What Does Social Media Mean To You? With Suzie Reider


What Does Social Media Mean To You? is a continuing video series of Little Sound Bites of thoughts and insights. Perhaps you'll be on the little Flip video next time we meet!

Suzie Reider, Director Advertising and Sales at YouTube, was the guest speaker at this month's AiMA event. Suzie spoke to a packed house about the lessons she's learned at her time with one of the world's largest social - media communities. From YouTube's point of view .. it is a combination of "social" and "media."  By the way, did you know if YouTube were a country it would rank #4 in population?  #1- China, #2- India, #3- USA, #4-YouTube.

For marketers, Suzie's wrap up comment about social media said it all  -

This is the world we are living in and this is where the people are. - Suzie Reider

A few lessons learned:

  • Viral videos need to be short
  • As a marketer you should have a strategy in-place if your video catches fire and goes viral.
  • What matters is not what the video does/is but what (other) people do with it .. or in response to it. Were other videos made based on yours?
  • Be aware of what is occurring so you can respond appropriately .. engaging with not on the defense.
  • For marketers .. a YouTube video should be creative advertising that works as "content."
  • It's all about the dialog
  • Ideas come from everywhere. "Consumers are creating your commercials. It's part of this brave new world we live in."
  • Have a thick skin ... be prepared for come back. When users take the content - or the concept - you never know what will happen.
  • Mobile is Massive.

Suzie Reider, Director Advertising and Sales at YouTube.

Sound Bite .. Social Media is .. 

Connecting in real time.


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It was a great event. Thank you for covering it, Toby!

What makes a good viral video? Anything that is interesting to people... The challenge for a marketer is to tie it back to the brand in an actionable way. I blogged about the power of viral video a few months ago:


Posted by: Joe Koufman on Jul 31, 2008 9:42:14 AM

Suzie's presentation was educational and Entertaining! No one sent the Subservient Chicken or other viral videos to me. But now I understand all of the excitement! Suzie showed us how conversational marketing is a lot more fun--and effective--when everyone's responding to a video with a video.

Posted by: Maggie Buerger on Jul 31, 2008 10:45:23 AM

@Joe - thanks for the link to your post. Good resource.

@Maggie - it was a great event. Do you feel out of touch not being in the "viral video" loop :-)

Posted by: Toby on Jul 31, 2008 11:18:22 PM

Awesome! Thank you! These are excellent tips.

My favorite:

"Mobile is Massive"

Posted by: Ms. Single Mama on Aug 4, 2008 1:46:56 PM

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