She Said. He Said. On Blogger Relations.


1.She_said_he_said She said to me - I don't think we're ready to build those relationships.
2. He said to me - How many of the bloggers will write about our product?
3. She said to me - How many people will read the posts?
4. He said to me - What about if they write negative posts?
5. She said to me - Why should we talk to bloggers when we can take out targeted ads?
6. He said to me - Why can't you guarantee that a percentage will write about our product?
7. She said to me - I want that blog that has a lot of readers.
8. He said to me - I don't have time to post comments.
9. She said to me - Can we track the hits from the blogs that write about our product?
10. He said to me - Here's the press release.
11. She said to me - Our product is important to their readers isn't that enough?
12. He said to me - Our PR media relations strategy isn't this complicated.
13. She said to me - When will they post about our product?
14. He said to me - This may be more risk than we are willing to take. Talk to me Q2 2009.

Reminder To Self - Social media marketing/blogger relations are still new concepts for many; and with that comes a learning curve.

Note To Brand Managers/CMOs - What happens if your competition learns faster than you?


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Wow. Sounds like conversations I have all the time. Some companies get it. Some don't. But those who get are leaving the others behind in the dust.

Posted by: Jennifer on Oct 20, 2008 2:17:20 AM

We have to remember that we're definitely on the cutting edge (so to speak) of social media and a new technology.

This is not everyday for most folks and they're afraid to invest in it just yet.

Teaching, demonstrations, getting people involved; all time consuming but necessary.

Posted by: Michelle / chelpixie on Oct 20, 2008 1:44:26 PM

@jennifer @ michelle - yes, to both sides of this equation. some people see social as a squishy,scary way to do business. While others understand that the world is turning in a new direction thanks to the "t" word .. and it's not "toby" but "technology."
@michelle - absolutely it is still (and will be for awhile) an education process. that's why it's critical for educators to understand and bring into their classrooms for the next generation of marketers.

Posted by: Toby on Oct 20, 2008 7:14:41 PM

Ahh Toby.

I am putting on Podcamp Hawaii later this week.

* We want to showcase Hawaiian Music.
* They complain they can't get attention or radio play out of Hawaii.
* Yet few will play for free at our event because "people will be videotaping and live-streaming."
* We think our asset is that "people will be videotaping and live-streaming."
* I have arranged for a special edition podcast on the top music podcast - all they have to do is give me ONE podsafe song per artist.
* No can do. "We don't want people using our music for free."
* The industry is suffering and there are few dollars for marketing.
* We want to give it to them for free, to people around the world who are music and Hawaii fans.

Yes Chel, we are on the (b)leeding edge of change. Yet I do find some odd contradictions here. And some personal sadness too that we will have so many eyeballs on us and I am (so far) not going to be able to share one of my favorite aspects of Hawaii nei!

Fingers are still crossed though that something will shift.

Posted by: Roxanne Darling on Oct 21, 2008 2:36:53 AM

Great post, Toby. What He and She neither understand--because they haven't yet stepped into the process--is that it's all about building relationships and communities. Which takes time. Those who are listening surely understand and feel compelled to get in the game. It will be interesting to see how those who aren't play catch-up.

Posted by: Ed Nicholson on Oct 23, 2008 3:51:08 PM


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