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Wowowow_logo It's always a delight, and sometimes a surprise, where blogging can take you and who you might meet along the way.

This week's adventures in social media led me to interviewing (The Real Women of WowOWow Tell Their Stories) four amazing women - Mugsy Peabody, Iris Odonata, Suzanne de Cornelia and Suzanne Conti - who reached out to me about a post (Girlfriends Just Want To Have Fun .. Social Media Style!) I wrote about several new communities targeting women. By the way the comments are worth a click.

I felt the vintage vixens' feedback was valuable, in-depth, research for wowOwow and I wanted to help these women reach the founders. So .. I dropped an email, via the site's contact us form, with hope that it would make its way and wowOwow might benefit from their community members' insights. Joni_evans

Joni Evans, CEO of wowOwow, responded to me. Athough she declined an interview for Diva Marketing she graciously agreed to let me post our email volley where she tells a bit about her vision of for wowOwow and how she is listening to the convo. Thanks Joni .. next step is to encourage your peeps to really engage with the wow women. Btw .. still don't get why they don't oh well ..

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Read more in the NYT interview with Joni Evans, Liz Smith, Lesley Stahl and Whoopi Goldberg conducted by Joan Juliet Buck who is a contributor of wowOwow.


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The power of the internet and blogging, Toby.

Posted by: Susan Cartier Liebel on Apr 24, 2008 9:53:35 PM

You series on the latest women focused SNS has been great, Toby...especially the depth to which you dug into the dynamics of WowOWow.

I have to say that just the fact that Joni had time for the NYT interview but declined your offer speaks volumes.

After reading the NYT interview (which of course I most likely would have missed if not for your link) I think it speaks volumes also, just not sure what the frequency is.

Some noteworthy comments from Joan/Joni: (How come she is Joni online and Joan on the NYT anyway?)

JOAN: Such a good point. And the other point about it is that the kind of the way one expresses oneself on the Web is more like a whisper, it’s more like a thought. It’s not a declamation. It’s not formal. It’s direct.

The web is like a whisper?

LIZ: Yeah. Not written in stone always.

Someone needs to tell Liz about Google and about what most people do with old newspapers and magazines.

JOAN: Yeah, and what wowOwow offers me is the chance to work with people that are truly authentic. And that’s a word that, you know, you only hear in communes and workshops.

LESLEY: And on political campaigns.

I hope once they realize that "authentic" is the heart and soul of social media it won't be too late to try it out...I wonder if its possible that they launched WOhW without hearing the use of the word "authentic" as it relates to new media ...perhaps they should read your blog.


Posted by: Marianne Richmond on Apr 26, 2008 2:27:43 PM

Well, no surprise here, right Toby? Instead of giving them more press, which they don't need or deserve, I'd like to introduce a new women's site that IS authentic (cause I'm managing it!) ...

We just launched and have a lot of work to do...but we'll be answering questions, and sharing stories and developing our interactive voices - with the help of great people like you, and your readers.

It's not about US, it's about the women (and men) who visit and comment... see what you think of our initial effort:

Posted by: Yvonne DiVita on May 3, 2008 2:34:00 PM

Yvonne - thanks for letting us know about the new blog. Fyi Diva community .. the blog is sponsored by University of Rochester’s William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration and is focused on women in entrepreneurship.

Posted by: Toby on May 4, 2008 11:33:24 AM

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