Tim Jackson, Masiguy .. this one is for you.


Tim_jackson When I asked BBF Tim Jackson, the Masiguy, (who termed BBF - best blogging friend) what social media meant to him, his first words were, "Social media is all about relationships .."  Now that should come as no surprise for anyone who has dropped by the Masiguy blog.

Tim is a cyclist. Earlier this week he was in a pretty bad accident - post and photos from Kathleen King. From his friend Jim at Racer Blue Squirrel -

someone slowed down in front of him at the SD velodrome last night and tim tried to go high and ended up hitting the boards at 30mph +. he sustained a concussion [he was out for 5 minutes], broken ribs, a few fractured neck bones and a mangled thumb that will have surgery.

When I spoke with Tim yesterday he was a bit groggy but optimistic that all would be fine. He was hoping to be released from the hospital today.   

Tim's friends are proving him right. It is all about the relationships as friends, from many blogosphere villages from bikes to marketing, reach out to him across continents to ensure that all is okay.

Jim's post has organically morphed into the MasiGuy Get Well Wish Blog. Drop Tim a note on  Racer Blue Squirrel. Jim also set up a Paypal Get Well Fund for peeps who want to help out. Seems that insurance will not cover all expenses and Tim's recoop time will be awhile. He can't put any pressure on his knee for 12-weeks. So Tim .. well 12 weeks off the bike .. sounds like a nice time to begin that book ;-)

Sending you virtual hugs Tim .. you are right. It is all about the relationships!

Thanks to Donna Tocci for keeping me in the loop.


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As always, my friend, you are far too kind to me.

With the love and support of friends like you, how can I not get all better and return stronger than ever.

Sincerely, than you to you and all the others who have given me so much support- I am totally floored.

Posted by: Tim Jackson- The Masiguy on May 11, 2008 10:30:49 PM

Tim - no need for thanks among friends. so glad to know that you are on the mend!

Posted by: Toby on May 12, 2008 12:29:39 AM

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