Building Brand Value Through Social Media


Recently I had the pleasure to speak at New Media Atlanta about Building Brand Value Through Social Media.

Managing a brand in this new social media world is definitely a challenge for any brand steward. A world where the voices of your customers (and stakeholders) can block traditional marketing messages, takes new skills: understanding the culture of the "conversation" and how to join in while maintaining brand's equity and your individual authenticity.

I asked the attendees to fill in the blank: Managing A Brand In The Social Media World Is Like ________. Their responses were .. awesome! Which is your favorite?

@timjackson - trying to hold smoke rings in your hand

I believe that social media is quickly taking its place as aspect of brand value. As customers come to expect the opportunity to interact directly with the people behind the brand social media will be integrated into the overall development of the "brand."

10 Guide Posts to Social Media Brand Value

1. Understand the brand strategy including: brand values, promise and overall direction
    a. Does the value proposition of your social media strategy support your brand value/promise?
2. Understand more than the demos about your target audience
3. Develop a communication system that loops employees into brand strategies
4. Understand the company culture before you venture into social media
5. Provide tactical support as needed to employees who engage with customers
6. Develop a 1st Listening Post program
7. Create/ensure communication processes are in place to provide feedback within organization and to the customer
8. Identify what is success for each tactic
    a. Based on business goals and objectives
    b. Based on the social media outputs – may be different that traditional measurements
9. Create flexible social media guidelines for employees
10. Create flexible social media guidelines for customers

As promised, here's my presentation from New Media Atlanta. Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions.


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Great slide 14!

Posted by: Marianne Richmond on Oct 2, 2009 1:35:28 AM

Thanks for sharing this interesting article.

Posted by: seo services on Oct 2, 2009 2:02:54 AM

Thanks for being a part of New Media Atlanta! We think you rock :)

Posted by: Matt Fagioli on Oct 2, 2009 8:05:26 AM

These days, social media is as much a part of a brand as a logo. Customers expect to have some form of interaction with the people behind a brand, behind the scenes. For any company, this means that your employees have to be prepared to deal with customers wants and needs outside of the office.

As marketers, if we're going to participate in social media we have to be ready to fully participate as a part of the audience we're marketing to. Social media shouldn't take away from your brand, it should add to it.

Tessa Carroll
VBP OutSourcing

Posted by: Tessa Carroll on Oct 2, 2009 10:47:20 AM

@marianne - thanks. my attempt to graphically show how social media integrates company, customers and employees with new 'responsibilities.' of course graphics would have been cooler with a Mac ;-)

@Matt it was a pleasure to be part of the first New Media Atlanta.

@Tessa - great point. I think social media makes marketing more fun; we have the opportunity to interact with out customers instead of watching from behind the magic glass mirror.

Posted by: Toby on Oct 4, 2009 8:38:50 PM


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Nice post indeed. Would you also happen to have examples of B2B initiatives in social media? Or do you think that the audiences in B2B are too small to set up new networks and initiatives should use existing business networks such as LinkedIn?

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Posted by: evgen on Oct 6, 2010 7:51:17 AM

Your points perfectly frame reality. What Social Brand Building does do comes from my B2B Sales experience. 'If everything is the same in terms of quality, price, and value, people/businesses buy from those they like the best'. Obviously your comments show Dunkin Donuts have more 'social friends' than Starbucks even with less 'fans'. Which most likely means when presented with both options like NYC offers someone will go to Dunkin because they like them. And they are more likely to be an Advocate as well.

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