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Halloween-candy 2 A thought inspired by too much Halloween candy. 

From social media networks to blogs, widgets, tweets and hot mobile apps marketers are faced with more choices than we ever could have imagined.

It seems every day brings a new shiny toy to try .. and to confuse. Add a few traditional tactics .. PR, email, advertising and search and the job becomes overwhelming. Overlay that with an internal structure  where functions are silo-ed by departments and you have a frightening disjointed marketing program.

One of the benefits that social media brings to the enterprise is a critical need to ensure cross functional communication systems are in place. As we're seeing social media does not live only in PR or Marketing or Customer Service.

Over the next few days let's take a dive into creating a Social Media Marketing Plan. The first step is to align internal stakholders and understand the landscape. What I call the P-I-E-C-E conversation is a process that helps develop a foundation for The Social Enterprise and sets the stage for developing an integrated marketing plan.

PIECE Conversation
Step 1: Prepare: educational component. as it relates to social media: competitive analysis, customer activity, industry trends
Step 2: Invite people who perceive they have a stake: C-suite, marketing, legal, technology, customer service
Step 4: Encourage people to talk openly
Step 5: Confirm and prioritize issues (including objectives/goals)
Step 6: Engage next steps create a Red Flag Memo

Red flag memo


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Thanks for the details.I enjoy such discussions as i am a regular on social media sites for marketing purposes.

Posted by: flash website on Nov 11, 2009 6:57:46 AM


I just found your site, and liked your post on social media.

I particularly liked the six-step PIECE Conversation and the Red Flay Memo graphic.

I'm still not convinced that social media does better than SEO. I recently wrote a post comparing the two. It starts on the page linked above.

I also recently read research results revealing that social media traffic accounts for only 1% of all traffic across the web.

Posted by: Linda P. Morton on Nov 12, 2009 11:09:51 AM

This plan is something new i think but it may take more time for working.

Posted by: social media marketing on Jan 13, 2010 9:29:02 PM

Its been interesting to watch to rapid growth of social marketing. I am a traditional marketer offline, but I can see how one day with social marketing it will slice a large piece of pie in the market place.

Posted by: small business development and management on Feb 26, 2010 9:40:23 PM

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