Kisses to our moms in the stars


Stars  "Social media" combined with Web 2.0 technology offers new ways to communicate with each other and in doing so we are reminded that "we are not alone." That someone hears us. That we share experiences. That we matter. Some smart marketers, who are responsible for brands, are beginning to understand that this form of communication can be a powerful "strategy."

Popping into Facebook this afternoon I saw Christine Lacombe's  wall post and it resonated with me. 

  • "Mom, you are no longer with me on the physical plane, but I carry your heart forever in my heart. I love you, Mommy."

Then I saw JessicaRobyn's tweet - 

  • going to visit my mummy soon =(

The very heart of social media (or the tools that have been developed) was never meant for marketers to bring our brands to market. They were created for people to engage with people - from Twitter to Facebook to blogs and more.They are one more way in the early 21st century that people can emotionally touch & connect with each other across miles and cultures.

Christine's wall post added one more thread to our virtual relationship tapestry. Jessica's tweet is my heart - (Tears to Smiles for Susan) Today is Mother's Day. A day that celebrates the women who are special in our lives. Christine reminded us that today should also be about the women who were special in our lives .. and will always be so.

This post sends kisses to the stars where my mummy and Jessica's & Scott's, Christine's, Polli's, Marianne's, Bobbi's. Kaye Ellen's, C.K.'s, Sybill's, Kate's, Hilleratte's, Chris', Arline's, Auntie Barbara's and perhaps yours or someone you might hold dear is dancing and smiling.

Marketers as you explore using social media to bring your products and services to the marketplace keep in mind that you're not just creating an advertisement or a crafting a media release. If you are authentic, transparent and genuine you are demonstrating that your customers matter. How powerful is that?


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Toby, thanks for another truly beautiful post. It warms my heart to picture our beloved parents and siblings meeting each other in heaven ... ("So you're Toby's mother? Sybil has told us what a special friend Toby is!)

Posted by: Sybil on May 11, 2009 9:09:06 AM

@Sybil - from my heart, thank you for your thoughts.

Posted by: Toby on May 11, 2009 9:23:49 AM

I was touched by your tribute to close family connections.
My wife Sarah is so thankful to social media for allowing her to stay connected. All of our 5 children are grown and live all around the country.
But every day she has an opportunity to electronically feel close again.
She uses Skype, email, blogs, Facebook and we have even invented our own online party for connecting.
All of these tools she uses to keep the love going, even when distance challenges her.

Posted by: Bruce Christensen on May 12, 2009 8:23:00 AM

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