For Someone ..


Recently Someone said to me, "Whatcha been doing these days?" "Pretty much the same stuff .. social media events, playing with Maxie, planting a few pansies, seeing a few plays, dinners with friends, on a quest to find great under $15/bottle wines .. just the usual." said I.

"Why don't you post it on your blog?" said Someone. "Diva Marketing is a business blog I mostly talk about social media marketing and branding .. that sort of stuff." said I.

"Oh, well .. can you at least let me know where you'll be speaking? Just in case we're in the same city at the same time?" said Someone. "You won't think I'm being too well .. promotional?" said I.

"That's crazy." said Someone. "Would you also want to see the presentation that I developed for the Georgia Chapter of PRSA this week?" said I.  "Def." said Someone.

For Someone .. Chicago in Oct, New York in Nov, Seattle in Dec and Orlando in Jan. On the road details here.

Thanks Geoff Livingston for - Network Solutions All Stars, Lance Weatherby - for Brown Bag ATDC and Julie Squires - for PRSA Independent Agency SIG enjoyed the opportunities to talk social this week without getting on a plane .. all in Atlanta.

For Someone ..

I had access to the emails of the the Atlanta PRSA Independent Agency members and asked them what they wanted to discuss in our session. Their issues were different than the direction I had begun so I scrapped the deck and built to address their questions. The result .. deeper involvement, better learnings, more fun for all.

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Why not promote all your speaking engagements here? This is your business blog and that's part of what you do.

Posted by: Average Jane on Oct 27, 2008 11:23:17 AM

I agree with Average Jane. Or, if it makes sense (contextual), call attention to them in the copy of your posts.

Posted by: Prashant Kaw on Oct 27, 2008 1:01:53 PM

Toby - I agree with all of the above - promote where you'll be so I don't miss you next time you are in Boston!

Thank you for including me in your presentation...I'm completely flattered!

Posted by: Donna Tocci on Oct 27, 2008 1:42:19 PM

Went through the slide show - was very informative, have taken some ideas from it for my own marketing ideas. Thanks

Posted by: affiliate marketing girl on Oct 28, 2008 5:16:43 AM

i enjoy seeing these other facets of your and your life. Thanks. Also i could see you as a speaker at IABC. thought of it?

Posted by: Kare Anderson on Oct 28, 2008 12:23:04 PM


Two things:

1) I agree with Someone.

2) Let's have lunch while you're in NY this month.


Posted by: Lena L. West on Nov 3, 2008 1:16:49 AM

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