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Socialmedia Recently I was at a StartupChicks networking event chatting with a young woman I had never met nor did we have an "online relationship." Our conversation began with ground zero questions. She told me she was a social media consultant and began to explain what social media was all about. She talked about "conversations" and "listening" and "authenticity."

I smiled and nodded. It tickled me to think how far the social media industry has come in 5 years when I first started teaching marketers about a new way to reach and interact with customers. Concepts that were considered odd are now considered buzz words.

About this time last year about this time I asked bloggers/content providers, brand and agency marketers for their insights about one aspect of social media .. Blogger Relations. As is typical in our industry people generously offered their insights and we learned together how to create win-win-win strategies. 2008 Pulse of the Industry Blogger Relations

As the social media industry continues to mature I continue to wonder how and where does "Blogger or Twitter Relations" fit into the puzzle. What have we learned within the past 12-months?

I would appreciate your insights and have created a quick Survey Monkey survey for 2009 Pulse of the Industry Blogger Relations. As a thank you to you and our industry 'll post results on Diva Marketing and acknowledge your participation.

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It's funny to think that people will refer to social media as "twitter relations", but then again who would of thought social media would have grown into this multi million dollar industry? Employers are going to need people who are social media savvy; social media is not going anywhere and it will continue to grow.

Posted by: Ashlee on Aug 24, 2009 10:53:50 PM

I welcome it when a younger professional or soon-to-be one begins to explain more about an "new" element to the overall marketing mix. I like to hear what words they use, and what connections they draw as to its importance and utilization. What worries me (and may be begins to show my age) is the lack of strategy or long term vision about tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Marketing is about communication and communication is about engaging and connecting with people -- are we deluding ourselves to think that this technology takes the place of in-person meetings? Worse yet, are we mislead into thinking that all this new terms or languages bring us together when they're really so diverse that we'll need a new kind of lexicon and dictionary in hand to decipher them.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very pro-technology and business development, so long as it remains real and facilitates relationships.

Great movie to watch, "He's Just Not that into You" is superb at showing how this 'social networking' isn't "all that" and can be exhausting in time, effort and money on the individual.

Posted by: UY Creative on Aug 25, 2009 10:18:48 PM

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