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Max and kitty 10_09 Max and I were taking a walk yesterday. A big yellow and white cat came over to Max and he stopped to play with her. Yes, Max likes cats.  His little tail wagged so quickly. His concentration on his kitty friend was total and complete. He was in the moment. When he was done he walked happily away to his next important thing to do. Max is a very busy pooch.

I thought .. social media is an in the moment way to conduct marketing. Then I thought .. the idea of responding to an external influence at the time the incident occurs is foreign to traditional marketing. Marketing is based on strategy where research, plans and how to figure it all out comes before a formal execution of tactics is achieved. Even PR whose charge it is to 'manage' the reputation of the brand rarely responds in the moment.

Social media goes against the grain of how marketers including PR, sales and to a great extent customer service professionals have managed their responsibilities as stewards of the brand. Or does it? Can the two concepts happily co-exist? Can marketing maintain a strategic focus while still being in the moment?

Let's first define what in the moment marketing means in terms of social media. In the simplest of ideas it takes into account only four steps: Monitoring, Understanding, Interacting, Integrating

1. Monitoring the discussion occurring in the digital world of blogs, tweets, forums, social networks, etc.

2. Understanding the challenges of customers and stakeholders to what they feel impacts the brand promise; as well as appreciating the people who say nice things.

3. Interacting with the people who take the time to have digital discussions about your brand.

4. Integration of ideas into your company and into the brand.

The complexity and sophistication of social media in the moment marketing occurs behind the scenes in the How where traditional marketing's strong suite comes into play through building the foundation. 

Questions to help you think through the process of in the moment marketing for your organization. 

1. How will monitoring or listening occur? Will you use a free tool like Google Alerts or RSS key word feeds or will you contract with a social media monitoring company?

2. How will understanding or hearing what is critical information be determined? How will the information be sent to the right people at the right time .. which may be real time?  Who are the "right" people?

3. How will you reach out to customers and stakeholders? Will that occur in public through comments on posts or in tweets? Will you take the conversation offline in an email or phone call? Who will be responsible for follow-up .. both to the individual and to the community at-large who has passively heard the remarks? 

4. How will you integrate the learnings into the fabric of the brand or into new processes for your enterprise?

It's all a part of developing the new social enterprise .. but it takes so much more to be in the moment for a brand than for a dog!


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Posted by: jnewman1 on Oct 17, 2009 3:08:10 PM

Interesting thoughts Diva. I think in the moment marketing is definitely something that will play a larger role in the world of marketing. With the emergence of these new mediums and the popularity they are gaining, it is essential for marketers to adapt their skills and be more fluid in their styles and strategies.

Posted by: Promotional Products on Oct 26, 2009 12:42:55 PM

That's the great thing about marketing online - you're hitting the customers when they are looking for you. Traditional marketing interupts us from our daily activities such as watching tv and ads come on or driving down the street and billboards are screaming for our attention.

We are getting bombarded by hundreds of marketing pieces everyday and the more we are exposed to, the less effect each one has.

Imagine watching TV and only ads that you wanted to see came up?

Thinking about it though, banners and some other form of online marketing is really annoying to and needs to be changed before it will become more effective too.

Posted by: Nigel Burke on Nov 12, 2009 4:33:06 AM

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