Solo Practice University: Bringing Social To Online Education


Social media - It's all about the conversation. Who knows conversation better than those that making their living selling thoughts and words. The Big A-L profession -- attorney/lawyer -- comes to mind. Solo attorneys, like other small business owners, are exploring how to use their words not only as a "product" but as a marketing strategy to build digital relationships.

Needless to say the value in social media conversations are are not necessarily in the number of "billable" words; but rather in the generosity of ideas. Could an attorney build a practice using only only 140 characters at-a-time out reach a la Twitter? Will a 2.1 minute video strategically place on consumer generated video sites like YouTube "work" better than a 4 color brochure? Can participating in social network communities where your clients hang out result in more new business than Chamber of Commerce networking meeting?

Spufaculty240x602 These are the issues that I'll be discussing at Solo Practice University. SPU is a the new, innovative learning online concept developed by Susan Cartier Liebel. Ironically Susan explained her vision of an online university, that supports lawyers who have a solo practice, during a coffee chat just before at my niece's college graduation ceremony. My first thoughts were .. this will change online learning. The second was .. I'd love to play a role.

Today, I am honored to join prestigious colleagues from many different disciplines as we explore one more way to use social media and technology to help people do business smarter.


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Thank you for being part of our faculty. Your perspective as a leader in social media who operates across professions will bring invaluable insight to our students.

Looking forward to learning :-)

Posted by: Susan Cartier Liebel on Nov 6, 2008 11:02:39 AM

Wow - interesting post. In the old days, groups of students would get together to tutor and test each other. I'm sure that kind of dynamic can be roughly approximated by modern day technology.

Posted by: Allan on Nov 10, 2008 5:20:43 PM

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