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Blog read blog As social networks like Twitter, Facebook and the like grab center stage of the social media world blogging seems almost retro. Now don't get me wrong I love the tweet bird and have am amusingly frustrated when the Fail Whale pops into view. As for Facebook I am tickled that my 70+ year old Auntie Barbara has a page. 

Maybe it's because I "grew-up" in social media beginning with blogs that this funny little word packs a big punch for me. Keep in mind that unless you own the platform although you might "own" your content it is a joint partnership which can change at the whim of the software owner.

Bring Back The Blog will be a sometimes series that highlights some of the great work in the blogosphere. For your reading pleasure ..

The gold ring of digital marketing is engaging with your customer. No easy feat as you well know. Nancy White, blog: Full Circle Associates, has written a detailed and thought provoking post - What do we mean by engagement online? She addresses issues that I haven't seen in many conversations including her idea that we engage with both people and content and as much as we might say comments are in real time there is a time lag .. "snow flake time."

Jason Fall, blog: Social Media Explore, reminds us that "We wanna blog" is not a good enough reason to launch a blog. His post Good Communication Takes Planning that includes developing strategies against an objective/goal and success measures.

The PR industry's footprint is expansive in the blogosphere running the gamut from global agencies to boutique shops. Kelley Crane takes us behind the scenes of smaller shops with her blog Solo PR Pro. Be sure to catch her evergreen post 44 Tools For The PR Consultant's Toolbox.

Some people really are into blogs like Denise Wakeman who has several that provide information on both blogs and social media in-general. In Biz Tips Blog be sure to catch this Five Social Media Mistakes. On .Build A Better Blog Denise has practical tips for Driving More Traffic To Your Blog.

Blogs provide a unique opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader. With his blog, The MarketingSavant Group - Leadership Through Thought, Dana Vanden Heuvel walks the talk or should I say blogs the concept. He has identified a niche .. thought leadership is supports it with well researched and smart content. His post "Thought Leading" Your Way to Premium Brand Status describes the " .. characteristics of premium brands and how they correlate with thought leadership marketing."

In addition there are people writing about marketing specific verticals like Healthcare and Pharma. Back of the Book (blog) authored by Ellen Hoeng Carlson is rich with posts that provide in depth information that take the conversation to deeper levels like in Phara and Marketers: How do you elegantly use what you  have?

If you are looking for edgy, savvy and someone who pulls no punches when it comes to politics and her view on the world in general then add Lisa Sabiter's blog Cultural Kitchen to your list.

All work and no play makes any Diva .. well a dull yawn. In the spirit of fun and play there are blogs that bring a laugh and a giggle like Jacki Schklar's Funny Not Slutty video blog.  Jacki collects videos of women comics. Added bonus - reduce your stress level.

In a world where we sometimes hesitate to color with more than the standard crayons Alex Geana is not afraid to use the unusual. His blog Alex Geana Sometimes Smart Always Interesting is a prefect description of his writing. Don't miss his coverage of Mercedes-Benz Spring Fashion Week .. as only Alex can tell it. 

More later. In the mean time - What's your favorite blog?


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Yes, Toby, bring back the blog, with thoughtful insights and observations, not smushed into 140 characters that seem to best-suited for inane chatter.

Posted by: David Reich on Sep 15, 2009 12:06:12 AM

@david - 140 characters maybe swell (and I love the way you put it "smushed into 140 characters") but the space to breath comes with blogs. by the way people .. David's blog - my 2 cents - should be in every PR and ad professional's RSS feed.

Posted by: Toby on Sep 15, 2009 12:15:55 AM

2/3 of my consulting business comes from people who subscribe to my blog.

I've yet to land a single project from a Twitter follower.

My blog subscribers are skewed to CEOs/CMOs/CFOs.

My twitter subscribers are skewed to a very different audience --- analysts, managers, and opportunists. Not that it is bad, but it is an entirely different audience.

So yes, the blog is "retro", but in my case, entirely necessary!

Posted by: Kevin Hillstrom on Sep 15, 2009 11:43:31 AM

Fantastic post, thanks for pointing us to blogs that deserve attention.

Posted by: Fabulously40 on Sep 15, 2009 6:05:28 PM

Toby, yes, I'm a big blogging evangelist for precisely the reasons you state. My strategy to to funnel my friends from twitter and Facebook back to my blogs so they can get a deeper and more intimate connection than I believe is possible on the other social platforms.

Thanks for including me in your list of great bloggers.

Blog on!

Posted by: Denise Wakeman on Sep 16, 2009 11:10:56 AM

I think it's a good point to make that most things that are posted on twitter, and discussed on facebook and other social networks are sourced from and link to blogs.

Posted by: Scott Lockhart on Sep 16, 2009 11:22:55 AM

Toby- excellent point about "owning" your content. I also think there's something about a blog that brings order to the social media chaos -- I always go to a person's blog when I want to *really* get to know what they're about.

Thanks for starting the Bring Back the Blog series, and of course for including Solo PR Pro on your list!

Posted by: Kellye Crane on Sep 18, 2009 11:31:44 AM

It was great hearing you on the panel in Athens yesterday! I've always been more apt to read blogs rather than maintain a blog myself -- as least beyond a personal blog. But as I try to stay disciplined with producing content, I'll be revisiting this entry to get inspiration.

Thanks for sharing all of these resources and examples. I'm looking forward to reading more.

Posted by: Jack Newton on Sep 20, 2009 2:57:11 PM

Thanks for adding Funny not Slutty to such an esteemed list from such an esteemed SM expert!

Posted by: Jacki Schklar on Mar 31, 2010 11:18:14 AM

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