Diva Marketing's 5th Anniversary! Who would have thought?


Champagne flutes Pop a Cork For The New Diva Marketing Blog. Five years today - May 19, 2004 - that was the head line I wrote for the first post on Diva Marketing.

As my story goes .. I launched Diva Marketing as an experiment because my friend Dana VanDen Heuvel told me I couldn't talk about blogs in workshops I was conducting unless I was active in the space. I pretty much told Dana he was daft. I mean I can talk about any marketing strategy if I understand what it's about. Dana said blogs were different and in order to establish credibility I had to participate in this thing called a "converstation."

What did I really need with a blog .. I had a website!? However I did want to understand the logistics so I launched Diva Marketing. I quickly realized that the website with the funny name was not like any other marketing strategy I knew. Dana was right to "get it" you had to roll your sleeves up and dive in .. watching from the sidelines wasn't going to cut it.

Thanks to you .. five years later the experiment is still around. Diva Marketing turned into not only a learning playground but a labor of love and one of the first blog brands. Personal branding female power brands Who would have thought?

Thanks to you .. for enriching my life. If anyone had told me that some of my dearest friends would live oceans and miles way in India, Europe, Australia, Canada as well as across the country from NYC to St. Louis to San Diego and just around the corner in Atlanta too .. no way Girlfriend would I have believed that one!

Thanks to you .. for impacting my personal and business life and for the opportunity to work with marketers all over the States helping them understand that the importance of blogs/social media.

Here are a few of the Looking Back Lessons that I share with you today.

11 Looking Back Lessons About Social Media Marketing

1. Opening the doors and windows to allow your employees to hear the unfiltered voices of your customers can bring unexpected insights leading to stronger brands, new products/services ideas even more responsive customer service.

2. Management's trust in their employees to represent the brand value in an authentic but respectful manner is the foundation of a social media strategy. This may mean different hiring values and more transparency in the strategic direction of the company.

3. Traveling the social media marketing road alone, without a someone who understand the culture of the "villages" where you want to engage, can do more harm than good.

4. Social media gives more than it takes if you're willing to come out from your walled garden and engage with your customers. No eating M&Ms behind the 2-way mirror .. it's a time for sharing your candy.

5. You can set house rules for blogs and social networking communities and still be "real."

6. People want to know they matter. Social media creates ways to show your customers you care about their concerns and feelings.

7. To succeed social media must be given the same respect and made accountable just as any other marketing strategy. Set strategy that includes: goals, execution expectations of your staff, measures of success.

8. Measures of success may be different from traditional marketing, especially direct response .. but it's okay to view success differently.

9. You can color outside the lines and take risks to try new ways to do it .. IF you stay true to your brand, are transparent, authentic, honest and believe in the conversations you are starting.

10. You don't have to do every thing at once. Review social media tactics with the view point of how they can support your goals. Start with your "digital home" and build out from there. For some organizations that may be Facebook, for others a blog and for some Twitter or ... you fill in the blank. What can you do within your current enterprise's culture and resources of human capital, time and money?

11. Social media puts the heart and soul into marketing.The real power behind social media is in building and nurturing relationships.

Help Me Celebrate Year Five!

Ignore everybody There should be a way to pop a cork on a bottle of champagne when a blog turns five. There should be a special way to celebrate a milestone in the digital world. So what should we do?

Tossing this back to you. Drop your ideas in comments I have presents for the folks whose ideas we use - the soon to be released book, Ignore Everyone, by Hugh MacLeod gapingvoid and perhaps some Johnny Depp inspired brownies and Pink boa a pink boa!

  • "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun."  Katharine Hepburn


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Congratulations on the longevity of your blog! Here's to another 5 years!

Posted by: Special Dee on May 19, 2009 10:15:27 PM

Congratulations Toby! You're one of the smartest people I know and your success is well-deserved.

I'm so happy that our blogs brought us together over the years.

Otherwise, I'd never have gotten to taste your AMAZING brownies.

So if there's a list of people who want to win some of those, please add me to it.

Posted by: B.L. Ochman on May 20, 2009 11:31:49 AM


How about having people donate to your favorite not-for-profit as a "birthday gift" for your blog?

Posted by: Average Jane on May 20, 2009 11:35:40 AM


Congrats on your five-year run! Here's to many more!!

Posted by: Fard Johnmar on May 20, 2009 11:37:19 AM

Toby, congratulations. My only comment is that I want to be part of the CLUB, even though I'm not single! I think a hallmark of my generation is that we can/may maintain our independence and free-spirt; our achievements and exploration even when we are in relationships!

Posted by: Lisa on May 20, 2009 12:33:28 PM

Congrats and thanks for five years of being the diva of blogging. Break out the pink boa.

Posted by: Dan Greenfield on May 20, 2009 3:19:03 PM

Thanks everyone for your kind wishes!

@Special Dee - sending you a pink boa since yours was the first comment

@Average Jane - what a great idea. Will think about that as I nibble some Johnny Depp brownies. Look for a book in your mail box!

@BL since you asked for the Johnny Depp brownies I'll be baking for you!

@Lisa - consider yourself a diva member of the club!

@Fard - hope we can coordinate your next trip to Hot'lanta - or find ourselves once again on the same program.

@Dan - looking forward to catching up with you in the 'hood soon!

Posted by: Toby on May 21, 2009 9:13:35 AM

Happy Anniversary from one Emerson alum to another! Bravo!

Posted by: Donna Tocci on May 21, 2009 9:47:44 AM

Congratulations on the anniversary! I love your lesson #4 - maybe adapt that for your celebration? Ask readers to give 15 minutes of their time/expertise, then choose a commenter to receive. Post their favorite question/answer for all to learn from.

Posted by: Jennifer Berk on May 21, 2009 11:07:50 AM

You are my favorite trailblazer! Can't wait for your next adventure

Posted by: polli on May 21, 2009 7:13:44 PM

Congratulations & cheers to the number 5 :-)!

Posted by: kanupriya on May 22, 2009 1:00:06 AM

Toby, best wishes on this special anniversary! Given how fast social media has evolved over the past few years, I wonder how old Diva Marketing truly is in "blog years" ... Regardless, your Diva still looks fabulous!

Posted by: Sybil on May 23, 2009 9:04:08 AM

What a life you've created for yourself in these last five years! Bravo and congrats on your 5th anniversary - you deserve all the success and celebration you can handle!

Posted by: Michele Miller on May 24, 2009 3:33:41 PM


Posted by: Anniversary Ideas on Jul 3, 2009 7:38:45 AM

Congratulations on the anniversary! I love your lesson #4 - maybe adapt that for your celebration? Ask readers to give 15 minutes of their time/expertise, then choose a commenter to receive. Post their favorite question/answer for all to learn from.

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