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One of the joys in writing Diva Marketing is introducing you to smart, savvy people - both Divas and Divos- who generously share their knowledge and learnings with us. [Inteviews. #smgps. Diva Talks podcasts] This series, Atlanta Women in Social Media Marketing, is a little different. Not only is it my tribute to the women in Hotlanta who are actively including social media to build their companies (or their clients' businesses) but it's personal.

My adventures in this industry gave me the opportunity to meet wonderful people all over the world but some how not so much in my own back yard. I wondered .. where are the Atlanta Women in Social Media? One by one I am slowly I am discovering them! 

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to one of my new BBF Nancy Chorpenning.

Nancy chorpenning Nancy Chorpenning - CSuite Advisors Small Business Central Blog @csuiteadvisors @peacecorpsmeri1

1. What does social media marketing mean to you? -  As a business advisor, my first priority is helping clients develop thoughtful strategic and operating plans, including (as a former dotcom executive and professional marketer) Marketing Plans. Social Media are Marketing Tactics, first and foremost. Trying to use Social Media for marketing your business without having a clear marketing plan and success metrics established beforehand turns SM into a fun but dangerous black hole where you can waste LOTS of time and money just like any other misfire (as in “Ready...Fire...Aim!”).

2. My favorite social media tactic: Finding ways to redeploy content automatically by connecting various social media outlets, e.g., Blog publishing that goes to instantly to Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Twitter, and Ning pages, and all back again. Efficiency is such a kick! And content is king (said the former publisher…).

3. In 140 characters - What is Atlanta's greatest challenge in becoming a social media hub? - Dispersion. Our geographical challenges & industry diversity can be both weakness & strength. We don’t have a Silicon Alley or advertising district, just ITP/OTP.

4. 2 sentences about your company. - Leveraging an unusual constellation of experience and abilities as catalysts and connectors, C-Suite Advisors engage Entrepreneurs and fast-thinking business owners with stimulating and pragmatic processes to catapult their firm upward. C-Suite Advisors’ specialty is leading growing organizations to their next level of success, including helping them plan and implement the requisite structure, practices, systems and processes.

5. I began offering social media marketing - My first foray into Social Media was back in 2004, still part of the WebMD StartUp management team, when I came upon LinkedIn. Trying to persuade my former associates around the country of its potential was an uphill battle, but my Healtheon-WebMD colleagues were right there. There were some great benefits to that dotcom culture! We saw the power of connecting with our various disease communities, the real power behind the success of WebMD.

So it wasn't a surprise that (some) people are inclined towards communicating with others of similar interests. It wasn't until last year, when Facebook and Twitter came into better focus that i saw the power of connecting all the various SM outlets with single posts. Of course, I haven't figured out how to get that content created while growing a business! (My business partner isn't interested in participating - NOW he tells me!)

Atlanta Women In Social Media Marketing

Donna Lynes-Miller GourmetStation
Grayson Daughters WaySouth Media
Lya Sorano Lya
Melissa Galt Today By Design
Jeaneane Sessum allied
Melissa Libby MelissaLibbyPR
Amber Rhea Being Amber Rhea
Jacki Schklar Funny Not Slutty
Laura Nolte Green Theory Interactive
Barbara Giamanco Talent Builders
Sue Rodman Field Trips With Sue
Sherry Heyl oncept Hub, Inc
Nadia Bilchik Nadia Speaks
Jen Gordon A Clever Twist
MIchelle Batten iMediaWorksConnects
Peggy Duncan
Diane DeSeta White Knight
Carol Flammer mRELEVANCE
JoAnn Hines Packaging Launch
Linda Lindsay Insol
Jamie Lackey Pizzeria Venti (Atlanta)
Stephanie Beckham BrainJocks
Lindsay Blankenship Lindsay Blankenship Razorfish
Sandi Karchmer Solow I Send Your Email
Nancy Chorpenning CSuite Advisors
and me! Toby Bloomberg Diva Marketing

Please let me know if you're in the metro Atlanta area and are using social media as a marketing strategy for your company/brand or helping clients use social media as a marketing strategy. Check out the other Atlanta Women in Social Media Marketing mini interviews.


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Great interview! I am also in the Atlanta area using social media to enhance my business and brand.

Posted by: Eliana@BYSE on Aug 14, 2009 3:05:53 PM

I found myself actively nodding while reading this interview with Nancy! To read a SM Diva calling SM a tactic -- an incredibly important one, of course, but a tactic nonetheless -- was refreshing and reassuring. And the efficiency of auto-populating content is addictive, for darn sure. I am no SM Diva and love learning from those who are. Thanks for this interview and your great blog!

Posted by: Erica Mills on Aug 17, 2009 5:56:52 PM

Great post for a business owner like myself. I would love to share this on my blog for women business owners looking for expert advice.

Posted by: meme on Aug 31, 2009 10:56:11 PM

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