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Playing off the Nike tag line .. Just Do It early this week I asked a seemingly simple question on Diva Marketing:

In this overwhelming world what One - 1 - I thing would you just do?

The responses ranged from making a commitment to get healthier to writing that book to growing a business to moving to a new city. Michael Rubin's transparent remark - Many times, I find myself held back by fear and the tyranny of past failures. - might underscore why it is so hard for many of us or our clients to Just Do It. Thanks to all who joined in on the conversation.

Apollo11_footprint_big Last week I taught a workshop where the participants were encouraged to identify just one social media tactic to consider including in their marketing plans. For one person it was to place events on Meet-up. What may appear to be a baby step for some was a giant leap for her.

What matters is taking the first step that will create energy, gain momentum and achieve a level of success building on to the next and the next and the next. Sometimes we forget that as we introduce new ideas, such as social media marketing, to internal colleagues and clients  that to Just do it takes more than actions .. it takes belief that "it" can be achieved and often takes courage to do something differently.

We talk so much in the world of social media about listening. It is also important to listen to what is Not said. It is important to acknowledge the risks, the fears, the trepidations. If social media teaches us anything it is that people matter. If that is true we must include sensitivity to feelings.

Often times a little help from a friend can give us ideas on what to do and yes, courage to take the first step. When bringing in new initiatives to your organization involve people who will be impacted by the change or have a role to play. For example a social strategy could involve a team from: legal, PR, operations, customer service, marketing and sales.

Taking this back to the post I did this week .. how can we as a community help our friends take that first step? As a wisdom of crowds (or friends) experience/experiment can you offer an idea or go further with a tangible hand up? Perhaps a time management session, a trial health club membership, a way to plan, a book to read  .. you get my drift. 

Get Healthy

If I could "just do it", I would Get Healthy. -  Michael Rubin

I'd stop talking about how I'm going to do strength training and just do it. I am in the process of just doing it in starting my new business, Pawfun.com. It took me years to get to the point of just doing this, and I am so joyful about it i can hardly describe the feeling. However, like most things worth doing, just doing it is not a one-step thing IMO. BL Ochman

More than 25 years ago (before Nike's famous 'just do it' I worked for a company who handed out the prehistoric version of a blackberry to convention goers. The motto 'Make it Happen." I've lived that motto all my life. So today I say if I had to 'Make it Happen' it will be optimum health. - Susan Cartier Liebel

Write That Book

I would just start the projects that I have dreamed up rather then just dreaming up more projects - oh and I would just write that book. - Jacqueline

Yay! waking up in the morning. For a writer, what can I say, that's an accomplishment. And writing a bit each day. That's how I'll just do it. - AG

I would take my Mom's very good advice and put my butt in a chair to start writing my first novel--or a blog. -
Kate Spencer

I would take 18 months, a digital camera, a small suitcase, and my laptop and study how culture influences fashion strictly by observation. I would take in the local foods and shop at tables along dirt roads, all the while capturing my experience on film. When I returned home I would create my first coffee table book titled "No Fear, Just DIVA - International Edition" and buy a loft with hard wood floors and large windows with a view of the mountains in any city that doesnt get snow - Mei-Li Thomas

Change Residence

I would just...move. (but...do I just move closer to DC? Try South Carolina? Follow friends to San Diego?...it's the extra questions and planning that kills this idea!) - Emma

Make Time

MAKING the time to follow-through I think is important. - Leigh Duncan-Durst

Multiple Responses

As I mentioned in my Tweet, I decided to pose this question to my executive women's networking group (The Goddess Group). Here are the answers I got: jump out of a plane; connect with people authentically; need to "do it" more often; adventure travel; like to "just do it" but, as a woman I often feel too vulnerable either physically or emotionally. And lastly, my own answer... it's my mantra! - Jennifer

Grow A Business

If I could just do it, I'd build a big enough company that I could vacation whenever I wanted and not be there all the time. - Geoff Livingston

I would just finish the "About" page on my new blog venture still under construction!! I'd also do my BlogWorld follow-up plans... - Rebeca Trautner

What are your ideas for Just do it! first steps.


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Love your blog. I blog about marketing too. CHeck me out sometime. Thanks for the great advice!

Posted by: shelli on Nov 14, 2008 6:29:36 PM

A few years ago my friends and I started an adventure group, not because we wanted to climb K2 but because there were SO MANY things we had always wanted to do but just hadn't. As a group we've had the courage to rock climb, go wine tasting, white water rafting, learn flower arranging, go to a firing range, take a ghost tour.... Anything is easier if you do it with friends.

Posted by: Michaelle on Nov 15, 2008 1:08:43 PM

@michaelle - courage by friendship - love it. heads up Michaell's blog is a great read too.

Posted by: Toby on Nov 15, 2008 3:44:47 PM

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