Tears To Smiles For Susan


June 9th is a melancholy day for me. What seems like a lifetime ago, yet at the same time seems like seconds ago, my sister Susan died after fighting a courageous battle with breast cancer. June 9th is an especially difficult day for Jessica Robyn and Scott Michael too.  As so many of us well know, loosing your mom leaves an ache in your heart that lasts forever .. but when you begin that ache at ages 10 and 6  .. forever begins too soon.

Susan's daughter, my favorite niece, Jessica Robyn (well okay .. my only niece .. smile), wanted to do something special to celebrate her mom and thought it would be nice if I dedicated a post on Diva. Because if there was anyone who was a Diva, who lived life her way it was Susan Ellen. The very best of Susan was when she was with Jessica and Scott.

To bring smiles instead of tears today I happily share with you a few photos of Susan with her "babies" - who at 21 and 18 - are no longer little kids but adults who would make their mom proud.

So Sus - for Jessica & Scott and from Jessica & Scott .. sending you virtual hugs and kisses.


Susan_jessica_scott_on_ferry Susan_jessica_in_pjs


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Beautiful, Toby. Thank you for sharing your tears and smiles.

Posted by: Susan Cartier Liebel on Jun 9, 2008 10:29:45 PM

As good a friends as we are, I did not know this. So, to the degree that I can, let me say I share your sorrow.

Thank you for sharing yours with us.

Posted by: Paul Chaney on Jun 9, 2008 10:34:26 PM

Nice tribute Toby. Such a great memory. My friend is traveling to DC this week after her most recent thyroid cancer surgery to testify in Congress about continuing money for cancer research. Her cancer returned after 5 years free. She is an inspiring person, like your sister.

Posted by: Kami Huyse on Jun 10, 2008 12:07:57 AM

@Susan, Paul and Kami- thank you for your warm thought. Jess and Scott thank you too!
@Kami - please thank your friend for all of us and wishes that she gets and stays well!

Posted by: Toby on Jun 10, 2008 12:15:53 AM

Toby, what a lovely tribute to your beloved sister. Losing a close sibling is like an amputation.

Jessica and Scott are lucky to have you in their lives ... a Diva aunt!

And a Diva friend, as well. Thanks so much for helping me continue to cope with the recent losses of my brother and my mom.

I keep in mind what you told me your from own experience - the pain doesn't get easier, just
more manageable.

Posted by: Sybil on Jun 10, 2008 4:16:57 PM

What a loss for your family. I can't even imagine losing a parent at such a young age. But it's wonderful that you and your niece and nephew can keep her memory alive and share it with so many other people. I'm a little late, but here's a virtual hug for you.

Posted by: Nedra on Jun 11, 2008 12:46:23 PM

Susan would LOVE to be recognized as a DIVA-God knows she mastered the concept way before it was fashionable! Excellent tribute to an amazing woman-thanks!

Posted by: polli on Jun 12, 2008 11:17:22 PM

@Sybil - it's through friends - like you - that the we make it thru to the next day.

@Nedra - yes, it is quite amazing and quite wonderful that we reach across miles to share and send virtual hugs.

@Polli - as Susan's dearest friend you well know she would have loved the attention and the kindnesses.

Posted by: Toby on Jun 13, 2008 12:17:29 AM

Her memory is eternal -- Thanks for sharing Toby!

Posted by: Prashant on Jun 24, 2008 5:25:03 AM

You help us all when you share this. Thank you - and my condolences to you.

Posted by: Rick Short on Jul 7, 2008 9:33:54 PM

You help us all when you share this. Thank you - and my condolences to you.

Posted by: Rick Short on Jul 7, 2008 9:34:29 PM

What a heartfelt article and a wonderful way to honor your sister. Thank you for sending me the link Toby. It helps me remember why I'm doing the BCA activities. It's high time we had a cure to this terrible disease.

Posted by: Jami on Oct 16, 2008 9:41:06 AM

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