoint offers a visual media.) candy dots ran through my mind. I thought it would be fun to include an image of candy dots to help illustrate the strategy trail.  When I went to look for graphics I found what I remembered to be "candy dots" were actually called "candy buttons."  I decided to have a bit of fun and create the presentation and analogies around a candy theme. 

The Same But Different: The candy names were different. The taste and texture were different. One candy was hard while the other was soft and chewy. However, they were both candy. They were both sort of round and colorful. Different but the same

Using that as an introduction to the session led to an interesting discussion of how not all social media tactics serve the same purpose. That what is right for one organization may not be right for all organizations. Different. However, to succeed in social media all organizations must create a plan that integrates social media into their master marketing plan. SameCandy dots  

Our Conversation Guide focused on 3 questions:

1. What exactly Is "Social Media?"

2. Is Social Media right for my business right now?

3. Which tools/channels/tactics should I begin with?

As promised to the wonderful women of NAWBO I'm happy to share the deck. Enjoy with some of your favorite childhood candy .. if you can't have a little fun with your social media, why bother?

Social Media: Connecting The (Candy) Dots

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Very creative approach to the subject - Dots are one of my favorite candies! Who wouldn't want to dive in -to both the candy and subject- when presented as you did! Would it be possible to use two of your diagrams (with credits) for a discussion I am having with a client?

Posted by: Lisa Pohmajevich on Jan 13, 2010 2:09:19 PM

What a creative take on a social media presentation! Not only did you create interesting visuals, you explained it in a way that anyone could relate to. Great way to break through the clutter!

Posted by: Ashley Blasewitz on Jan 13, 2010 5:30:21 PM

Lisa & Ashley - I much appreciate your feedback. Btw .. I took a bit of a chance that the women would be open to 'playing' with social media concepts .. they were great and it was a fun session.

Lisa - happy to share the charts with you.

Posted by: Toby on Jan 14, 2010 12:48:06 AM

Love the candy and 'connect the dots' concept! Connecting dots and connecting with people en masse! Very cool!

Posted by: Denver SEO on Jan 14, 2010 10:24:31 PM

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