A Twitter-book .. No April Fools Joke


Forthsia The first day of April maybe April "Fools Day" but to me it marks the start of spring and new beginnings. The world seems to call out .. take a chance .. throw off your winter jacket and dance in the rain or watch as the yellow Forsythia bush blooms bright yellow flowers.

So I listened to the Spring Sirens and took a leap into something new. I'm writing a book. On social media marketing. But not just a 'regular' book. A book written on Twitter. This book will be built on using 140 characters per line. It will be quick ideas but woven together that flows in a consistent book "read.".

However, it will be "traditionally" formatted with a Foreword, written by Shel Israel @sheliisrael, and chapters. Each chapter will include a one question interview with industry experts who will tag their tweets - #smgps The # allows for easy search for tweet inTwitter search.

If that's too confusing or if you want to go back and read it at your own pace I've created a dedicated blog.  Social Media Marketing - A Twitter-book . #smgps.

My goal is to create a resource for marketers where the social media marketing community can contribute their insights as well. Call it an experiment in crowd sourcing. Can it work?  Wil it work? I don't know. Some Tweeters have said it will fail in less than 140 seconds; others think it's cool and has value; others have a wait and show me stance. For me, social media is all about trying new ideas. So I thought why not? 

This quote by Erica Jong was part of the Introduction and captures what it's all about. On a fool's spring day or with a carefully structured marketing strategy. - "The trouble is, if you don't risk anything, you risk even more." I extend an invitation to join me on this adventure.


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Worth the experiment. As a great philosopher once said..."Why not?" Actually, pretty much everyone says that...let's see how it goes!

Posted by: Steve Woodruff @swoodruff on Apr 2, 2009 10:07:00 AM

@steve - thanks for your good wishes. looking forward to your feedback as the 'book' progresses.

Posted by: Toby on Apr 3, 2009 12:44:56 PM

Love the idea!
Thumbs up from me,


Posted by: Andrea Vascellari on Apr 13, 2009 8:41:04 AM

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