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Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. A waiting for the weekend 'playground' time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain silly.

 In the world of social media Facebook, Twitter and other social networks have taken center stage. Our old friend .. the Dandelion_seeds_being_blownblog .. seems to be relegated to a role in the chorus. Of course social networks can play an important part in social media marketing, however, the platform is not Yours. It will never be Yours. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and every community on Ning could go away tomorrow. All of your contacts, all of your content could blow away like dandelion seeds in the wind.

Blogs, (that you serve yourself) are always Yours (at least until the server crashes or a hacker blows up your site). #BringBackTheBlog is an occasional series on Diva Marketing that highlights some of the great work in the blogosphere.

Blogs do take more time and care than a 140 character tweet or a Facebook wall post. The challenge becomes updating with relevant, interesting content. According to Nettie Harsock, "Conversational content is the base ingredient to any blog truly thriving and engaging a community long-term." Nettie offers 5 Tips For Conversational Content.

Fard Johnmar HealthCareVox has been writing smart posts about healthcare in social media  since 2006. His recent post is a great example of building content from other sources, In his post about media consumption habits of e-patients he incorporates findings from the Pew Social Life of Health Information study. By the way did you know that although people are looking for medical information online, including peer reviews, less than 40% use social networks like Facebook and only only 12% are currently taking advantage of Twitter?

Unlike an article written in main stream media, social media provides an opportunity to tell your stories when you want, how you want, without the filter of a reporter or editor. While business story telling follows a similar format to those you read as a kid, there are a few differences. Katya Andresen Getting To The Point, provides us how-to direction including a story telling check list.

When it comes to story telling blog posts that end in marketing lessons no one does it better than Ann Handley - Annarchy. Ann's talent for creating stories about simple every day happenings in her life not only engages us but endears us to her. Word of caution .. don't enter the world of Annarchy unless you have a few spare moments.

When we think of blog posts we usually think of T-E-X-T. However, since blogs are websites and anything you can include in a website you can incorporate into a blog post think photos and videos. Paul Chaney's, The Social Media Handyman, use of video interviews is an excellent example of the versatility of blog content. Paul does one - two minute interviews at the 140 Twitter Conference.

Read more in the all tweet book - Social Media Marketing GPS #smgps - Chapter 6 Tactics Second interviews with Yvonne DiVita and Julie Squires about blogs


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Toby -

I'm smiling as I read your post...I think of blogs as your personal homestead within social media. As you pointed out, they can be decorated and filled with all kinds of elements that reflect your style and worldview. They take time to develop. You can go to a place like Rooms to Go and get everything at once, but you may sacrifice the highly personal and evolutionary experience of building your home, piece by piece over time. Its incredibly rewarding to see hard work pay off when your place truly becomes an inviting home where people want to continually visit and hang out with you and one another.

Facebook and Twitter are still highly templated and I feel serve a different purpose. I've come to discover just how unique and intriguing blog spaces can be and I hope more organizations and individuals will commit the time and effort to build their own social media homesteads in the blogosphere.

Michelle Batten

Posted by: Michelle Batten on Jun 12, 2009 1:37:30 PM

@michelle - love your analogy of a digital 'homestead' .. with Rooms (of blogs) To Go! To continue your analogy unlike Facebook, Twitter and other social networks you are a 'renter' and not an owner. With LinkedIn there isn't the opportunity to visually brand your profile unless you're wearing a logo shirt (smile).

Posted by: Toby on Jun 13, 2009 2:36:13 PM


I just came across your post. With Twitter getting increasingly noisy and Facebook difficult to follow, I fired up my old-fashioned RSS reader today to catch up on my favorite blogs. Thanks for referencing my post re: the Pew data!

I may be blogging less often these days, but I still try to post useful content when I have something to say. Thanks for reading and reposting!


Posted by: Fard Johnmar on Jun 17, 2009 1:07:34 PM

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